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New Missions
The Wish of Joy
Visitor from the Paradise
The New Year City (Hard)
The New Year City (Normal)
The New Year City
Monkey Cocoa Company
Mystery Shopkeeper
Unicorn Whale Overhaul
Decorate Christmas House
The Soaring Snow Squirrel
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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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New Missions

The Wish of Joy
Visitor from the Paradise
The New Year City (Hard)
The New Year City (Normal)
The New Year City
Monkey Cocoa Company
Mystery Shopkeeper
Unicorn Whale Overhaul
Decorate Christmas House
The Soaring Snow Squirrel
Rare Gashapon
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Paradise Flycatcher Wall Hooks
Paradise Flycatcher Vase
Ribbon & Feather Poncho
Paradise Flycatcher Kite
Paradise Flycatcher Friend Pen
Ribbon Feather Hat
Ribbon & Feather Bouquet
Ribbon Feather
Paradise Flycatcher Habitat Flower
Paradise Flycatcher Container
Paradise Flycatcher Habitat Rock
Paradise Flycatcher Habitat
Window Bird Feeder
New Year Tower 2020
Tatarian Aster Pillow
Colorful Aster Bouquet
Tatarian Aster Cufflinks
Tatarian Aster Garland
Tatarian Aster Essential Oil
Tatarian Aster Bouquet
Tatarian Aster
Tatarian Aster
Sapphire Flower Vase
Sapphire Flower Ring
Sapphire Flower Cake
Sapphire Iced Tea
Sapphire Icecream
Sapphire Flower Bouquet
Sapphire Flower
Sapphire Tower Tree
Janus Calendar
Janus Sculpture
Happy New Year Card
New Year Festive Platter
Janus Ring
Janus Coin
The New Year City Last Chance 4
The New Year City Last Chance 3
The New Year City Last Chance 2
The New Year City Last Chance 1
Times Square Medal
Plumbago Painted Driftwood Comb
Floral Short Dress
Plumbago Mouse Pad
Plumbago Basket
Plumbago Cocktail
Plumbago Straw Bag
Plumbago Painted Driftwood
Plumbago Essential Oil
Plumbago Flower Petal
Plumbago Flower
Plumbago Tree
New Year Sale Coin
Nine-colored Reindeer Hoodie
Flower Chandelier
Nine-colored Reindeer Toy
Flower Antler Headband
Nine-colored Reindeer Pendant
Flower Antler
Nine-colored Reindeer
New York City Guidebook
Phoenix Feather Hair Accessory
Dawn Phoenix Feather in Bottle
Dawn Phoenix Feather Pen
Dawn Phoenix Feather Bookmark
Dawn Phoenix Pocket Watch
Dawn Phoenix Greeting Card
Dawn Phoenix Costume Wings
Dawn Phoenix Feather
Dawn Phoenix
Tofu Jambalaya
Crab Jambalaya
Jambalaya Stuffed Wings
Turkey Jambalaya
Lobster Jambalaya
Shrimp Jambalaya
Vegan Jambalaya
Salmon Jambalaya
Beef Sausage Jambalaya
Chicken Jambalaya
Jambalaya Machine
Dazzling Eve Leaves Mirror
Dazzling Eve Light-up Wine Bottle
Dazzling Eve Leaves Wall Light
Dazzling Eve Leaf Poncho
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2016-03-29 08:38:58 saim




2016-03-29 08:38:32 saim




2016-03-29 04:45:36 Maria

Easter crystal pegacorn. Eats vigorous herb, gives purple crystal. Muchly welcomed!



2016-03-29 02:44:55 really?

OMG and all the games guide groups that help are awesome, and the sales, and even the best up to date everything.. come on over, loads of people will add you as friends and help you advance in the game much faster its so fun.



2016-03-29 02:37:58 really?

Guess what more people play FF on FB, more RC here too, why not switch, I did.



2016-03-28 15:50:52 Sunflower22

lemonmyrtle, there has not been much recently in the parade store, but I have gotten the soccer panda and could have gotten the soccer giraffe and soccer elephant earlier. Not much effort to just keep it going, and occasionally you can get something. Early on they had a very rare animal in the parade store, I forget maybe it was the ogres, but I did not have enough vouchers.



user 2016-03-28 11:16:27 froufrou04

Jan the european turtle doves eat blackberry and give european turtle dove feathers in 65seconds



2016-03-28 04:17:36 dlt625

I also had the Lucky Ram already , thanks for reminding me to look again!



2016-03-27 19:53:10 Jan

What do the European Turtle Doves produce?



2016-03-27 18:10:53 Shay

Forgot to add that they are 3 RC each.



2016-03-27 18:10:14 Shay

Need 3 of these to upgrade Drying House to store 780 items and get 430 fire.



user 2016-03-27 14:49:16

Thank you Sunflower22. I have joined in some of the parades, so far nothing in the store that I need



2016-03-27 06:46:30 elicat

but only Facebook players get those perks



2016-03-27 06:46:04 elicat

I wish we would get surveys or sales on ranch expansions



2016-03-27 06:38:16 elicat

Not everyone plays on Facebook...



2016-03-27 03:43:51 really?

not condescending anything.. Facebook Family Farm users can get tons of free RC by using Offers... there are no videos in the offers sadly. Surveys, playing of other games and many more types of Offers are available though. Lets just stop the whining and begging its really annoying to those of use who want to help serious game help needs.



2016-03-27 03:27:38 libralady

you need 10 Grasscluster (ask), 10 Turf (ask), 1 Brazil Nut Box (8RC)



2016-03-26 21:14:10

this is the reward for completing the Noas Ark hot baloon mission.Eats vigorous herb and gives purple crystal in 1m



2016-03-26 20:56:04

you will choose between firefly well(10fireflies every2h) or 3 bacopa caroliniana worth 3rc each used in reed land



2016-03-26 13:04:34 loka samy saad

ineed 20 rc in happy land plz what should i do



2016-03-26 07:27:33

awards please..??



2016-03-26 03:46:18

wat to u get for completing this mission



2016-03-25 23:57:22 elicat

Wow. FYI: not everyone gets the free RC videos. So stop be so condescending...



2016-03-25 17:09:11 suk

how to get a amethyst phoenix bird ?



2016-03-25 09:11:02 really?

Omer.. then go do offers, I do surveys every day.. I make dozens of RC every week.. stop whining, begging and complaining. the game makers gave you plenty of chances and choices to get more free RC.



2016-03-24 18:20:40 omer

i need RC



2016-03-24 16:22:09 okanski

how RC it needs?



user 2016-03-24 09:50:18 froufrou04

you have to choose between firefly well(gives 10 fireflies every 2h) or 3 bacopa caroliniana(used in reed land)



2016-03-24 09:33:43

Whats the Rewards plz



2016-03-24 07:02:16 moshi

what are the gifts???