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    Apricot Tree
   Acai Berry Tree
   African Cucumber Tree
   African Shea Tree
   Almond Tree
   Angel Trumpet Tree
   Apple Tree
   Arbutus Tree
   Argan Tree
   Ash Tree
   Avocado Tree
   Azalea Bonsai Tree
   Bael Tree
   Bamboo Tree
   Banana Tree
   Bay laurel
   Beach Plum Tree
   Beautyberry Tree
   Bergamot Tree
   Big Leaf Ginkgo Tree
   Big Leaf Mahogany
   Big Leaf Maple Tree
   Birch Tree
   Black Currant Bush
   Black Olive Tree
   Black Peppercorn Tree
   Bleeding Heart Flower Bush
   Blood Orange Tree
   Blue Java Banana Tree
   Blue Magnolia Tree
   Brazil Nut Tree
   Breadfruit Tree
   Bubble Tree
   Button Bush Tree
   Camellia Tree
   Camouflage Tree
   Cannonball Tree
   Capricorn Flower
   Cashew Apple Tree
   Cashew Apple Tree
   Cashew Apple Tree
   Cashew Tree
   Cherimoya Tree
   Cherry Tree
   Chestnut Tree
   Chocolate Tree
   Christmas Chestnut Tree
   Christmas Pawpaw Tree
   Cinnamon Tree
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 Christmas Snow
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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
Dorfleben - Dorfleben Küste - Informationen und Hilfe zum Spiel
Wiejskie Życie - Wiejskie Życie Nad Morzem - Wszystko na temat gry.
Super Ferme - Super Ferme Mini - Information et aide sur le jeu
Fazenda Feliz - Fazenda Feliz Pocket - Informações e ajuda sobre o jogo
المزرعة السعيدة - مزرعتنا السعيدة للموبايل - معلومات ومساعدة في اللعبة
Fattoria Felice - Funny Farm - Fattoria Felice al Mare - Informazioni e aiuto sul gioco
Vida en la granja - Vida en la Granja Marina - Información y ayuda en el juego.
Bizim Çiftlik - Bizim Çiftlik Sahil - Oyun hakkında bilgi ve yardım
Happy Land - ชีวิตในสวน - แฮปปี้แลนด์ชายทะเล - ข้อมูลและควา
開心莊園 -
Landleven - Informatie en hulp op het spel.
페밀리 농장 -

New Missions

Finding Fiona Part I
Tasha’s Jealous Tizzy
A Catering Catastrophe
Blast From the Past
Harp Seal Heroes
Ice Sculpture Championship
The Meaning of Christmas
William Becomes a Firefighter
Decorate your Christmas Tree
A Snow Monkey Miracle



Stoat Scarf
Stoat Kerchief
Carved Wooden Stoat
Knitted Stoat
Stoat Pattern
Stable Door
Vintage French Waistcoat
Camouflage Waistcoat
Rainbow Waistcoat
Zebra Print Waistcoat
Black Casual Waistcoat
Silver Waistcoat
Embroidery Waistcoat
Lava Imprint Waistcoat
Tweed Lapel Waistcoat
Golden Waistcoat
Reflective Waistcoat
Cowboy Waistcoat
Classic Navy Blue Waistcoat
Classic Burgundy Waistcoat
Waistcoat Model
Cotton Container
Thread Spool
Equestrian Waistcoat Machine Wheel
Equestrian Waistcoat Machine
Search and Rescue Pack
Fast Towel Machine
Delivery Stork Yellow Yarn
Delivery Stork Pink Yarn
Delivery Stork Mailbox
Delivery Stork Trough
Golden Crown Pacifier Necklace
Cute Feeding Bottle
Baby Happy Paper Bag
Sleeping Baby Pumpkin Totem
Candy Pacifier Cupcake
Pacifier Balloon
Knitted Pacifier
Delivery Stork
Baby Diapers
Penguin Bell Jar
Red Car Bell Jar
Sika Deer Bell Jar
Snowman Bell Jar
Snow Shovel
Purple Flower Paper Cutter
Purple Star Flower Bracelet
Glory-of-the-snow Flower Crown
Glory-of-the-snow Bead
Glory-of-the-snow Icecream
Glory-of-the-snow Flower Bouquet
Cupuacu Tree
Fast Muffin Machine
Classic Italian Tea Time
Italian Classic Biscotti Combo
Cupuacu Biscotti
Macadamia Nut Biscotti
Pistachio and Walnut Biscotti
Pumpkin Seed Biscotti
Pecan Biscotti
Hickory Nut Biscotti
Pine Nut Biscotti
Apricot Biscotti
Cherry Espresso Biscotti
Whole-Wheat Lemon Biscotti
Cinnamon Biscotti
Brown Sugar and Date Biscotti
Coconut Biscotti
Aniseed Biscotti
Chocolate Biscotti
Almond Biscotti
Rum-Soaked Biscotti
Raisin Biscotti
Biscotti Advertising Board
Biscotti Decor
Biscotti Machine Ingredients Container
Biscotti Machine Flour Container
Biscotti Machine
Cupcake Tower
Whelk Can
Whelk Kebab
Whelk Sashimi
Whelk Sushi
Freshwater Whelk
Baikal Seal
Sassy Sprinkles Whoopie Pie
Cinnamon Swirl Whoopie Pie
Sensational Strawberry Whoopie Pie
Moody Monster Whoopie Pie
Sweet Blueberry Whoopie Pie
Winsome Watermelon Whoopie Pie
Ravishing Red Velvet Whoopie Pie
Classic Chocolate Whoopie Pie
Marvellous Maple Whoopie Pie
Perky Pumpkin Whoopie Pie
Creamy Caramel Apple Whoopie Pie

Apricot Tree

Level 35     12

Apricot Tree

Tea Master

Level 45

Yogurt Machine

Level 22

Pie Machine

Level 32

Chocolate Fountain

Level 1

Valentine Chocolate Fountain

Level 1


Level 8

Colorful Pie Machine

Level 1

Fast Dehydrator

Level 3

Specialty Beer Machine

Level 38

Frozen Food Machine

Level 39

Yogurt Machine

Level 1

Yogurt Machine

Level 22

Nougat Machine

Level 45

Croissant Machine

Level 46

Fruit Vinegar Machine

Level 1

Fruit Vinegar Machine

Level 40

Sorbet Machine

Level 26

Specialty Cheese Machine

Level 20

Topstar Croissant Machine

Level 1

Danish Machine

Level 40

Fruit Syrup Machine

Level 120


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      2014-10-23 19:53:21 r_gamer

I am pretty sure I bought the Apricot Tree when it was on Sale. I do not think there are any missions where you can get it, although there might be something in the future (and I have no idea what the crazy monday mission is). Unfortunately, even if there was a mission where a Tree was a prize, you have no chance of getting it later unless they add that mission to the Classics - and they often change the prizes when they do that. I have noticed that when an upcoming mission requires something (a tree or a machine), that is usually when they put the related items on Sale. Good luck to you all. :)

      user 2014-10-23 12:58:51 salva

Anybody knows any way?

      2014-10-23 12:44:07 salva

please, another way to get it!!

      2014-01-14 11:01:53 laura rusu

i really need apricot,too much rc

      2013-10-11 20:36:17 LadyMyst

Can the Powers-that-Be here post the initial XP gained when planting new trees pretty please?

      2013-06-15 16:55:05 Rose


      2013-04-24 15:30:37

You can get it in the crazy monday mission.

      2013-04-24 12:20:21 rockerhell

is there anyway to ger apricot tree for free ?