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Level 8      15000      0



Level 1 30
Glass Pane
Aluminum Tube
Radish0.083333333333333 h0h 3m
Clover0.25 h0h 9m
Lavender0.5 h0h 18m
Pasture1 h0h 36m
Pineapple1 h0h 36m
Watercress1 h0h 36m
Indian Corn1 h0h 36m
Marsh Marigold1 h0h 36m
Water Bamboo1 h0h 36m
Juliet Rose1 h0h 36m
Cucumber2 h1h 12m
Grape2 h1h 12m
Sesame2 h1h 12m
Black Rose2 h1h 12m
White Pumpkin2 h1h 12m
Honeydew2 h1h 12m
American Lotus Root2 h1h 12m
Wild Rice2 h1h 12m
Fennel2 h1h 12m
Blueberry3 h1h 48m
Crocus3 h1h 48m
Dog Rose3 h1h 48m
Rhubarb3 h1h 48m
Green Moss3 h1h 48m
Water Snowflake3 h1h 48m
Oat4 h2h 24m
Carnation4 h2h 24m
Edelweiss4 h2h 24m
Rotala4 h2h 24m
Rice4 h2h 24m
White Rose4 h2h 24m
Corn4 h2h 24m
Brussels Sprouts4 h2h 24m
Broccoli4 h2h 24m
Violet4 h2h 24m
Turnip4 h2h 24m
Leek4 h2h 24m
Rosemary4 h2h 24m
Thyme4 h2h 24m
Water Spinach4 h2h 24m
Artichoke4 h2h 24m
Red Currant4 h2h 24m
Water Hyacinth4 h2h 24m
Lemon Grass4 h2h 24m
Pineberry4 h2h 24m
Buckwheat4 h2h 24m
Yellow Freesia Flower4 h2h 24m
Skunk Cabbage Flower4 h2h 24m
Lily of the Valley4 h2h 24m
Maitake Mushroom4 h2h 24m
Beet4 h2h 24m
Green Coffee Bean4 h2h 24m
Purple Chokeberry4 h2h 24m
Luffa Gourd4 h2h 24m
Buttercup Flower4 h2h 24m
Purple Rose5 h3h 0m
Vanilla5 h3h 0m
Daffodil(not in use)5 h3h 0m
Heart Chocolate5 h3h 0m
Barley5 h3h 0m
Raspberry5 h3h 0m
Green Rose5 h3h 0m
Yellow Tulip5 h3h 0m
Black Bean5 h3h 0m
Orange Gerbera5 h3h 0m
Broadleaf Arrowhead5 h3h 0m
Rutabaga5 h3h 0m
Shiso5 h3h 0m
Horseradish5 h3h 0m
Green Thai Chili5 h3h 0m
Scallion5 h3h 0m
Starlight Petunia5 h3h 0m
Basil6 h3h 36m
Blue Cornflower6 h3h 36m
Halloween Pumpkin6 h3h 36m
Nitraria6 h3h 36m
Coffee Bean6 h3h 36m
Cotton6 h3h 36m
Daisy6 h3h 36m
Blackberry6 h3h 36m
Wheat6 h3h 36m
Christmas Chocolate6 h3h 36m
Green Bean6 h3h 36m
Bell Pepper6 h3h 36m
White Hibiscus6 h3h 36m
Cantaloupe6 h3h 36m
Tinsel Crop6 h3h 36m
Easter Lily6 h3h 36m
Soccer Crop6 h3h 36m
Baby’s Breath6 h3h 36m
Water Chestnut6 h3h 36m
Floating Heart Flower6 h3h 36m
Kermit Mums6 h3h 36m
Licorice6 h3h 36m
Quinoa6 h3h 36m
Oregano6 h3h 36m
Cattail6 h3h 36m
Bluebell6 h3h 36m
Poppy6 h3h 36m
Poppy6 h3h 36m
Goblin Flower6 h3h 36m
Bottle Gourd6 h3h 36m
Parsley6 h3h 36m
Thalia6 h3h 36m
Baby Summer Squash6 h3h 36m
Stevia6 h3h 36m
Beach Rose6 h3h 36m
Pearl Millet6 h3h 36m
Purple Mum Flower6 h3h 36m
Watermelon Radish6 h3h 36m
Jicama6 h3h 36m
Wild Garlic6 h3h 36m
Chardonnay7 h4h 12m
Broccoli(not in use)7 h4h 12m
White Grapes7 h4h 12m
Cane7 h4h 12m
Jasmine7 h4h 12m
Calla Lily7 h4h 12m
Kale7 h4h 12m
Flax7 h4h 12m
