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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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Trick-or-Squeak 41+
Witches do NOT like Halloween. In fact, we hate it! Pesky children dressing up and hunting for sweets! This year we have a plan though; A plan I like to call Trick-or-Squeak!
1. There isn’t much time! As we speak, smelly little children are getting ready to come here, to our doorstep, for candy! Ha, aren’t they in for a wickedly delectable surprise!

Harvest 40 Grapes
100 10 
2. If it’s a treat they want, a treat they’ll get! Not just any ordinary treat though. These will be wicked treats brewed in my very own Witchy way. Bring out the Cauldron!

Collect 10 Nectar from your Butterfly Home

Produce 10 Ghoulish Grape Cotton Candy in your Halloween Cotton Candy Machine
120 12 
3. My dear as you may have already guessed, a Cauldron is a Witch’s best friend. We use it for everything from making simple stew, to brewing up wickedly evil potions!

Harvest 10 Coconuts from your Coconut Tree
150 15 
4. Eeehehehe, our first Trick-or-Squeak guests have finally arrived! A "love" treat for you, and one for your little friend too! Don’t be afraid, these treats are a mouse-have!

Produce 10 Cob Web Cotton Candy in your Halloween Cotton Candy Machine
180 18 Pumpkin House
5. *POOF* Oh no! Look what we did! It seems our mouse guests are no longer children, they’re just itty-bitty RODENTS! Now where did they scurry off to?

Find the 2 children mice
200 20 
6. Remember now, we must be on our best behavior! Ooo and what do we have here? Oh my darlings you look magnificent! Come in and help yourself to some yummy Halloween treats!

Harvest 60 Green Lettuce
220 22 
7. Eeehehehe! Soon our plan will be complete and this town will be free from those no-good, rotten, filthy, CHILDREN! Get your broomsticks ready Witches; the time to fly is near.

Produce 10 Boogeyman Cotton Candy in your Halloween Cotton Candy Machine

Craft 2 Witch’s Brooms in the Workshop
240 24 
8. Double, double toil and trouble, fire burn and Cauldron bubble! Eye of Newt and tongue of Bat, Ostrich Feather and Fur from Cat! Eeeheheh, more, more, MORE!

Feed Goji Berry to your Bat Habitat and produce 10 Bat Blood
260 26 
9. Now what potion did WE end up with? Wait, don’t tell me! Everyone drink it together! Open your mouths and close your eyes, what we taste is a big surprise!

Produce 10 Bat’s Blood Cotton Candy in your Halloween Cotton Candy Machine
280 28 
10. A toast to you, the best in the West! *Burp* That tastes, well, funny my darlings. What was it? It was WHAT! Who added Mulled Wine to the pot?

Produce 70 Mulled Wine in the Hot Drink Machine
300 30 
11. What in the Witch is happening!? My skin turns black, my hair grows thick; Oh what a world! Who would have thought that our own potions could destroy us!

Craft 3 Black Dye in the Workshop
320 32 
12. It was the children who were supposed to turn into mice, not us! This won’t stop us, you hear me? Even Witch Mice can be wicked, Squeeehehehe! Squeak, Squeak!

Ask for 15 Mouse Witch Hats from your Neighbors
340 34 



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      2018-06-12 21:10:17 Paradiseisland

While that is correct most players do not have 60 RC to spare. If I do the mission I would pick the Wicked Unicorn, if you have the other two things you can get the points in the farm club.

      2018-06-12 05:56:13

i think we should choose trick or treat pony because we can get wicked unicorn from farm club for 60 rcs !!!!!

      2018-05-30 06:18:26

which one to choose ?

      2017-08-09 16:01:30 kawaii

dont u thnk the choices r so good and u want both

      2016-02-13 05:12:58 Sally

The only way to refuse a goal is to pay Rc to skip it

      2016-02-12 23:36:10 Rawryvie

I need the option to refuse to make one or two Goals please please.

      2015-11-06 13:47:53 blossom

In any case, I still have to build that one.

      2015-11-06 13:47:04 blossom

@sally, I came to know from you.

      2015-11-05 22:25:18 moon

@Lerura: Thank you! Ive been able to find it!

      2015-11-05 00:59:42 Lerura

@moon: the halloween cotton candy machine is currently available in the market

      2015-11-04 23:51:55 moon

I dont have a Halloween Cotton Candy Machine.How can I get it?I cant find it in the store :(

      2015-11-04 20:10:44 sally

what machine is new? the halloween cotton candy is from last year

      2015-11-04 15:47:08 blossom

lol!!!! build a new machine for classic mission....strange...

      2015-10-30 05:57:29 blossom

bats eat goji berry not guava!!!

      2015-10-29 20:34:05 Sunflower22

The wicked Unicorn is now available from a classical mission. No need to use 15 purple tickets.

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