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    Apricot Tree
   Acai Berry Tree
   African Blackwood Tree
   African Cucumber Tree
   African Shea Tree
   Almond Tree
   Angel Trumpet Tree
   Apple Tree
   Arbutus Tree
   Argan Tree
   Ash Tree
   Aurora Tree
   Avocado Tree
   Azalea Bonsai Tree
   Bael Tree
   Bamboo Tree
   Banana Tree
   Bay laurel
   Beach Plum Tree
   Beautyberry Tree
   Bergamot Tree
   Big Leaf Ginkgo Tree
   Big Leaf Mahogany
   Big Leaf Maple Tree
   Birch Tree
   Bitter Orange Tree
   Black Currant Bush
   Black Olive Tree
   Black Peppercorn Tree
   Black Sapote Tree
   Black Widow Tree
   Bleeding Heart Flower Bush
   Blood Orange Tree
   Blue Java Banana Tree
   Blue Magnolia Tree
   Bluebeard Tree
   Bodhi Tree
   Bottle Palm Tree
   Bottlebrush Tree
   Brazil Nut Tree
   Breadfruit Tree
   Bubble Tree
   Butia Palm
   Button Bush Tree
   Button Mangosteen Tree
   Calico Bush
   California Lilac
   Camellia Tree
   Camouflage Tree
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 Christmas Snow
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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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The Divine Condor
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Pride and Sugar Apple Trees
Hungry Helper
Samba Rhea’s Party in Rio
The Ugli Truth
Pastry Prankster
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Andean Condor Habitat
Sweet Apple Samosas
Spray Gun
Porcelain Clay Blender
Platter Holder
Spicy Chickpea Samosas with Raita
Pasta Samosas
Chocolate Samosas
Tandoori Paneer Samosas
Mutton Keema Samosas
Soya Granule and Meat Samosas
Classic Potato Samosas
Samosa Machine
Condor-on-Stump Cake
Condor Table Sculpture
Condor Cake Pop
Sunrise-condor Greeting Card
Condor Totem Necklace
Wooden Stake Pedestal
Wooden Condor Totem
Flower of Sun
Andean Condor’s Food Basket
Condor Totem
Andean Condor Habitat
Festive Platter Machine
Oven Mitt
Cheese Container
Appetizer Cups Machine
last chance
last chance
last chance
last chance
Leprechaun Dragon Sculpture
Gold Foiled Milk Chocolate Coins
Cartoon Leprechaun Dragon Garden Decor
Leprechaun Dragon Fridge Magnet
St. Patrick’s Hat
Gold Coin Earrings
Gold Coin Bouquet
Pot of Gold Coins
Leprechaun Dragon
Snow-on-the-mountain Pendant
Springfield Dress
Early Spring Vase
Snow-on-the-mountain Gift Bag
Snow Mountain Cake
Snow Mountain Towel
Desert Fig Crumpet
Bacon Crumpet
Butter Crumpet
Tapenade Crumpet
Butter Pecan Crumpet
Caramelized Banana Crumpet
Linden Honey Crumpet
Chocolate Crumpet
Kiwi Crumpet
Original Crumpet
Crumpet Mould
Crumpet Container
Batter Container
Oil Container
Crumpet Machine
Pot of Chocolate Coins
Lucky Shamrock
Alexander Guitar Bookmark
Pirate Sword Bookmark
Marshmallow Bookmark
Frog Bookmark
Silver Leaf Bookmark
Musical Note Bookmark
Water Lily Bookmark
Rainbow Bookmark
Banana Bookmark
Daisy Bookmark
Bookmark Machine
Sugar-apple Soap
Sugar-apple Lamp
Sugar-apple Painted Driftwood
Sugar-apple Ice Sculpture
Sugar-apple Essential Oil
Sugar-apple Tree
Sign Pen
Ugli Fruit Package
Umbrella Leaf Package
Honeysuckle Flower Package
Eve’s Necklace Seedpod Package
Jade Leaf Package
Heartberry Package
Neem Fruit Package
Winterberry Package
Tasmanian Devil Candy Jar
Sugar Painting Skewer Stand
Tasmanian Devil Crazy Window Cookie
Blown Glass Tasmanian Devil
Tasmanian Devil Crazy Muffin
Tasmanian Devil Crazy Pie

Longan Tree

Level 0      0

Longan Tree


Level 8

Fast Dehydrator

Level 3

Fruit Cup Machine

Level 10

Vacation Bear

Level 0

Fruit Vinegar Machine

Level 1

Fruit Vinegar Machine

Level 40


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      2015-08-23 00:05:16 marcthom201

can we use this for anything other than feeding the vacation polar bear?

      user 2015-08-18 07:24:35 bennadas

Thank you, jurekb. It worked so, I have the tree at last. :)

      2015-08-17 22:39:58 jurekb

Go to paradise islands and send it from your paradise island gift box to your main farm gift box

      user 2015-08-17 19:54:02 bennadas

I have just bought this tree, but it was invisible in my Gift Box. After refreshing the page there is no sign of it. Has anyone the same problem?

      2015-07-08 21:01:50 Sunflower22

Rozy, really agree with you about preferring simple cute animals without hats etc. Was pleased to get an owl and then realized they were mostly hats. Likewise the pirate kangaroos, you really have to hide these behind trees.

      2015-07-08 18:27:34 Rozy

i really hope this fruit can be used for more than just the vacation bear, i dont like all these dressed up animals so much :/ i wish there was a simple, cute polar bear, wild style

      2015-07-08 18:14:57 Sunflower22

Sorry just misposted. On the Paradise Islands, the amount of chef points you need to make Gold I this week just went down 3500 or so to 17000. Not from 23000 as posted before.

      2015-07-08 18:09:56 Sunflower22

The amount of chef points you need to make Gold I this week just went down to 17000 from 23000.