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1Water Expansion 10x10
1. Reach Water Level 1
2. Save 500 Greenery to buy expansion
2Water Expansion 11x11
1. Reach Water Level 2
2. Save 1000 Greenery to buy expansion
3Water Expansion 12x12
1. Reach Water Level 4
2. Save 2500 Greenery to buy expansion
4Water Expansion 13x13
1. Reach Water Level 6
2. Save 4500 Greenery to buy expansion
5Water Expansion 14x14
1. Reach Water Level 8
2. Save 7000 Greenery to buy expansion
6Small Yard
1. Reach Water Level 3
2. Save 250000 Coins to buy expansion
7Medium Yard
1. Reach Water Level 7
2. Save 600000 Coins to buy expansion
8Large Yard
1. Reach Water Level 12
2. Save 1000000 Coins to buy expansion
3. Save 6000 Greenery to buy expansion
9Clean the Aquatic
1. Reach Water Level 5
2. Save 40 Indian Lotus Flower in barn to clean the Aquatic
10Clean the Aquatic
1. Reach Water Level 7
2. Save 60 Taro Bread in barn to clean the Aquatic.
Produce Taro Bread in the Fruit Bread Machine
11Clean the Aquatic
1. Ask 10 Water Gloves from Neighbors
12Clean the Aquatic
1. Reach Water Level 9
2. Save 100 Water Chestnut Can in barn to clean the Aquatic
Produce Water Chestnut Can in the Can Machine
13Clean the Aquatic
1. Ask for 15 Water Hoe from Neighbors
14Clean the Aquatic
1. Save 100 Water Buffalo Milk in barn to clean the Aquatic
15Clean the Stone
1. Reach Water Level 2
2. Use 40 Watercress from Barn
16Clean the Stone
1. Reach Water Level 5
2. Save 70 Lotus Flower Bouquet in barn to clean the Stone
Produce Lotus Flower Bouquet in the Flower Packing Machine
17Clean the Stone
1. Ask 15 Trowel from Neighbors
18Clean the Stone
1. Reach Water Level 8
2. Save 100 Lotus Root Steam Dumpling in barn to clean the Stone
Produce Lotus Root Steam Dumpling in the Steam Dumpling Machine
19Clean the Stone
1. Ask 20 Land Hoe from Neighbors
20Clean the Stone
1. Save 100 Mandarin Duck Feather in barn to clean the Stone
21Clean the Stone
1. Reach Water Level 13
2. Save 150 Ground Wasabi in barn to clean the Stone
Produce Ground Wasabi in the Spice Mill
22Clean the Stone
1. Ask 25 Rock Cart from Neighbors
23Clean the Stone
1. Save a Lotus Flower Lantern in barn to clean the Stone
Craft Lotus Flower Lantern in the Floral Art Shop


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      2017-03-18 04:20:54 Kandy

In Water Ranch, I have been trying to level up to 2. I have saved 1000 Greenery, but it will not level up to 2. Any ideas as to get it moved on up? TY.

      2016-07-03 04:53:45 CuriousFriend

@Sally -- thank you for sharing the details about the new aqua greenhouses, very exciting to hear we have the option of storing both trees and plots. Off to send gifts to friends, waiting patiently to gather enough gifts back to complete my greenhouse. Happy farming everyone!

      2016-07-03 03:19:00 Sally

Trees can go in Aqua green house .. Small can have 1 tree right in middle.. Not sure but think large can have 4 trees

      2016-07-02 19:47:40 CuriousFriend

Can trees be stored in the aqua greenhouses? Or only plots?

      user 2016-06-26 16:08:17 froufrou04

@Sally I really dont like the idea of spending rc for the aqua greenhouse...Lets hope they will put the parts in voucher shop

      2016-06-25 13:35:05 Sally

Large Aqua green house has a cost also of 12 rc to build it.. Small Aqua green house is only holds 9 plots. Large I think hold 36

      user 2016-06-25 11:15:27 froufrou04

Im so excited that we finally have aqua greenhouses available!!!! Small aqua greenhouse costs 50000coins and needed 20aqua greenhouse glass+20 aqua greenhouse tube(free gifts from neighbours).large aqua greenhoouse costs 20000greenery.At the moment new greenhouses are available only on facebook but I really cant wait to have them on

      2015-10-16 14:11:25

Is there a water ranch expansion past 22 x 22? How big does it go?

      2015-03-12 11:43:30 Ali

Water Expansion 10x10 1. Reach Water Level 1 2. Save 500 Greenery to buy expansion

      2015-01-16 21:45:12 Water Ranch

Sunflower22 - You need to be at level 23, XXL yard cost 2,000,000 & 40,000 greenery.

      2015-01-16 21:05:24 1pikefish

oooops, 50000greenery:)

      2015-01-16 19:50:04 1pikefish

19x19 500000 coins 50greenery water expansion

      2015-01-16 16:54:54 Sunflower22

The XL water ranch yard is water level 17, 1,500,000 coins, 20,000 greenery. Does anyone know if there is an XXL yard and what it costs?

      2015-01-04 09:12:23 CutiePie-17-

@nancy we can get plankton from plankton pond u can find it in the shop it only requires gifts from neighbors :)

      2015-01-04 06:02:46 Nancy

Anyone know where we can get plankton for the seahorse that came as a reward for completing a mission

      2014-12-24 03:33:32 RMA

can someone tell me the useful of(message in bottle)and where can we read it again?? thank you.

      2014-11-17 11:33:56 chippy

Can someone please direct me to information about Reed Land?

      2014-11-12 21:17:30 Madalina

Sharky I don`t have anything from you :(( please try again

      2014-11-12 13:12:10 sharky

the submarine page is here

      2014-11-12 12:53:40 sharky

hi madalina, sent you add and you not respond, the sub needs 10 propillers and 10 sub cylinders

      2014-11-11 22:45:03 Madalina

yes it must be a page for the submarine but that section is busy from early in the the morning :( I asked you about those parts because we have a lot other parts in our free gifts section and they are for submarine.I am so confused :(

      2014-11-11 22:23:25 Sunflower22

Madalina, To build the submarine you need 20 parts that you ask for, no RC. The parts are 10 propeller and 10 Sub Cylinder. Is there a page on this website for the submarine, I have not found it.

      2014-11-11 20:56:43 Madalina

Sunflower22 are you kind to tell me piece by piece what do we need to built this submarine?I don`t play on FB and today is impossible to see this on the site because is busy :) thanks in advance

      2014-11-11 20:38:59 Sunflower22

For the submarine, has anyone figured out if there is any advantage to taking one of the longer tasks? Does anyone know what your friend gets if you choose them instead of one of the game characters? I have gotten small amounts of water ranch fertilizer for the first time or two, has anyone gotten any of the better prizes? Does anyone know how much the repair after 10 missions is going to cost? Thanks in advance.

      user 2014-09-28 10:13:25 froufrou04

never mind I just found it out myself...for the first one you need to be on lvl12 and to save in your barn 120 packed water spinach and for the other you need 20 water rake from neighbours :)

      user 2014-09-28 09:46:15 froufrou04

what about the new expansion? what do we need to get rid the new hazards?

      user 2014-09-19 20:26:03 froufrou04

what is the use of greenery after completing all water-expansions?