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Small YardLevel 0   + 2250 000
Medium YardLevel 0   + 4600 000
Large YardLevel 0   + 61 000 000
XL YardLevel 0   + 82 000 000
XXL YardLevel 0   + 104 000 000
XXXL YardLevel 100   + 128 000 000


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      2016-09-07 17:03:27 mido

hope lands seems very confused

      2016-09-07 14:40:36 Sunflower22

Hope Land is now available on FB for 5 Million coins or 70RC. I think you have to have a level of 100 or so also.

      2016-09-05 16:02:42 Sunflower22

Does anyone know when the Hope Land new yard with the baby mammoths is coming to FB in the USA? I saw it on the Polish part of justysia last week.

      2015-08-03 16:07:23 Sunflower22

Tndrsroni, you can place a summer grove on any sized yard. The summer groves are like 3x3 squares, so for smaller yards the grove will partially be on the main ranch or garden ranch. Groves can also go on the yard for the water ranch, but cant overhang into the water. Summer groves are more efficient than regular groves, so good choice. You can also get the RC component, grove fence 2, in the Voucher Shop.

      2015-08-03 15:16:58 Tndrsroni

can I place my summer groves in the yard and if so, which size yard?

      2014-05-24 12:51:27 MUSHFIQA

warehouse is the best tool to store things.

      manager 2014-04-30 15:17:48 mooducky

you can NOT plant on yards .. its only for animals, machines,trees, and buildings

      2014-04-30 14:03:03 chrish

what can we plant in a small yard

      2014-03-23 14:57:15 Mohamed Eissa

@ ag56 : the yard is an excess area where you can place machines , trees but no plots to seed it start from small to XXXL it differ from field expansion , it is good for gear , animal , buildings , decorations and trees

      2014-03-23 13:13:02 ag56

What is the difference between field expansion and yard? I understand field expansion i.e. right now my field is 19x19 after the expansion it will become 21x21 therefore I will have 441 squares to use. What is a yard though? It says small yard cost 250,000... How big it is and physically how it is attached to my existing field?

      2014-03-19 00:22:55 Lona

My yard is only 10 spaces and the XXXL yard is not showing up for me to buy. Level 111.

      manager 2014-03-16 15:24:42 mooducky

The +12 means your yard will be 12 spaces wide

      2014-03-16 13:00:36 Lona

I am Level 111 and I am unable to get the XXXL yard.What is the +12 mean?

      manager 2014-02-12 17:17:30 mooducky

put the item in warehouse .. then on garden ranch scroll down the icons on the right and one is a warehouse .. click that to access warehouse on garden

      2014-02-12 16:28:07 sweet

tnx for your help. i have another problem can you plz tell me how i transfer machines(gear) to garden ranch from main ranch?

      manager 2014-02-12 15:01:23 Amy

@mooducky: You cant buy the kitchen, without to have the garden. - Cheers Amy

      2014-02-12 14:56:07 tim

The kitchen i think? Anyway, its more room to plant, starts small like the main farm and can be expanded the same way. As soon as you can save up the money, get it, just having those 121 tiles more will pay off over time.

      manager 2014-02-12 13:56:29 mooducky

Garden ranch gives you the pond to fish in... Yoi also need to have the garden ranch to buy some of the buildings ( smoke house and salt pond and not sure what else)

      2014-02-12 05:57:09 sweet

Now i have 16lak i confused to buy garden ranch or large yard.are there any advantages when buying garden ranch?

      manager 2014-02-11 16:34:07 mooducky

all yards give you two rows of spaces ... so small yard is 2.. medium yard is 2 rows .. large yard is two rows .... but keep in mind you need to buy the yards in order .. you need to first buy the small yard to be able to buy the medium yard.. and need the medium yard to buy the large yard

      2014-02-11 15:12:15 sweet

Can you tell me whether size of large yard is equal to size of small yard + size of medium yard or less? Plzzzzzz

      2014-01-14 12:53:14 Moo

Put them in groves

      2014-01-14 09:18:23 khan9211

mooducky plz tell me how can we keep our trees more near

      manager 2013-11-18 17:16:55 mooducky

Two plot widths along left and top of farm

      2013-11-18 16:45:30 khanjee

what is the size of small yard?

      2013-04-03 15:32:51 baki

only i got carnival horse

      2012-11-18 08:13:41 tion

this is an expansion to the ranch? in which we can only grow crops??

      2012-10-12 07:29:02 anas

yes we can buy medium before small

      2012-10-11 11:33:47 anas

add me on agame and my name is dragond add me i have done all expandings and i am sexyy

      2012-09-25 08:31:26 aisha

hey.. can we buy a medium yard before buying the small one ?? and btw... what is the size of the small yard??

      2012-08-10 09:05:45 BASSMAN

I lost ALL my kuchap