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Bizim Çiftlik - Bizim Çiftlik Sahil - Oyun hakkında bilgi ve yardım
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Love is in the Air 40+
ooray, hooray it’s Valentine’s Day today! Toby’s taking me on a romantic date in the SKY! In a helicopter. Through the mountains! I’m so excited!
1. Ding dong. Oh no, Toby’s early, AGAIN! Could that boy be late just once? Teehee...Just gotta finish watering Granny’s plants and I’m set to go!

Plant 50 Basil

Plant 50 Tomato
800 50 
2. My Toby looks handsome today. But, is it just me or does he kinda smell like Lasagna? Hehe, I must be hungry or somethin’. HEY LOOK! Our helicopter’s here!

Have a Lasagna Machine on your farm

Produce 25 Tomato Lasagna in your Lasagna Machine
800 50 
3. Time to get in. Up, up and away we go. Into the sky, soaring high. Huh, there’s that Lasagna smell again. Boy oh boy, farmer, I must REALLY be hungry!

Harvest 50 Love Fruit

Produce 50 Love Cakes in your Cake Machine
800 50 
4. Toby says he has a big surprise for me under a tree on one of these Mountain tops. I have to guess which one it is to get the surprise. Can you guess which one it is?

Choose the right mountain
20 800 50 
5. Sweet. You got it. Hold on farmer, we’re going in for a landing. I wonder what the surprise is. So far all I see is a heart box and some food and...

Produce 25 Chili Taco in your Taco Truck

Feed Corn to Rooster Coop and produce 25 Rooster Meat
800 50 Gasoline
6. Oh how romantic; a Valentine’s Picnic on a Mountain Top! Complete with a fuzzy blanket, flowers and lanterns to stay warm. Who knew Toby was such a helpless romantic?!

Craft 6 Luxury Carpet in your Workshop

Produce 50 Alpaca Sweater in your Weaver
800 50 
7. For lunch, Toby made me Lasagna. AHA! I was right. I WAS smelling Lasagna earlier! Granny must’ve told him it was my favorite food! It was delicious too!

Produce 25 Taco Lasagna in your Lasagna Machine

Produce 25 Rooster Meat Lasagna in your Lasagna Machine
800 50 Bleeding Heart Flower10 

Ask 15 Valentine Helicopter Toy from your neighbors

Produce 6 True Love Promise Ring in your Jewel Machine (Find Bleeding Heart Flower in your Gift Box)
800 50 



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