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Halloween Adventure
Outside, a cold wind blows. Grandma, William, Felicia and Darryl are preparing for Halloween. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door...who could it be?
1. I looked through the peephole but no one is there. We should put up some fences to scare away any evil ghosts.

Place 2 Pumkin Bars on the farm
2. Oh, what is this? A note on the doorstep? This is giving me the willies. Better get inside to read it!

Harvest 20/40 Halloween Sugar
3. The note reads: My dear Child, this is your long lost relative. I need your help with some Vampires. Make some treats and meet me down by the river at midnight.

Place and complete a Halloween Candy Machine
4. We are very excited to meet this long lost relative. Granny doesn’t really seem to care though. All she wants us to do is keep helping her with the Halloween planning.

Harvest 30/50 Halloween Pumpkins

Produce 30/50 Pumpkin Treats in the Halloween Candy Machine
5. Mmmm. Cheesy Bones are my my favorite Halloween Treat. Do you think this long lost relative might like them too?

Produce 35/60 Cheese

Produce 35/60 Cheesy Bones in the Halloween Candy Machine
6. SHRIEK!! OH NO!! All the electricity went out in the house. I am so afraid! Quick, can you help us find the Matchbox so we can light the candles?

Find the Matchbox
7. Oh how creepy, another note on the doorstep. It says: Are you afraid to explore my haunted castle? If you have the guts, there is a mysterious in it for you. Mwhahaha!

Produce 45/60 Halloween Cookies in the Cookie Machine
8. This note has Granny’s attention now!! She has agreed to go with us to the Castle by the river at midnight. We’ll need some lanterns to light the way!

Get the Jack-O-Lantern Machine from Gift Box and place it on the farm

Produce 50/70 Jack-O-Lanterns in the Jack-O-Lantern Machine
9. YUCK! I don’t know about you but it feels like I’ve eaten a hundred bugs! Do you have an insect net?

Ask 8/10 Insect Nets from Neighbors

Harvest 60/80 Basil
10. The insect nets are not working well. Maybe some Chocolate Spiders will scare the insects away

Harvest 8/10 Chocolate

Produce 10/15 Chocolate Spiders in the Halloween Candy Machine
11. It’s almost midnight and we’re just about ready. Let’s just make sure we have enough treats. I wouldn’t want to upset this mystery relative!

Produce 60/90 Flour in the Dutch Mill

Produce 60/90 Chummy Mummy in the Halloween Candy Machine
12. It’s midnight now and we’ve arrived at the haunted Castle down by the river. Met a group of Vampires outside that won’t stop begging for Candy!

Harvest 5/10 Apples

Produce 12/20 Smile Teath with Apples in the Halloween Candy Machine
13. It’s getting colder and darker and these vampires are creeping me out. Let’s go inside the Castle. Listen! Someone is screaming from the basement!

Ask 10/12 Axes from Neighbors to open the Basement

Ask 10/12 Ropes from Neighbors to go down
14. Wait. The screaming has stopped. AAAH! A ghost!! Oops, hehe don’t be afraid, it’s just Old Macdonald! He planned all this to spend time with us on Halloween. Boy, he got us good!

Harvest 10/15 Cherries

Produce 18/25 Spooky Owl with Cherries in the Halloween Candy Machine


 Your name (nick)
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      2022-02-10 22:09:45 Gmork

UPDATE!! If played as a classic mission, instead of the carved Pumpkins ask for 15 Fireflies from the Firefly tree

      2017-12-28 00:22:43 Willow

UPDATE!! If played as a classic mission, instead of the cookies and jack o lantern missions, I got one requiring I make a Floral Owl! This adds the requirement of a Floral Art shop, plus 10 Camellia flowers which are on a RC tree

      2014-12-13 02:33:03 Farmy

On GamesGames the prizes are glow hedgehog or black peg. I dont have a black peg so Im playing this. Dont have a glow hedehg either, but have a regular ones.

      2014-12-01 05:12:19

I plan on

      director 2014-10-28 21:25:53 mooducky

they are now in the classic mission section

      2014-10-28 13:05:42 drg

i saw this mission in classic missions.Does anybody knows the tasks?

      2013-11-20 22:14:10 shireen62

complete my motion but i can't get the REWARD please someone help me who can i got it

      2013-11-09 23:08:37 Tarkin13

ANYONE else?! I play on GirlsGoGames!!!!

      2013-11-09 23:08:00 Tarkin13

@tutanchamon- OK! Thanks! :) @CosmicPixie- YAY! :D

      2013-11-08 17:27:20 CosmicPixie

I added u Tarkin13 :)

      2013-11-07 21:35:18 tutanchamon

Tarkin13 - try tutanchamon, I tried your nickname but it didn't work.

