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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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Leather Machine

Level 14     30

 Angora Hair 

 Cowboy Hat 
 Leather Glove 
155 ↑13  +4000/p4000


 Cowboy Hat 
 Leather Purse 
80 ↑12  +400/p400

 Horse Shoe 

 Cowboy Hat 
 Leather Belt 
165 ↑17  +4000/p4000

 Hawaiian Fabric 

 Cowboy Hat 
 Leather Bag 
165 ↑17  +1000/p1000

 Light Blue Fabric 

 Cowboy Hat 
 Leather Barrette 
165 ↑17  +1000/p1000

 Pink Magnolia Flower 

 Cowboy Hat 
 Leather Wristband 
82 ↑16  +1240/p1240

 Cashmere Wool 

 Cowboy Hat 
 Leather Key Case 
190 ↑27  +8400/p8400

 Basilisk Lizard Skin 

 Cowboy Hat 
 Lizard Leather Belt 
99 ↑15  +3510/p

 Quiver Branch 

 Cowboy Hat 
 Leather Quiver 
80 ↑18  +1065/p

 Antelope Fur 

 Cowboy Hat 
 Antelope Vest 
153 ↑15  +6750/p

 Red Kangaroo Hide 

 Cowboy Hat 
 Kangaroo Leather Passport Wallet 
80 ↑7  +/p

Size: 2.25 x 1.75

Bonus EXP: 240

Sell Price: 1800

1800 coins


240 XP


3.9 units²



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      user 2014-09-10 01:31:44 tarkin13

@Mbkkm5...Thank You for the Heart Felt Representation! You are a True Friend who knows my history and of all...♥I get to know you♥ Friends:)All of my comments will have my LOGIN. Thank You

      2014-09-08 18:51:54 furious4z

i also know tarkin13 :) r u playing family barn on @mbkkm5

      2014-03-16 05:52:40 nivi

plz upgrade the aceivements in the game for this gear in roundgames

      user 2014-02-14 19:47:01

i dont think that is real tarkin 13 i know her and she would not ask that she knows how to look up stuff

      manager 2014-02-14 19:19:37 mooducky

i was just answering what you asked .... you asked what is this

      2014-02-14 17:44:46 Kaaha

@Tarkin13 you get it by collecting Sweethearts while harvesting trees and crops.

      2014-02-14 17:17:18 Tarkin13

@mooducky YES! I know that. BUT! How do you get it? :P

      manager 2014-02-13 21:22:11 mooducky

ummm a leather machine

      2014-02-13 20:33:58 Tarkin13

What is this? Please tell me! :)