Chamomile7 h4h 12m
Sorghum7 h4h 12m
Purple Tulip7 h4h 12m
Fairy Moss7 h4h 12m
Evening Primrose7 h4h 12m
Canola7 h4h 12m
Rainbow Gerbera Daisy7 h4h 12m
Dill7 h4h 12m
Spelt7 h4h 12m
Venus Flytrap7 h4h 12m
Sugar Beet8 h4h 48m
Kiwi8 h4h 48m
Mint8 h4h 48m
Pink Rose8 h4h 48m
Artichoke(not in use)8 h4h 48m
Cherry Tomato8 h4h 48m
Forget-me-not8 h4h 48m
Pitaya8 h4h 48m
Tea8 h4h 48m
Bean8 h4h 48m
Sweet Potato8 h4h 48m
Blue Rose8 h4h 48m
Green Lettuce8 h4h 48m
Carrot8 h4h 48m
Sorbet Machine Penguin Deco8 h4h 48m
Cabbage8 h4h 48m
Spinach8 h4h 48m
Mustard8 h4h 48m
Enchanted Carrot8 h4h 48m
Asparagus8 h4h 48m
Radicchio8 h4h 48m
Water Lily8 h4h 48m
Daffodil8 h4h 48m
Taro8 h4h 48m
Indian Lotus Flower8 h4h 48m
Wasabi8 h4h 48m
Water Cabbage8 h4h 48m
Chive8 h4h 48m
Orchid Flower8 h4h 48m
Red Cabbage8 h4h 48m
Snap Pea8 h4h 48m
Corchorus8 h4h 48m
Black Rice8 h4h 48m
Broad Bean8 h4h 48m
Blue and White Daisy8 h4h 48m
Caraway8 h4h 48m
Chia8 h4h 48m
Kohlrabi8 h4h 48m
Flowering Rush8 h4h 48m
Durum8 h4h 48m
Saffron Crocus8 h4h 48m
Acorus Calamus8 h4h 48m
Zucchini9 h5h 24m
Garlic9 h5h 24m
Iris9 h5h 24m
Red Rose9 h5h 24m
Potato9 h5h 24m
Strawberry9 h5h 24m
Tomato9 h5h 24m
Winter Squash9 h5h 24m
Kidney Bean9 h5h 24m
Roselle9 h5h 24m
Ginseng9 h5h 24m
Wild Yam9 h5h 24m
Papyrus9 h5h 24m
Society Garlic9 h5h 24m
Auricularia9 h5h 24m
Blue Pansy9 h5h 24m
Boysenberry9 h5h 24m
Sage9 h5h 24m
Black Sesame9 h5h 24m
Arugula9 h5h 24m
Lily Starlette9 h5h 24m
Pink Freesia Flower9 h5h 24m
Easter Lily(not in use)10 h6h 0m
Love Rose10 h6h 0m
Hops10 h6h 0m
Cactus10 h6h 0m
Eggplant10 h6h 0m
Lily10 h6h 0m
Watermelon10 h6h 0m
Cranberry10 h6h 0m
Aloe Vera10 h6h 0m
Jalapeno Pepper10 h6h 0m
Yellow Rose10 h6h 0m
Turmeric10 h6h 0m
Cassava10 h6h 0m
Peony10 h6h 0m
Pink Hyacinthus10 h6h 0m
Blue Morning Glory10 h6h 0m
White Top Star Grass10 h6h 0m
Black Bat Flower10 h6h 0m
Bronze Anastasia Flower10 h6h 0m
Red Dahlia10 h6h 0m
Snowdrop10 h6h 0m
Onion11 h6h 36m
Red Pepper11 h6h 36m
Lentil11 h6h 36m
Ginger12 h7h 12m
Vigorous Herb12 h7h 12m
Rye12 h7h 12m
Cauliflower12 h7h 12m
Peanut12 h7h 12m
Sunflower12 h7h 12m
Mushroom12 h7h 12m
Love Fruit12 h7h 12m
Tulip12 h7h 12m
Pumpkin12 h7h 12m
Chickpea12 h7h 12m
Chanterelle12 h7h 12m
Water Pepper12 h7h 12m
Okra12 h7h 12m
White Baneberry12 h7h 12m
Pink Dahlia Flower12 h7h 12m
Duck Weed12 h7h 12m
Periwinkle12 h7h 12m
Cilantro12 h7h 12m
Poison Ivy12 h7h 12m
Halloween Sugar14 h8h 24m
Celery14 h8h 24m
Gladiolus14 h8h 24m
Japanese Bellflower15 h9h 0m
xmasChocolate16 h9h 36m
16 h9h 36m
Amazon Lily16 h9h 36m
Bog Cotton16 h9h 36m
Enoki18 h10h 48m

