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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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2015-01-29 16:22:19 wolverine

i have both of these rewards but will go for another frozen machine



2015-01-29 16:14:58 Sunflower22

Why can not the land sales ever include the water ranch yards?



2015-01-29 13:45:55 tavia_d

Yes; Is a Bunny home that gives you fuzzy fur.



2015-01-29 13:07:25 Noon

Is that right, the reward of mission: visit to grandma is a fuzzy rabbit?



2015-01-29 11:22:56 r_gamer

Yeah, I have noticed that they like to make it impossible to get all the items in the allotted time without spending RC. Bennadas: unfortunately that is not really true. You lose whatever space on your ranch and money you put into building it, and I unfortunately have had plenty of experiences with trying to stave off starting a mission, and then having them give only a few days to finish it. Speaking of which, has anyone started the Seals Family mission recently who can tell me for sure if they still give the full amount of time to complete the mission?



2015-01-29 07:41:49 furious4z

omg i want knight and horse



2015-01-29 07:39:57 furious4z

whats the 2nd reward....???



2015-01-29 06:07:06

i need the date tree, please bring this mission back,plzzzzz



2015-01-29 05:43:50

I think I need lots of RCs if I want to do this.



2015-01-29 05:42:49

First time in my history ever, I have them both.



user 2015-01-29 02:38:19 jandrews

Mine says I have 18 days to finish. I can harvest once every 20 hours without spending RC. I need 23 more decorations to get the pony. Did some one forget how to do basic math? Harvesting once a day you need at least 24 days to get 24 decorations.



2015-01-28 21:10:38 niba

wht r the rewards ???



2015-01-28 19:55:11 mido

I already have both too



user 2015-01-28 18:32:40 froufrou04

is this a frozen food machine?Why dont they put something new? I already have both



2015-01-28 18:18:56 1pikefish

nice, and today is January28 and we have no access to this treehouse yet. we will need to put it together and start collecting decorations 24 all of them in 16 days. this is unfear to us



director 2015-01-28 17:42:43 mooducky

I think you have until February 16th to complete this mission since that is when the Mystery decoration will be selected



2015-01-28 17:00:04 1010stefan2000

you Need 10 RC...



2015-01-28 14:26:34 kemal

am i need any RC to build this animal ?



2015-01-28 14:17:56 Sunflower22

Any word about the surprise gift is? Would be nice if it was not another decoration, however since the Felicia and knight decoration shows where the surprise gift shows, I am suspicious another decoration.



2015-01-28 08:52:40 Melinda

I agree with some... Keep these simple like before. dont say since your on this level you have to get this stuff.... Im sorry I love the mission thats why i keep coming back but now If i need a machine and by the time i have enough to buy it this mission is over. Lets do one with everyone one mission now like this level for these and Next for these... I dont like that :-( Totally not fair.



user 2015-01-28 08:21:22 froufrou04

r_gamer you dont have to get any pineapple tree.Its a seed and it takes 1h to harvest.And if you have friends its easy to collect 20 football wine glasses (free gifts) from them



user 2015-01-28 06:41:08 bennadas

R_gamer: usually the timer starts when you place these things. Do not worry, just try it. Nothing to lose.



user 2015-01-28 06:34:05 sherri

so far, on facebook needed ask friends for 3 Valentine Treehouse Windows for parts for level 1 ...need 5 more windows from friends plus 1 rail for 2rc for level 2



2015-01-28 05:22:02 blossom

Yes, buy it!!!!



2015-01-28 02:53:57 r_gamer

Any recommendations about the best way to get a Horse?



2015-01-28 02:44:23 r_gamer

Does anyone know the actual level groupings for this mission?



2015-01-28 02:42:52 r_gamer

What materials are needed to complete the Treehouse? And what do we have to pay to reduce the harvest time? Also, will the countdown timer start from the time we place the Treehouse, or from the time that they make it available? (i.e., Do we have any chance what-so-ever if we start it on the last day?)



2015-01-28 00:20:04 r_gamer

I swear it is like they are punishing us for leveling up! I have never been able to save up enough money for the 2nd ranch, let alone be able to build the Kitchen. Plus, I do not have either a Fudge Machine or a Fruit Wine Machine. The Football Beavers are so cute though… I want them… but there is no way I am spending 60+ Ranch Cash to get them…! (In case you are checking my calculations, I do not have a Pineapple Tree, and it is also impossible to get 20 Football Wine Glasses from Neighbors with the current bugs they have…!!! )



2015-01-27 18:04:52 Iceberg

r_gamer - I think you have 20 days after you activate the mission. I hope that help.



2015-01-27 16:24:19 Sunflower22

For the Valentine Treehouse, do you get duplicates decorations before you fill the entire house? I hope not, otherwise, see the Coupon Collectors Problem in probability. The treehouse and the cupid pony are very cute.