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Level 12
Apple Tree

Maple Tree

Bear Habitat
Level 14
Chocolate Tree

Angora Rabbit

Italian Goat
Level 16

Silkworm Bush

White Horse
Level 18
German Shepherd

Love Cow

Pink Lilac Tree
Level 20
Mango Tree

Dessert Shop

Carnival Horse
Level 22
Firefly Bush

White Duck Pond

Wizard Duck Pond

Fireside Apple Tree



Sapphire Pegacorn
Golden Pegasus
Nile Crocodile
Lace Heart Unicorn
Red Dragon
Rainbow Unicorn
Royal Ice Pegacorn



 Your name (nick)
2. x 6 =   ?

      2019-12-23 20:38:40 SBG


      2018-03-06 22:39:51 Tarkin13

Sixteenth is Hippogriff... looks like a little pony, like Christmas pony or any others, in stature and space size.

      2018-03-06 13:47:23 ctrepte

The fourteenth is "Maple Deer", the fifteenth is "Thunderbird".

      2018-03-03 03:30:43 ParadiseIsland

The Thirteenth is a "Ethereal Pegacorn"

      2017-11-27 20:47:00 ParadiseIsland

I did read on another site that it is a Hippogriff, I do not know for certain. Since the reduce now of videos for RC it is harder for me to complete sets.

      2017-11-27 16:33:17 MeadowCrossing

I got a Thunder Bird. Now wondering what is the next reward!

      2017-09-16 22:41:14 ParadiseIsland

The twelfth is the "Legendary Fire Peacock", and the next one looks like another Pegasus followed by maybe Loch Ness and then is that a dragon or bird. I did read someone got a Thunder Bird.

      2017-09-05 05:42:41 ParadiseIsland

In Farm Club have the "Liberty Pegacorn"the next one looks like some sort of Peacock?

      2016-01-21 08:46:38 Tanzi12

@JanathanLion: About the Farm Team--> Adventure map is directly linked with the market order..the more you finish ur orders the further the truck goes working as a team..all you need 2 do is finish ur market order. There are some treasure chests on the top of the map...with increasing adventure points the chests open accordingly, u can get crystals from these as well. Now coming 2 the Tree Book, here you can select any of the given trees and products under it, Say you have chosen the "Apple Juice" under apple tree page, the steps r as follows- 1.all u need 2 do is produce apple juice in ur farm (10 juices/heart, total of 14 hearts/day..... after the limit u have u pay RC 2 donate further) 2. go to the farm team 3. click on tree book 4. under apple tree section u can "donate" apple juice. 5. same goes for other trees and products. 6. With each donation u will receive blue and purple crystals as stated under each products. 7. you have 2 remember everything is done as a "Team" so the products are filled almost on daily basis and once the goal is reached there will be a seal stating "Completed and the date of completion". Thats all i know so far. Hope this helps.

      2016-01-21 05:39:54 JonathanLion

Is there any info on the new farm club? With the adventure map and crystals and all? I just wanted to know because when I go to team book it says I can donate something but it takes me half an hour to search through the book. I have tried clicking on the blinking exclamation mark but nothing happens.

      2016-01-01 07:23:27 Harona

@Tndrsoroni @BetterLate The eleventh is the "Liberty Pegacorn"

      2015-12-30 00:34:50 BetterLate

Tndrsroni, in my version of the game (facebook), the eighth reward is the Christmas Pony, the ninth is the Amethyst Phoenix, and the tenth is Bigfoot. The eleventh looks like a pegasus or pegacorn, but I can only see the silhouette.

      2015-12-29 18:49:37 Tndrsroni

Does anyone have the updated list of the animals in the farm club?

      2015-09-10 01:38:58 louise82b82b

Can someone plus update this page because there are 3 animals in the farm club after the Royal Ice Pegasus. I think 1 might be the Royal Emerald Pegasus and possibly a Phoenix and maybe then Bigfoot?

      2014-08-16 02:04:22 Afi

Once farm club finished, Jungle Drop will start.

      2014-08-16 02:01:29 Afi

What will be final reward.