Size: 4.5 x 6.5

Bonus EXP: 150

Sell Price: 1500

1500 coins


150 XP


29.3 units²



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      2017-02-21 01:17:03 Aimee

Why can I put my green house in the building area but not put the trees in it whilst it is there?

      2016-02-12 02:34:10 pipoca

24 soils

      2016-02-11 17:52:18 wonder

how many soils i can put inside the green house please?

      2015-07-02 11:46:07 Ahemd

Thanks a lot & what about super green house?

      2015-07-01 19:31:40 Sunflower22

Ahmed, for the regular greenhouse you have to click once to open the greenhouse and then harvest or plant everything individually. It does speed up growth. I do not think it required any RC, just components you can ask for.

      2015-07-01 17:25:42 Ahmed

Hello need your help please.I love grove & super grove because I can harvest them all in one click. Want to ask you is this also with one click harvest? which one is good super green house or green house? Does it need any RC if so then how much? Thanks I bought tree green house and I hate it because I have to harvest every tree separately .

      2014-09-25 05:23:54 Abhi1999

THANKS YOU VERY MUCH..mic and froufrou04

      2014-09-21 03:56:35 mic

What youre asking is impossible. As you can see in the schematic right above, the greenhouse takes half a tile more space in each direction than it provides inside. You have to delete least 6 tiles permanently to make room.

      user 2014-09-20 19:30:01 froufrou04

you can make a 24plot area in your planting area by deleting few crops.Then you can place the greenhouse on.Good luck

      2014-09-20 18:41:18 Abhi1999

how to put plots in green house if i dont ave any space in my planting area and i want to keep the green house in my regular ranch (home ranch)...please reply

      user 2014-09-20 13:29:28 froufrou04

you can put complete and keep a greenhouse in your yard but you cant place plots inside.I used to put those in my yard and after finished them in my warehouse to have them ready to use when I would need them

      2014-09-20 13:01:48 mic

No, no and no.

      2014-09-20 09:52:19 Abhi1999

I have few questions...please answer.. we need RC to complete greenhouse ? 2.can we keep incomplete or complete(without plots) green house in the yard? 3.can we keep complete(with plots) green house in the yard?

      user 2014-03-25 11:59:54 ag56

Mohamed Eissa, thank you.

