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Giraffe Habitat

Level 15      4000      120

120 s

39 ↑19


Level 1
8 x

1 x
Level 2
15 x

1 x

1 x
Giraffe Basket
Level 3
15 x

1 x

1 x
Giraffe Basket

Salad Machine

Level 1

Jam Machine

Level 12

Sauce Machine

Level 15

Farmstyle Yogurt Machine

Level 19

Farmstyle Yogurt Machine

Level 1

Hummus Machine

Level 64

Farmstyle Yogurt Machine

Level 1

Salad Machine

Level 1

Spring Salad Machine

Level 1

Deep Fryer

Level 46

Salsa Machine

Level 18

Avocado Boat Machine

Level 1

Jelly Machine

Level 90

All-Swedish Meatball Machine

Level 41

Pasta Salad Machine

Level 1

Size: 3 x 3

Bonus EXP: 40

0 coins


40 XP


9 units²



 Your name (nick)
9. x 4 =   ?

      2017-09-15 09:16:57 patricia

2nd giraffe cost 12 RC total, 8 for slate, and 4 for basket

      2014-09-16 08:08:16 farmer12

is there a way to get this for free

      2014-01-12 10:46:25 Mariukos

I didn't lie! LOL :D

      2014-01-11 18:18:15 Tarkin13

@Mariukos: How? If you aren't lying, you would tell everyone. If not, everyone will know you are lying. >:P REMEMBER: YOLO! YOLO! YOLO!

      2014-01-11 14:00:46

@Mariukos : How ?

      2014-01-11 13:06:41 Mariukos

Yay I got third giraffe for absolutly free! :)

      2013-12-26 21:58:47 Farmmaiden

WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS SITE??? THEY STOPPED SHOWING US HOW MUCH RC THINGS REQUIRE OR WHAT??? HOW MUCH RC DOES THIS THING COST, folks???? I just had to spend 8 on a donut machine, another 10 on the pig habitat, now HOW MUCH FOR THIS??? I WILL NEVER HAVE ENOUGH FOR MY PONY!! grrrrr! The slate is 8!? HOW MUCH FOR THE BASKET????

      2013-08-18 05:59:57 Maria

If Slate needs 8 RC, how much RC is the Giraffe Basket?

      2013-04-28 16:26:07 Akki

With one giraffe in the habitat avocado will be ready in 120s, right? Or with all 3?

      2013-01-18 18:16:17 maxis11

@noname: On Facebook, you can buy this habitat for 4000 coins (available from 16 level).

      2013-01-18 16:31:08 noname

how can I get it? its not in the store neither on the right hand side of the screen below the red gift box

      user 2013-01-13 20:06:47 LadyMyst

Two ways to get this item - on the right hand side of your screen below the red gift box - that is where these habitats show up for me. If you have missed it and it disappeared go look into the store it should be there either under the Gear Animals tab or put giraffe into the search above the store tab. Simple really!

      2013-01-13 19:11:31 roro209

how can I get it please (roro209)

      user 2013-01-01 15:13:16 LadyBetis

I don´t understand, in the spanish version i got friends that are getting the Giraffe Habitat once they have completed the Blue Dinosaurs´ one... apparently they get it from the right side of the screen, the same way they gave the brown bear habitat few months ago... if someone can throw a light on this subject please, its kind of confussing.... and happy 2013 for everyone!!

      2012-12-22 10:26:38 Favole

Yes, the slate is 8RC

      2012-12-22 10:11:43 Tayma

Do we need RC to complete the first level ?

      2012-12-21 08:14:48 annie

how can I get it? its not in the market

      2012-12-15 11:53:30 su

mauvais top

      2012-12-13 00:31:21 mhnd


      2012-12-12 23:59:47 amir fares

not working yet

      2012-12-12 16:41:10 misu