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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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Tasha’s Magical Message Part I 50+
Pssst…farmer! It’s me, Max the Painted Stone Gnome…No one knows this but I come alive every night to keep my eyes on the farm. Last night I saw something extraordinary!
1. It was a beautiful night, the moon shining bright. Tasha was sound asleep in her bed until a trumpet sound woke her up. She followed the sound and it led her to…

Plant 25 Cranberry
800 50 
2. A BEAUTIFUL Angel Trumpet Tree. When Tasha got closer to it, out flew a little fairy blowing her golden trumpet. “Do not be afraid “she said” I bring you good news!”

Have a Angel Trumpet Tree on your farm

Feed Green Lettuce to your White Alpaca to produce 25 Alpaca Hair
800 50 Super Watering Can
3. The Fairy continued “Only mythical creatures and one at a time can hear my trumpet” That means this message is for YOU!” The fairy handed Tasha a golden scroll.

Harvest 4 Angel Trumpet Flower from your Angel Trumpet Tree

Produce 25 Alpaca Toy in your Toy Machine
800 50 
4. The golden scroll said Tasha’s BIGGEST wish would soon come true if only she promised to visit the fairy in the Angel Trumpet tree every day for one month.

Feed Cranberry to your Keel-billed Toucan to produce 25 Keel-billed Toucan Feather

Produce 4 Angel Trumpet Flower Essential Oil in your Essential Oil Machine
800 50 Super Fertilizer
5. Tasha agreed and was so excited about her wish coming true. She tried to run back into the house to tell Granny but the house was had vanished. She started to cry for HELP!

Harvest 25 Grape

Produce 25 Toucan Feather Hat in your Hat Machine
800 50 
6. But before she knew it, Granny was shaking Tasha awake in her bed. Tasha woke up thinking it was all a dream but it wasn’t farmer…I saw it all with my own beady eyes.

Produce 4 Apple Angel Holiday Holiday Truffle in your Holiday Truffles Machine

Produce 25 Raisin Bread in your Fruit Bread Machine
800 50 Purple Moonlight10 
7. The fairy must have accidentally sprinkled confusion dust on her. We have to find a way to jog Tasha’s memory so her BIGGEST wish can come true. Aha, I’ve got it.

Produce 5 Strawberry Salt Water Taffy in your Salt Water Taffy Machine

Craft a Purple Fairy Light Jar in your Workshop(Find Purple Moonlight in your Giftbox)
800 50 
8. Give Tasha the Golden scroll she dropped outside last night and show her the Angel Trumpet Tree. Great job farmer, it’s working…stay tuned for that surprise!

Ask 6 Golden Scroll from your neighbor
800 50 



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