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New Missions
The Wish of Joy
Visitor from the Paradise
The New Year City (Hard)
The New Year City (Normal)
The New Year City
Monkey Cocoa Company
Mystery Shopkeeper
Unicorn Whale Overhaul
Decorate Christmas House
The Soaring Snow Squirrel
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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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New Missions

The Wish of Joy
Visitor from the Paradise
The New Year City (Hard)
The New Year City (Normal)
The New Year City
Monkey Cocoa Company
Mystery Shopkeeper
Unicorn Whale Overhaul
Decorate Christmas House
The Soaring Snow Squirrel
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Paradise Flycatcher Container
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Paradise Flycatcher Habitat
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New Year Tower 2020
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Tatarian Aster Bouquet
Tatarian Aster
Tatarian Aster
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Sapphire Flower
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Plumbago Flower
Plumbago Tree
New Year Sale Coin
Nine-colored Reindeer Hoodie
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Nine-colored Reindeer Toy
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Nine-colored Reindeer Pendant
Flower Antler
Nine-colored Reindeer
New York City Guidebook
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Dawn Phoenix
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Dazzling Eve Leaves Wall Light
Dazzling Eve Leaf Poncho
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2020-12-30 18:54:23 pic2z

Your question on Rain - if you are referring to the Rain listed in the Farmers Club House under the tab Farmers Mile Stone, then this is not possible to complete, b/c it runs continuous. All of these help you gain honor points in order to achieve a higher honor level. Example of this works - Rain shows 14/20 on the bar indicator, this means you need to use Rain 6 more times on your farm to reach 20 in order to gain the 15 honor points and level up for the next mile stone. All items listed in this tab are a constant, they never complete. Your question on Cream machine - when you click to add the eggs and milk, the machine will produce cream, the output is placed on the front part of the machine. If you are using OP for auto complete - the cream will go to your barn. Before you spend money on this game (or any game), learn the workings of it first, ask questions, and be patient as you go along.



2020-12-30 18:38:58 pic2z

Some items listed in any machine (such as Flower Packing Machine) are not available anymore, or never were available, or are not available "yet". Contact Plinga through the "help" option in the game, they may be able to help with this question. The Flower Packing Machine can always be placed in your Warehouse until you need it again - there is always a new item added to that machine to make.



2020-12-30 18:29:40 pic2z

Ogre was a reward in a long ago mission. It may show up in voucher shop every so often.



2020-12-30 14:07:39

I cannot find an ogre in the store not sure where to get it from as it is not showing in the list here.



2020-12-26 15:46:42 Good

Please is there anyone who can tell where to find Dr. Bird as he seems to be hiding



2020-12-26 12:58:49

I have a question how many rain do you need to complete it? /



2020-12-22 09:24:21 JohnWich07

Hi all. The new yogurt machine is 4500 coins and it needs stirrer (5RC) and glass jar (5 RC that can be obtained from vouchershop for 10 yellow and 2 purple vouchers.)



2020-12-16 14:26:45

If you are so fed up learn how to play the game or stop crying and move on to another game



2020-12-16 14:24:48

You must be having a blast while thinking you are making fun of others. Unless you are so fucking dumb you dont even know how the cream machine works



2020-12-14 17:27:08 confused

what product do you need to make the cream and what machine



2020-12-14 17:07:31 help

how do you get the cream for the cream machine as all i see is milk and eggs



2020-12-14 13:47:27 happy

All right been spending the day looking for romanesco seeds and cannot find any. Anyone come across them.



2020-12-13 15:21:55

I am totally confused as I have eggs and milk for the cream machine and yet it tells me no cream and it is working away. Too much money being spent on this game and too many clicks to get anything to open as you can tell I am getting fed up.



2020-12-13 14:26:56 help

any idea where to get the flame pine tree as I have not found it.



2020-12-13 00:55:33

okay so you have to use more then 800 rain and yet not complete it and yet you can use the plane and the other things like rainbow and yet you get it comoleted in less then 600 so why is rain having to go for so many as it is o9ver 900 or more that is needed;



2020-12-12 01:38:15 confused

cannot find any information about some machines what they are for and what products are needed for them. There should be information



2020-12-12 01:30:10 help

Anyone have any informartion about the blue bull as I cannot find anything as to what it is for.



2020-12-11 13:00:08

I have selected chum salmon and yet it does not catch any instead i have been getting oyster and i do not have that chosen as i clicked on chum salmon and it still tells me oyster when i clicked on chum salmon and when I put my pointer over the pond it stil says oyster. I have unseected oyster and clicked on chum salmon for hours now and still all it does is tell me oyster



2020-12-11 12:54:37 hurt

still failing at getting any chum salmon to fish as i made the poles and need three of them and yet so far not gotten any so something is wrong with the fish pond as no way should I have gotten the three I needed by now.



2020-12-11 02:19:35

Okay not too fast about the better part as I tried to switch the fishing from oyster to chum salmon and it will only fish for oyster even though I selected chum salmon and selected it but no it keeps catching oysters.



2020-12-09 13:26:33 pissed

I have to admit this farm game has gotten better. Thank you to the developers in working on it.



2020-12-06 11:18:50 pissed

I have played this game for years and get nothing but crap and no help or people even willing to fix the problems.



2020-12-06 11:13:30 pissed

well i can no longer play this game as it will not work and has never been fixed and looks like it never will be as i find that with no coins and the barn not allowing me to sell anything that is done and could be sold. I am getting so pissed off with this game it is not worth it any more.



2020-12-06 11:04:42

This game has become garbage as i go to the barn to sell some things and click on total product and final and what do i get but unfinished products to sell. This has become a load of bull.



2020-12-06 10:38:54

getting tired of trying to plant and getting the game is out of sync and having to re plant the farm all over again



2020-12-05 14:22:46

They have added weird new seeds to it but cannot find them in store well one of them is there as they added a Pearl Onion which is in the store. But thery added a weird one called Romanesco which is not in the store and I am still waiting for years now for the Winter heath plant.



2020-12-05 14:02:05

What sound controls as i do not have any that i am aware of and i do not see a tractor by the neighbours



2020-12-05 13:59:53

You just made that confusing not sure what your talking about.



2020-12-05 13:58:43

why does the warehouse say at the top NaN of 1042 another problem with their game



2020-12-04 17:24:07

In regards to deleting the single fields; there is a plow tractor on your neighbors bar next to the sound controls. One tractor will lay fields in all available space you have and the tractor with the x will delete all single unplanted fields.