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13 x 13Level 48144 + 25 = 169600 000
15 x 15Level 52196 + 29 = 225800 000
17 x 17Level 55256 + 33 = 2891 200 000
19 x 19Level 58324 + 37 = 3611 800 000
21 x 21Level 62400 + 41 = 4412 600 000
23 x 23Level 65484 + 45 = 5293 500 000
25 x 25Level 70576 + 49 = 6254 600 000
27 x 27Level 75676 + 53 = 7295 800 000
29 x 29Level 75784 + 57 = 8417 200 000
31 x 31Level 90900 + 61 = 9619 000 000


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      2014-10-09 03:29:59 sug2h

@nikic : If you leave the item in the warehouse, you can access your item from any garden, here is how: Scroll down the icons on the right of the screen until you see a red storage box. Put your mouse over it without clicking, and some options will appear. You choose the warehouse to have access to everything in it.

      2014-10-08 20:29:28 nikic

How do I get an item out of the warehouse on farm 2 and send it to farm 1 ?

      2014-09-11 06:09:48 sug2h

Hello @r_gamer : No you dont have to build a new warehouse. Scroll the items on the right of the screen to find a white and red storage box. Let the little hand over it for a second, and you will have access to warehouse, decoration warehouse, tree storehouse and farm fusor. ;) Hope that helps!

      2014-09-11 02:21:35 r_gamer

Do we have to build a new Warehouse and Tree Warehouse on the Garden Ranch to store things again? And is it possible to build a Tree Warehouse on the Garden Ranch instead, and still use it to store trees from the regular Ranch?

      2014-07-02 18:27:47 cut12345678

family barn please generate more RC

      2014-06-22 00:39:16 sug2h

@SnappySunshine I added you on ;) I do not fertilize plants often, but I usually send gifts daily. A tip to get more good neighbors: visit your friends, and see who fertilizes their plants.

      user 2014-06-21 22:31:00 SnappySunshine141

Hey everyone! I play on if you play on that site, please add SnappySunshine141 because I am a daily, active player that gifts and helps with market orders. I am on level 65 :)

      2014-06-21 11:09:02 mic

@Lisa be level 45 (not requried if you spend rc instead of coins) then click on the big hot air balloon on the side of your farm.

      2014-06-21 01:11:35 Lisa

How do I buy a second ranch?

      2014-06-05 05:05:30 Blossom

Please sale on Garden Ranch again.

      2014-03-05 14:22:50

@Apsara: This isnt possible. Only the items into the warehouse or treehouse can be moved. - Cheers Amy

      2014-03-05 10:53:03 Mohamed Eissa

@Apsara all you need is to scroll down on the right of your Screen , you will find shortcuts to both warehouse and tree house ( under Trade market )

      2014-03-05 10:04:29 Apsara

How does move warehouse and tree house to second ranch from main ranch? Becouse my warehouse and tree house present in main ranch. I want to move these 2items in to my second ranch. Plz help me.

      user 2014-02-20 18:20:21 sug2h

@sweet: there is a pond in the garden ranch to collect fish, shrimps and seaweed.

      2014-02-20 13:51:32 sweet

Plzzz anyone can tell.....

      2014-02-20 10:25:06 sweet

After unlocking the garden ranch can i buy more animals otherthan reguler ones?(rare animals usually not present in shop) And can i have more mission in farm club?

      2014-02-02 12:35:34 1pikefish

you cannot move any fertilizer from the main farm, just create a separate pile for the second ranch

      2014-02-02 10:16:01 MeadowCrossing

how can I fertilize plants in the second/garden ranch? Can I move fertilizer from the main ranch to the second ranch?

      2014-01-20 09:24:59 Mohamed Eiss

to transfer Trees from your ranch to the second ranch You must have Tree house it is simple as warehouse , put the tree in the tree house , go to the second ranch < open the tree house and here it is note that in transferring to tree house you loose the growth span elapsed so it is advisable to transfer after harvesting

      user 2014-01-04 04:16:17 AGB

Plus you are able to buy the kitchen, and salt pond, which will be needed in many upcoming missions.

      user 2014-01-04 03:27:44 shan6702

mcoffee I just bought the garden ranch and i got 110 plots on it. That was after moving the rock waterfall and the sign and light posts off to one side. It cost 900,000 for the garden ranch... and you get the cool pond as well off to the side.

      2014-01-04 01:22:05 mcoffee

if I did my math right, I would get 42 plots by expanding main ranch...or would I get more by buying the garden ranch?

      2013-12-31 13:46:38 scarlet

can somebody explain how to move trees from first to second? what is a tree shed? cant find it ,tnx

      2013-10-24 14:24:26

I have some questions. If i buy the garden ranch, i will still have my first farm? And should i save all my soils in the warehouse before moving? Thanks...

      2013-10-05 17:33:48 eh

      2013-08-20 10:36:37 bxfan

I cant see any "more options" on the right side of my second ranch? @reallydarkblue yes, it does operate from the water well on the home ranch.

      2013-08-10 13:47:49 reallydarkblue

Hello, Thank you astrocat2012 for your reply. I have another question about the garden ranch. If sprinklers are installed on the garden ranch, will they operate from the water well on the home ranch, or does the garden ranch require another water well purchase (with drill gear, water pump, etc.)? Please let me know. Thank you.

      2013-07-23 09:12:22 astrocat2012

reallydarkblue.... Yes, the second ranch and the garden ranch are the same thing. And also, crops at the garden ranch DO get transferred to the barn at the home ranch:) Hope I helped

      2013-07-23 05:33:46 reallydarkblue

Hello, Is the Second Ranch mentioned here the same as the Garden Ranch mentioned in the game? Also, do the crops harvested in this Ranch get transferred to the same Barn as the Home Ranch Barn? Please let me know. Thank you.

      2013-07-10 09:55:52 Tarkin13

Use the tree shed to move trees from main farm to Garden Ranch

      2013-06-08 00:09:14 Quiquiriqui

Family Farm: Never mind I found it!!!

      2013-06-08 00:05:49 Quiquiriqui

Family Farm: I have the warehouse, I still don't understand how to transfer items . . .

      2013-06-06 15:57:39 Big Hoss

is there going to be any more ranches after Garden Ranch?

      2013-06-06 08:30:06 Family Farm

The Warehouse doesn't cost RC.:)

      2013-06-06 08:23:39 Family Farm

If you pay warehouse you can store the items from the first ranch then you go to the second ranch you will see at the right side more Options Select wearehouse picture then place the items.

      2013-06-05 10:20:57 Quiquiriqui

How do you transfer items from the first ranch to the second?