      2014-08-09 12:44:38 mary

next reward

      2014-07-16 20:07:04 mic

We dont even know the next one yet. I guess even the devs havent decided what the last one is, its still months away.

      2014-07-16 17:26:09 CutiePie-17-

what is the rare mystery gift? Does anyone know about it??????

      2014-07-02 08:32:33 Nana Adri

what can we use the dragon eggs for ???

      2014-06-28 10:30:48 honey

i m going mad plz family barn reveal the next reward

      2014-06-18 07:52:48 zainab

when family barn will give us the next reward??????????????????

      2014-06-11 08:19:21 zainab

will family give us the banana bread mission on plinga?

      2014-05-12 11:24:10 kirti

what is the next reward

      2014-05-11 11:43:33 kirti

i have got the dragon too and the next reward is

      2014-05-09 22:10:33 sug2h

Finally! We can get the Pearl Pegasus! :D A little more RC and I will be able to buy it, yeeesss! :)

      director 2014-05-08 15:07:11 mooducky

we do not know yet what is after the dragon they have not released it yet

      user 2014-05-08 02:57:56 Allysonsmith

what comes after the red dragon?

      2014-04-20 19:37:15 ilikeiloveit

how come the pirate kangaroo habitat does not count for the kangaroo habitat in the farm club

      2014-04-19 16:31:30 kirti

what is the fifth reward

      2014-04-17 13:33:02 Sunflower22

Mooducky, I just meant if you click on the Last Message (Global) you see all of the messages. Really like how polite the German speakers are to each other by the way. Poland is before the US in time zone so they tend to post the pictures for the next missions in the afternoon in the US. Google Translate does a decent job translating.

      manager 2014-04-16 20:24:14 mooducky

what is the Polish version called for the game?

      2014-04-16 19:36:46 Sunflower22

Is it true that there is a dragon coming for the next prize? The picture is up on the Polish part of the website.

      2014-02-23 04:29:02 faylay

what happens to pics I take?

      2014-02-21 18:48:21 faylay

thank you mohamedeissa75 found it

      user 2014-02-21 13:48:37

does anyone one on here play family barn sea side on your cell i just started add me faynsop is my my name for it add me if u play

      user 2014-02-21 06:46:18 mohamedeissa75

@faylay in Facebook , it is already on the left side of the screen , you have to collect the items as shown ( three items for every time you collect a group u get increase on the scale , when the scale went to the end u got a reward and the scale go back to start

      2014-02-21 04:23:09 faylay

how do you get to farm club?

      2014-02-20 01:36:43 Tarkin13

@Me: After the Lace Heart Unicorn is YOU! :)

      2014-02-19 21:05:22 Me

What comes after the Lace Heart Unicorn?

      user 2014-02-17 09:25:45 lin888

cool, you need to check with facebook for that. They should have a help page

      2014-02-17 08:10:36 cool

I live in asian country.i want to buy RC using my mobile phone( facebook) i try but unable to got can i buy RC using my mobile phone? What is the country cord that i should select? Plzz help me

      2014-02-09 14:06:36 sanu786

i have a Christmas Elephant Habitat but in my farm there is no right on elephant plz say me what to do or change the settings

      master 2014-02-06 08:57:48 Amy

@LittleDarryl: This is still a secret :D - Cheers Amy

      2014-02-05 23:43:24 Little Darryl

What is the picture of the 340 Suns...

      user 2014-01-24 13:16:49 darcinika

When will offer an alternative to the White Goat on page 2? To reward us for the mission gave so many different Goats. Buy White Goat makes no sense.

      user 2014-01-24 02:55:07 Patricia

yeahhhhhhh I got the Lace Heart Unicorn...still have to buy the party horse and the wicked horse for more points...hoping for no missions for a bit so I can collect my RCs and not have to put so much cash into this game

      2014-01-22 13:37:59 Mariukos

When the new collections will come to agame?

      user 2014-01-20 14:02:44 sug2h

Wow! A new unicorn! :D I hope they update the collections in the Plinga version of the game, maybe I would have enough points for this unicorn...

      2014-01-18 00:09:30 Gabi

Lace Heart Unicorn. It gives pink heart diamonds. I was so glad it accepted the hall of fame salami machine as fast one :)