      2014-03-25 05:02:42 Mohamed Eissa

@ag56 : 1- you need empty spot to place the green house for the first time as it needs items to be completed ( 30 pipe sack & 30 glass pan ) which can be asked from friends , when finished you can put it on plots ( 4X6) with the same design of the green house or you can place it in cleararea and add plots to it , 2- you can not hav plots in the incomplete green house 3- grren house move alone not with plots move it and then put the plots back again

      2014-03-25 03:55:32 ag56

Please help me to understand greenhouses, 1. when I buy a greenhouse can I put it on my ranch where the plots are or do I need to put it on an empty spot 2. can I have plots in the incomplete greenhouse while I collect all the glass panes and pipes 3. when I want to move greenhouse to another corner of my ranch, can I move it with the plots or do I need to empty it, move it and then put the plots back in

      user 2013-12-29 04:06:44 AGB

mbkkm5- Once again, hank you. I'll just do the normal green houses for now.

      2013-12-29 02:09:17 mbkkm5

the big green house needs rc parts and u can put trees in them but i only have 3 of the big ones on the garden and other farmers can pick the trees in them now be4 they was lock for others to pick or fer greenhouse stuff

      user 2013-12-29 01:48:39 AGB

mkkbm5- Thank you for the info, I appreciate it, currently I'm still in the 23X23, jajaja. I've got a long way to go.

      2013-12-29 00:27:19 mkkbm5

lol sorry agb

      2013-12-29 00:20:07 mbkkm5

abg the grow part on my farm is 27x27 and it holds 24 little green house on im the green house lady :)

      user 2013-12-28 18:55:44 AGB

Amy- Thank you! I'll start building them.

      master 2013-12-28 12:10:05 Amy

@AGB: Yes :) and can be set up on the ranch :)

      2013-12-28 08:03:50 AGB

Can the greenhouse be stored in the warehouse once its completed?

      2013-12-21 11:05:29 cartman

If I remember correctly, you don't need the ventilation window anymore. It depends a bit on how much RC you want to spend, but it's not bad to have at least one super greenhouse where you can also place expensive RC trees.

      2013-12-21 07:53:43 r_gamer

I'm debating about whether I should get the regular Greenhouse or the Super Greenhouse. Could someone please tell me if they're still requiring you to spend RC to get the Ventilation Window for this Greenhouse or not?

      2013-09-16 00:11:57 BCreegan

In Family Farm (Facebook), the Greenhouse reduces growth time by 25%, and costs no RC. If somebody sends you a request for pipes or glass, it doesn't matter what level you're on, you can send it. To request them, you need to be at least level 10.

      2013-06-28 19:45:39 Mike

why? every greenhouse different time if i plant one kind of seeds. can anyone give me an answer. Thanks

      2013-06-22 15:07:22 Anonime

I like greenhouses. but of which level cou seend the pipes and glass? rebvreirvbvbreiv

      2013-04-25 21:04:34 tiger

I am also in a way to stop playing this game. The game should be fun and not annoying. All this "tricks" with RC, with deletting missions without explanation, with all"unadding" missions are very angry me. If they want that people pay for RC why they all times lying???

      2013-04-17 19:53:22 gabriela

Now there is no greenhouse in my store!! Can you still buy it?

      2013-04-17 11:08:59 tore chudi

i think we have to stop playing now. if you can't play due to RC why should you play... :@

      2013-04-17 08:17:30 gabriela

Oh no, still more and more RC needed for everything!!

      2013-04-16 15:10:10 aramis

from now you need 3RC to build a green house , that's really unfair

      2013-04-15 06:47:55 JayFront

These greenhouses hold 24 plots (4x6) - Their overall size is 4.5 x 6.5 plots. You don't need to spend ranch cash on them; you can get the pipes and glass as free gifts from your friends.

      2013-04-15 06:21:44 Chanti

Is there a limit to how much you can plant in it? I don't want to spend all the RC just to find out you might be limited to 20 plants?

      2012-11-04 12:51:20 ssdgh

this green house is really nice... 40% less time :)