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New Missions
The Wish of Joy
Visitor from the Paradise
The New Year City (Hard)
The New Year City (Normal)
The New Year City
Monkey Cocoa Company
Mystery Shopkeeper
Unicorn Whale Overhaul
Decorate Christmas House
The Soaring Snow Squirrel
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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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New Missions

The Wish of Joy
Visitor from the Paradise
The New Year City (Hard)
The New Year City (Normal)
The New Year City
Monkey Cocoa Company
Mystery Shopkeeper
Unicorn Whale Overhaul
Decorate Christmas House
The Soaring Snow Squirrel
Rare Gashapon
Super Gashapon
Ordinary Gashapon
Gashapon Coin
Paradise Flycatcher Habitat
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Lantern Banksia Tree
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Paradise Flycatcher Wall Hooks
Paradise Flycatcher Vase
Ribbon & Feather Poncho
Paradise Flycatcher Kite
Paradise Flycatcher Friend Pen
Ribbon Feather Hat
Ribbon & Feather Bouquet
Ribbon Feather
Paradise Flycatcher Habitat Flower
Paradise Flycatcher Container
Paradise Flycatcher Habitat Rock
Paradise Flycatcher Habitat
Window Bird Feeder
New Year Tower 2020
Tatarian Aster Pillow
Colorful Aster Bouquet
Tatarian Aster Cufflinks
Tatarian Aster Garland
Tatarian Aster Essential Oil
Tatarian Aster Bouquet
Tatarian Aster
Tatarian Aster
Sapphire Flower Vase
Sapphire Flower Ring
Sapphire Flower Cake
Sapphire Iced Tea
Sapphire Icecream
Sapphire Flower Bouquet
Sapphire Flower
Sapphire Tower Tree
Janus Calendar
Janus Sculpture
Happy New Year Card
New Year Festive Platter
Janus Ring
Janus Coin
The New Year City Last Chance 4
The New Year City Last Chance 3
The New Year City Last Chance 2
The New Year City Last Chance 1
Times Square Medal
Plumbago Painted Driftwood Comb
Floral Short Dress
Plumbago Mouse Pad
Plumbago Basket
Plumbago Cocktail
Plumbago Straw Bag
Plumbago Painted Driftwood
Plumbago Essential Oil
Plumbago Flower Petal
Plumbago Flower
Plumbago Tree
New Year Sale Coin
Nine-colored Reindeer Hoodie
Flower Chandelier
Nine-colored Reindeer Toy
Flower Antler Headband
Nine-colored Reindeer Pendant
Flower Antler
Nine-colored Reindeer
New York City Guidebook
Phoenix Feather Hair Accessory
Dawn Phoenix Feather in Bottle
Dawn Phoenix Feather Pen
Dawn Phoenix Feather Bookmark
Dawn Phoenix Pocket Watch
Dawn Phoenix Greeting Card
Dawn Phoenix Costume Wings
Dawn Phoenix Feather
Dawn Phoenix
Tofu Jambalaya
Crab Jambalaya
Jambalaya Stuffed Wings
Turkey Jambalaya
Lobster Jambalaya
Shrimp Jambalaya
Vegan Jambalaya
Salmon Jambalaya
Beef Sausage Jambalaya
Chicken Jambalaya
Jambalaya Machine
Dazzling Eve Leaves Mirror
Dazzling Eve Light-up Wine Bottle
Dazzling Eve Leaves Wall Light
Dazzling Eve Leaf Poncho
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2019-11-18 08:43:28 Holiday

and squid pond flower decor is back to 1 RC



2019-11-16 13:50:44 found

how are you suppose to clear a rock in the water garden if the graduate fish habitat does not exist.



2019-11-12 22:11:04 libralady930

Level 60 is needed to make the antique french perfume scent bottle.



2019-11-11 16:45:19

I cannot find monkey orchid seeds in the store.



2019-11-09 14:44:08 JLEYMA

What is the reward for return of the king mission



2019-11-08 19:49:48 MeadowC

You trade water crops in your drying house to earn greenery. No need to spend real money for it...just need time. True expansions are expensive and there has yet to be a water ranch expansion sale.



2019-11-08 05:29:28 Tury4026

estuve haciendo las cosas que pedian en la team park store y como siempre no avanzo y no pude obtener mis premios.siempre pasa lo mismo.y ya se termino el tiempo.



2019-11-01 02:05:23

The expansion for the water ranch is a farce ahnd so is the garden ranch as it costs over 5 million for the garden ranch and all you get is one row of blocks added to the farm. For the water ranch you have to be at a certain level plus you have to spend millions on it and you have to spend money real money in order to buy 650000 green leaves.



2019-10-29 10:47:11

Thank you turns out i do not have enough crystals for the raccoon dog. And now I have to unlock seeds that I can only do by doing things in the Theme park store that I have never heard of. Want to unlock the centella seed but cannot do that.



2019-10-28 10:17:52 1pikefish

try the team shop



2019-10-26 12:14:13

I have not found how you can get the raccoon dog to get sake. Any ideas?



2019-10-23 14:34:13 help

I do not understand how to get the antique french perfume scent bottle as it shows two ingredients in the workshop but tells me i do not have enough ingredients when it just shows two items and i have both of them.



2019-10-22 13:09:01 lost

where do you find this oceanus



2019-10-15 14:38:38 help

This is bad when you have to pay 100,000 coins to buy the bowhead whale and then pay 11 rc to build it.



2019-10-13 17:41:22 FredKang

Is there some way to get this other then a straight purchase from the store? You know like from a quest. Thanks.



2019-10-09 14:28:56 help

Does anyone know when the lambs ear seed will be in the store



2019-10-09 14:14:04 help

Where do you get the easter turkey habitat. This is hard to type here when the left side takes up half the page. I cannot see what I typed so any spelling errors i apologize for.



2019-10-09 14:07:39

sorry but i do not kow how to send RC to people



2019-10-08 22:51:39 RMA

please please please,I need 3RC can any one send me RC today please??



2019-10-06 13:08:19 wait

They added a lot more crops to the dehydrator but do not list them here as to how many you need. They do not seem to be updating information.



2019-09-30 13:24:19 look

Looking for the Honeysuckle tree



2019-09-30 09:22:50

Wee... HOliday castle can be turned on USING RC to help you stay logged in so you keep your calendar rewards for so many days while you are away for whatever reason. Some ppl also put in center of farm so friends who visit will see it and realize they are on vacation.



2019-09-30 09:19:51

linda... some swan lakes can go on water, while others can only go on land



2019-09-30 09:18:56

in machine zone you build machine houses to put your machines into. you can operate the machines while they are in this storage house, unlike when they are just in warehouse and cannot be used. this gives you more operating space on farm, as they do not have to be brought out and placed, in order to use. Machine houses can be leveled up to hold more items



2019-09-30 09:16:11

the thankful house has been a prize and could also be bought in the store. when it was awarded, it would give coin over time. Other times it has been just a decoration.



2019-09-28 03:04:36

This game is getting bad. I can plant the whole farm but it does not put the crop there it shows it as just planting but no crops get put on any of the fields.



2019-09-26 19:26:11 home

where dp you get the honey badger from. I have not found it anywhere.



2019-09-26 18:29:40

what is the thankful house to be used for. I cannot see what it is suppose to do.



2019-09-25 18:18:29 1pikefish

could not pay the game. rebooted. reloaded... nothing. mow i cannot to log in...GRRRRRR.



2019-09-19 15:10:05