      2013-11-07 21:27:03 Tarkin13

EVERYONE WHO PLAYS ON GGG!!! Say your username and I will add you! Mine is Tarkin13! :D

      2013-11-05 06:29:50 Torlotkovic

GGGFriends... I need lots of Clover. I left my cow on Automatic..Thanks...

      2013-11-03 15:52:08 kainatbhatti

ok @tarkin

      2013-11-02 19:45:51 Tarkin13

Hi all my girlsgogames friends! Can you send me a Felicia on a horse, I really need it, thanks yall!

      2013-10-27 21:37:54 Happy

cant wait until im done with this mission

      2013-10-24 05:32:49 Kaaha

Momubearfarm - Store --> Decorations --> Decorations

      2013-10-22 15:51:45 MOMUBEARFARM


      2013-10-22 13:10:38 happyfashionista276

what does felicia do

      2013-10-21 21:04:04 Cat

I had mine under the apples. Which of course was the LAST one i picked.

      2013-10-21 17:39:49 anna

mine was under white sheet.

      2013-10-20 15:10:58 Moontee

Did anyone know.where is the Matchbox.

      manager 2013-10-17 23:23:21 mooducky

its a item that you click on every 18 hours and get a couple of random tree crops plus a chance to get water cans, op, fertilizer

      2013-10-17 21:27:33 Cat

What is the prize exactly?

      2013-10-17 17:26:55 lele

thanks snowbell

      2013-10-17 14:51:43 flipper


      2013-10-16 17:30:24 EMMI


      2013-10-16 15:18:15 Lady Without Name

When it arrives to ur family barn u have 20 days to take it and u should also have 20 days to complete it.

      2013-10-16 14:26:56 mum-1

lots of things to get from neighbors, how long do you have to complete the mission?

      2013-10-16 14:16:49 Snowbell88

White Pumpkin Is unlocked forever

      2013-10-16 13:43:37 lele

for how long is the white pumpkin unblocked once you buy it? thanks

      2013-10-14 14:21:15 Rami

Witch's Cauldron will give you random items when you harvest

      2013-10-14 10:11:29 miss

Great reward, works like the magic tree yeahhhhhhh

      2013-10-13 21:50:12 tomstyl

im playing at and im looking for new friends who play and send presents daily, i am sending presents to everyone who sends me a present :D My ID: TOMSTYL

      2013-10-13 15:15:40 20

please when will be the next sale? or the sale that will have reduced price for the parts of the halloween candy machine,anyone knows? thanks

      2013-10-12 23:46:32 pattycakes

found the Match in the broken pumpkin

      2013-10-12 21:24:27 lovepop

Is it a decoration?

      2013-10-12 12:23:24 K.M

Probably Facebook just has these missions much earlier than we do.

      2013-10-12 07:37:02 tutanchamon

Are Hallowen missions just for FB? We still don't have them on family barn ( or

      2013-10-12 04:26:23 dorothy

looks like a pretty easy mission.... just need to wait to ask for parts for the halloween candy machine already bought the 2 that needed RC to buy. planted the halloween sugar and the pumkins so they will all be ready at once and can finish 2 parts really fast. :)

      2013-10-11 21:01:52 Family Barn


      2013-10-11 18:12:30 Mariukos

Everyone: It's not only a decoration! IT WORKS LIKE MAGIC TREE! :D

      2013-10-11 18:08:11 MMM

Bad Reward :(

      2013-10-11 13:06:50 ALMAS

how many rc needed to complete halloween candy machine and cookie machine . iwill ask friends whatever is needed please only tell the amount that only can be completed by rc. please tell plz...........plz.........plz........plz.....


      2013-10-11 05:31:32 carol

does the jack o lantern use Halloween pumpkins or normal pumpkins. I think I know the answer but hoping to be told different...planted tons of norm pump lol

      2013-10-10 21:12:37 emmi

i have it not dec. like magic tree it give u all thing and water can monu supe fer.

      2013-10-10 20:33:56 Ziad

can anyone tell me what is the reward after completing step 6?

      2013-10-10 18:42:19 Gema

You people keep complaining ffffaaaarrrr too much... it's a lovely, fun mission in time for Halloween... enjoy the ride! If it's a decoration and you don't like it, sell it! If you need RCs, wait for the daily reward or buy some! It's a game!!!

      2013-10-10 16:25:05 Calamity

The pumpkin bars are available in the store. Just click the button in the quest to take you there.

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