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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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      2017-01-06 11:27:06 Nikolina21

HaPpY NeW YeAr!!!!!!!!!!!

      2016-12-22 02:43:41 MeadowCrossing

steps for new mission "a very Merry Christmas" are found in the "Missions - description" tab. The "Gear" tab will take you to the bundt machine. The Christmas Elk is the other gift option for this mission and is under the "Animals" tab. It eats tree bark and produces antlers.

      2016-12-21 01:06:51

I believe the christmas elk is some kind of deer but not sure of what gives

      2016-12-21 01:05:09

I already have the partridge bird from a previous mission but I really dont know what is the christmas elk

      2016-12-21 01:03:37

A christmas peek A Boo Bunny is a reward in the christmas tree mission

      2016-12-21 01:02:22

where are the steps of the new mission "A very Merry Christmas"? where can I find what is needed for the new bundt cake machine and what is a christmas elk?

      2016-12-18 15:09:12 merlia

grenn coffee?

      user 2016-12-17 11:31:38 lauriekk13

Where can I find the Peek A Boo Bunny?

      2016-12-16 17:53:56 Tina

, where do you find Santa’s Headquarter

      2016-12-15 15:06:03 Sunflower22

The new farm event with the green coffee just came on facebook. Boy it has very few rewards. 2 gallons of gas, a little aquatic fertilizer and the big prize is a rain. Winning categories probably gives other prizes, but very few get those.

      2016-12-15 11:18:52 merlia

do you know about North Pole Extravaganza lvl 56??

      2016-12-14 22:34:28 Sunflower22

merlia, I would look at the German help page and use google translate

      2016-12-14 19:36:25 merlia

sunflower do you know about lvl 56?? i mean how much rc.. i only knw 7 for costa birds

      2016-12-13 19:44:35 Sunflower22

The Darryls Christmas Tree Revelations just showed up on the left side. Good news is that a Christmas Cow is a midpoint prize. Surprise is that the last step requires the candy apple machine if you are at the above 133 level to make the wreath to make the tractor.

      2016-12-12 22:57:43 Sunflower22

merlia the north pole mission started on last Thursday on Facebook in the US. Some of the other sites come later.

      2016-12-11 08:51:34 merlia

sunflower when this north pole misssion ll come :)

      2016-12-10 04:26:38 Sunflower22

On the new North Pole Extravaganza, make sure you also do the posting. I have finished all of the missions but still do not have enough hats to get the final Christmas Headgear Machine. With about 12 more post I should get it. By the way the other prizes are a watering can, a Christmas pawpaw tree and a Christmas peek a boo bunny.

      2016-12-09 01:45:44 toasty

Is there a classic mission that gives the Christmas chicken?

      2016-11-26 20:35:54 MeadowCrossing

sorry, senior moment...I play on Agame, not Plinga :)

      2016-11-26 17:50:42 MeadowCrossing

Thanks, Sunflower. I play on Plinga and it always takes longer for things to show up there. Good to know about the bugs being used in the workshop and beauty shop, and thanks for the heads up about the new mission :)

      2016-11-26 02:37:48 Sunflower22

Meadowcrossing, the new Hay to the Animals mission uses the Insect Inn items. The beautyshop and the workshop use some of the bugs. Probably worth building at least one and then just let them accumulate. Eventually you will probably need them for a mission.

      2016-11-26 00:33:47 MeadowCrossing

Where can we get the fothergilla tree?

      2016-11-25 21:09:41 MeadowCrossing

I have another question about the Insect Inn. What do we do with the insects produced? Just sell them, or are they also used to make something like the marble collected from the snail which is used in the workshop and beauty shop.I have not found anything which uses or exchanges them yet.

      2016-11-25 20:33:41 MeadowCrossing

Thanks, Sunflower!

      2016-11-25 17:43:26 Sunflower22

The insect inn is built with 40 sunflowers and 40 mushrooms. The ladybug is available immediately but you have to build a collection station. See preceding post for requirements.

      2016-11-25 17:39:29 Sunflower22

The Insect Inn is like the Marble Snail. You can have more than one depending on your level. You can collect Ladybugs, Stick Bugs and Dragonflies. The first collection station is 1RC and gifts, I think 10 insect inn yellow flowers and 10 insect inn blue flowers. The 2nd collection station is 15 yellow flowers , 15 blue flowers and 6RC. Unlocking the stick bug is 4RC, unlocking the dragonfly is 350 green vouchers or 3RC. Building the Insect inn is crops.

      2016-11-25 16:42:46 MeadowCrossing

does anyone have info on the Insect Inn? I began it and have the ladybug, but no info on what it does. Thanks :)

      2016-11-25 15:19:22 Sunflower22

IS there any reward for doing the Thanksgiving Greetings Cards for either the recipient or the giver? It looks like a pink peacock on the right side.

