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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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2015-03-28 20:32:54 Sarah

How many Wood Beams and White Stones to upgrade to lvl 4?? All it says here is XX



2015-03-28 20:19:18 Sarah

600 coins to buy. Ask friends for 7 tiles and 8 pebbles.



2015-03-28 19:36:28 1pikefish

ty and how many relatives the Koi family has?



2015-03-28 18:06:13 Svet

Rewards: Koi Family and Seal Family.



2015-03-28 17:51:35 1pikefish

and the prizes are?



2015-03-28 14:17:00 aaliya

easter tree super beehive is better because its in the farm club



user 2015-03-28 13:30:24 Tndrsroni

Which is better: the easter tree super beehive or the blue chocolate bunny?



2015-03-27 21:13:53 Rosava

How can I obtain a help or help my neighbour in Market Order?



2015-03-27 18:13:04 Monteee

Anyone know about secrete Reward



2015-03-27 18:07:58 nik

where is new mission info? super sand mill mission..



2015-03-27 02:20:10 Moo

Green monster was a one day offer and had to pay 80 dollars ( not rc )for... The water jade was reward for top 10 players of a global event and think the pink pony also was to global event players



2015-03-26 23:58:43 sharky

at what mission i can get the red piret-green monister- water jad and pink pony



user 2015-03-26 21:32:25 froufrou04

keep open month calendar pages every day and when you collect 850 sign-points for world calendar you will get this curly willow tree for free



2015-03-26 21:20:39 Maria

How do I get this tree?



2015-03-25 23:17:59 Sunflower22

Well, I built the Shibu Inu dog. It is a harvestable decoration. It harvests every hour. So far it has given me OLD TIN CAN and OLD COIL. I have no idea what if anything these will be used for, they are exchangeable for coins.


2015-03-25 14:49:48 Ladonna

I sold them twice and it will not give me credit!



2015-03-25 09:12:53 Aphidnae

Thanks, Svet. Just figured I should plant them directly out of my Giftbox rather than out of the Water Well.



2015-03-25 08:39:31 Svet

Just put sprinklers on the plots! Check what level at Water Well you are also (if there are available sprinklers to be installed, you can install them on the garden ranch plots).



2015-03-25 06:46:50 Aphidnae

Can anyone advise me on how to use the water well in the Garden Ranch if I have it installed in my Home Ranch? People here say I need only one of them.



2015-03-24 22:53:53 Svet

I notice tiny changes in the game that make handling a game less comfortable. Does anyone else have such experience?



2015-03-24 20:42:31 Sunflower22

evie, you can get the Blue Chocolate Bunny in the Global Event that is going on right now. It also yields chocolate eggs. Or you can buy the Pink Chocolate Bunny in the farm club for 35RC.



user 2015-03-24 14:34:01 evie

Where do we get this one?



2015-03-24 13:44:26 ez

sunflower22 thank you very much!



2015-03-23 21:40:58 Sunfllower22

ez, the dog adoption center does not cost RC. You place it and then collect items from it every 2 hours. The items are only used inside the dog adoption center to open more tools. To make it go faster you tend to use a lot of requests. Eventually you use the tools to create various dogs. I do not know what the dogs are for. They may be harvestable decorations.



2015-03-23 21:35:56 Sunflower22

Green Vouchers for the Market Orders. I seem to get about 3 o4 4 a day. Even though I fill 3 of my market orders a day and help neighbors about as much as you are allowed to. Does anyone have advice about how to get more? It seems weird that items that use them can require 100s of the green tickets if we are not going to be able earn them any faster than 4 a day.



2015-03-23 12:58:20 ez

what is this for?



2015-03-22 17:30:46 citrus

Too much RC required I just bought lime tree in market



2015-03-21 22:57:09 Pipoca

upgrade wood cutter to increase timber production to 10 - 10 cutting wheel and 10 Sharpening Stone



2015-03-21 14:34:40 Sunflower22

Are the dogs from the dog adoption center decorations, or decorations that give money, or something else?



2015-03-21 02:51:06 Moo

10 cutting wheels and 10 hex nuts