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17 x 17Level 00256 + 33 = 28915 000
19 x 19Level 00324 + 37 = 36135 000
21 x 21Level 00400 + 41 = 44175 000
23 x 23Level 00484 + 45 = 529250 000
25 x 25Level 00576 + 49 = 625600 000
27 x 27Level 00676 + 53 = 7291 000 000
29 x 29Level 00784 + 57 = 8411 500 000
31 x 31Level 00900 + 61 = 9612 400 000
33 x 33Level 001024 + 65 = 10893 200 000
35 x 35Level 001156 + 69 = 12254 000 000


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      2015-12-09 01:25:53 Sauron

anyoaneknow wheen will be the epxansion from the farm low price ?

      2015-11-03 18:44:24 elicat

Thanks for the info sunflower! I hope the other sites will get one as well!

      2015-11-03 18:12:44 Sunflower22

Yes there was a facebook landsale on October 30th and 31st.

      2015-11-03 18:05:33 elicat

Did the facebook players recently get a sale on ranch expansions?

      2014-12-29 17:56:21 Cocioran Madalin Iul

I myself 35x35

      director 2014-09-10 16:15:44 mooducky

yes 35 is the biggest

      2014-09-10 11:30:48 workerbee

is the biggest expansion for home ranch 35x35 plots

      2014-09-10 01:01:56 mooducky

are you maybe at the biggest expansion for your farm .... as for your comment not posting you can not use an apostrophe in your post

      2014-09-10 00:56:21 workerbee

How come since I bought a yard expansion on my home farm I cant buy any more plant expansions I keep asking this question and I am not getting any answers, in fact my last comment was not even posted

      2014-09-07 07:45:50 CutiePie-17-

when will we able to use water ranch ???

      2014-08-16 09:41:52 Blossom

Badly need space now. Please sale on plots and yards on Agame.

      2014-07-03 09:55:49 diegoforlan

Im in lvl 47 my name is Diegoforlan ! :)

      2014-03-17 17:33:38 Tinc

i have 2 questions : 1. how can you make those small plots? i saw some afrms with very small plots and i dont know how they get it? 2. I saw some machines, animals even trees outside the ranch and was not the yard! they were on the bottom of the ranch outside for xample on my ranch is where its written "expand your ranch". again, how did they do it? Thank you so much in advance! :)

      2013-10-31 12:13:08 agb

Nevermind, I already figured it out.

      2013-10-31 12:00:06 agb

I have a question, In the store's section where you can buy extensions, can you buy anyone or does it have to be in order?

      2013-04-02 21:48:25 Lerura

Yes 17x17 means 17 plots by 17 plots. The only difference between farmland and yards is that you can't place plots in the yard. Each Yard expansion adds space for what equals 2 plots in each direction along the upper sides. Each Farmland expansion adds space for 1 plot more in each direction along the lower sides. - and makes eventual yard expansions equally longer.

      user 2013-04-02 21:45:10 mooducky

the 17 x 17 means if your farm is already 16 plots by 16 plots then it will increase it to 17 by 17 meaning that it add a row of plots to the bottom and right side of your farm... the yards add a width the size of 2 plots by 2 plots on the top of your farm and the left side of your farm BUT the yard can NOT have PLOTS just machines/ animals/ trees

      2013-04-02 19:58:31 Gema

Can anyone explain how these extensions work? by 17x17, do they mean 17 plots by 17 plots? and why some of the extension has a windmill on them? what is the difference between these and the yards? thanks!

      user 2013-03-14 04:19:44 LadyMyst

@bartmaz thanks! I was worried it was something along those lines, great won't waste my ranch cash then Cheers!

      director 2013-03-13 16:17:44 bartmaz

@LadyMyst Only one.

      user 2013-03-13 16:02:38 LadyMyst

Huh sorry about that but can only think to put this subject here because I can't find the info for what description I'm looking for... The FARM AIDES in particular the RAIN Cloud which costs 8RC it reduces your crop's time by 15%! What I want to know is: Is it a permanent item (i.e. many uses until you delete it by mistake LOL!) or is it a one time use only? Thanks for the reply - cu around the lovely farms Cheers!

      2012-11-06 09:03:43 ssdgh

oh this missions are kind of less