      2016-11-23 04:53:57 elicat

Most profitable crop is broccoli (30 coins profit) and it only takes 4 hrs to harvest.

      2016-11-22 13:41:51 A

Hi. Does anyone know what the most profitable crop would be and the most profitable product from machines? Thanks.

      2016-10-28 18:58:57 Jen

Where can I find a list of the levels in order for Paradise Island??

      2016-10-12 22:29:50 Cos

Hi! Is there another way of obtaining a pomegranate tree except for buying it from the shop for 10 RC? Thanks

      2016-10-12 03:01:00 elicat

Cos - the mission is called mandrill additions and you can find info on the mission itself when you click on the tab missions - description on the left side of your screen here on justysia

      2016-10-11 22:45:41 Cos

What is the name of the mission that is now on Plinga with monkeys Marty and Maddy? There are only 1 day to start it and i want to know about it ... Thanks in advance!

      2016-10-04 04:05:58 Khristjan

termita, no logro entender bien cual es el problema que tienes ya que hasta el momento no he visto que me pase algo similar y tengo mas de 2 años jugando. Luego puede que estes confundiendo misiones que tu puedes abrir cuando quieras a algunas misiones que aparecen automaticamente, ejemplo: actualmente la de la mantaraya aparecio automaticamente y no hay mucho que hacer sino cumplirla en el tiempo que el juego establece y punto. Y de paso te comento que preguntaste esto en el foro en Ingles, si quieres más y mejores respuestas puedes buscarla en el foro en Español. Saludos

      2016-10-04 03:12:04 termita

Bu@aaaaasaa alguien me puede explicar como es posible que la camara de comercio haga trampa y por eso puedas perder una mision bu@aa por esa trampa...voy a explicar mejor la cosa por aue estoy que reviento..bua....La camara me pide un pedido de plantar....en cuanto lo planto me abre una mision aue todavia no iba a abrir por que no tenia los materiales listo y estoy terminando otra mision..y esa camara me la abrio y ahora perdere esa mision por que me estan dando sietes dias...cuando tu la abres te dan catorce dias...bu@aaa y ahora quien podra desahacer lo que me ha hecho esa tramposa camara de comercio. Bu@aAAAA

      2016-09-25 03:01:08 Dally

You can not get the tree.. But you can get the squirrel habitat that gives hazelnuts

      user 2016-09-25 02:35:26 tina8778

how can i get a hazelnut tree?

      2016-09-24 19:04:57 Khristjan

Do anyone know what is happening with the Facebook server? The game after load 100%, keep trying to update the field and all the stuff, i tried with Firefox and IE, both have the same issue!

      2016-07-15 20:09:23

@Sunflower22 the goose hair pin we get when we act in a neighbours ranch used in crafting Flore McGoose in the new mission "summer beach decoration".You nees 12 goose haipin for each decoration

      2016-07-14 15:40:31 Sunflower22

elicat, thanks I had thought that was an ask for item.

      2016-07-14 11:11:06 coje605

Blue footed booby...from farm club Is it reward from WHICH mission? I dont remmeber it

      2016-07-14 04:16:00 elicat

sunflower - we can use them for the summer beach decoration mission (you need them when you want to make flora mcgoose)

      2016-07-14 00:04:29 Sunflower22

elicat, Thanks for the suggestion! Visiting another ranch fixed most of the problems. Anyone know why we get ducks for visiting other ranches and what we can use them for?

      2016-07-13 23:07:19 elicat

There is a way to make things work for the most part. FIRST GO TO SOMEONE ELSE HIS RANCH! Sorry it is in capitals, but this part is very important. Like visit the grandma ranch, then come back to your own ranch by clicking on the white house icon. Most of the things should be working again after you come back. You can access your market order through the red book (mission center) if your truck is there. If your truck is due somewhere in the future, you can go to your team farm and click on the adventure map. You can see your order there when you click on the green link. The air balloon should work again as well, you should be able to harvest and plant... Hope this helps!

      2016-07-13 22:30:34 Khristjan

Facebook game is messed up! So will wait for everything got recover and the giveaways they will give us! :-D

      2016-07-13 21:39:55 Cos

plinga servers are down ...

      2016-07-09 09:33:17 Carro

@tigress74 - Thanks for the offer, but I do not play on Facebook so I can not add you. :-(

      user 2016-07-09 05:51:22 tigress74

CARRO: you ae welcome to add me and go through my friends list i have a lot of good neighbors

      2016-07-09 00:19:56 Carro

After cleaning my neighbours list I need som new daily gifter friends. I am playing on Plinga. Does anyone have any suggestions on good neighbours to add?