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Zodiac Workshop 1+
elp the squirrels craft Zodiac Decorations and earn Stardust. Exchange your Stardust for awesome REWARDS one after the other! Earn more and exchange more!
our work stations are full now! Wait until squirrels are ready for another Zodiac Decoration, or build a new work station!
our work stations are full now! Wait until squirrels are ready for another Zodiac Decoration!



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      2014-12-11 00:16:58 r_gamer

I had enough to get the first 3 prizes, and I would have had enough to get the Blue Deer if I kept working, but my computer died. I was waiting to get all 4 prizes at the same time, and so now I do not have any, and I am very bummed out… :(

      2014-12-08 19:24:41 Rose

it took me 12 gemini, 5 aquarious and 5 libra, i finally got the deer! :D

      2014-11-26 10:27:35 paipai

thank you wee777!

      2014-11-25 18:44:52 blossom

Very nice mission. I aimed to get two of each and am about to get another blue deer too. I wish they give more such missions. I love family barn. :-)

      2014-11-25 16:33:48 wee777

you have to buy the wheel first, then the well will become available

      2014-11-25 15:27:47 paipai

must i buy the wheel first to get the chance to buy the well? I have over 100 points now but only the chance to buy the wheel. the well is still "grey".

      2014-11-23 11:37:19 Rose

i only make libras, aquarious and gemini. but ive got that beautiful well, i really want to get to the deer. great mission, all the prizes are beautiful.

      user 2014-11-23 01:04:48 louise82b

The Star Ferris Wheel sells for around 240 coins and the Glow Stick Machine for 120 or 140 coins may as well get something to show for all our hard work lol

      2014-11-22 21:55:32

You get nothing extra if you collect all 12 of them ... I even put them on my farm :( Nothing happened (but they are cute)

      2014-11-20 14:30:06 Sunflower22

furious, you can make any of the zodiac creatures as many times as you like as long as you have the ingredients.

      2014-11-20 12:02:31 furious4z

i think its faster than regular one @pashket

      2014-11-20 12:01:33 furious4z

can we make a single sign more than 1 time or not ....????plz tell must

      2014-11-19 18:46:03 pashket

this machine is faster than regular one or not?

      2014-11-19 01:46:58 farmer56

Is there any bonus price if we make all 12 zodiac signs?

      2014-11-17 15:08:29 Sunflower22

While you can not, for instance keep exchanging for the firefly well, it does wrap around. After you get all 4 items, you then start over again and can get in order the Ferris Wheel, the firefly well, etc. I was planning on having a lot of firefly wells, but at least I will get more than one and the other duplicates can sit in my gift box.

      2014-11-17 06:55:45 furious4z

mine is gemini...can i make things other than gemini or not????and is it coming to ggg/other sites?????? tell me must plzzzzzz

      2014-11-17 06:24:09 kentaxit

My Zodiac is virgo and I dont have candy machine to make virgo tin this Quest, so sad

      2014-11-16 21:36:26 Incindra

Yes, Aries is best time versus stardust gained, but needing 30 wheat (for wool) plus 10 cornflower, 10 blue rose, and 10 forget-me-nots (for the blue dye) given the time needed to grow those crops. Personally it is impossible to keep up production for me. The 4 hours needed to grow the rosemary and 40 needed...that I can keep up with....

      2014-11-16 20:08:35 sharky

if u r on fb version of the game then Aries will be the best - 3 stands will gave 12 points each hours, automation will give you 72 while u r sleeping 6 hrs

      user 2014-11-16 19:02:28 louise82b

Will this mission come to the other sites like ggg,agame plinga etc

      2014-11-16 16:58:37 ChiSoxFan

@tintarella You get Birch Sap from the Birch Tree ...

      2014-11-16 15:35:00 tintarella

how to harvest Birch sap please?

      2014-11-14 19:37:13 Incindra

Yes, it is now on FB, there are squirrels that make things using various items. You get one free squirrel and can, of course, spend RC for more...Each takes a different amount of time and gives slightly different amounts of "stardust". The Libra one seems like the best to me since i have an overabundance of bamboo (for the baskets) and wood and rosemary only takes 4 hours to grow....40 rosemary, 1 bamboo basket, and 3 wood takes 2 hours and gives 6 stardust. Only need 410 stardust to get all 4 items *rolls eyes* gonna take a while...

      director 2014-11-14 18:43:00 mooducky

no it is in the us version of family farm on facebook there is a scorpion icon to start it on the right side

      2014-11-14 18:09:35 CutiePie-17-

this mission is in chinese i think its a cinese version :|

      2014-11-13 21:22:50 Sunflower22

The prize is a Martian Reindeer, actually a blue deer. Also a well that gives fireflies and a glowstick machine and a dd - dumb decoration Ferris wheel. It is like the bunny factory mission.

      2014-11-13 19:15:08

This translates to: Zodiac workshop Help the squirrel to complete the production of distinctive constellation jewelry to earn Stardust , after which you can use Stardust redeem awesome rewards! Workstation is now full ! You can choose to wait for the squirrel ready to go make another constellation jewelry, or you can set up a new workstation ! Workstation is now full ! Need to wait for the squirrel ready to go make another constellation jewelry!

      2014-11-13 12:57:16 kentaxit

this quest will have english (or facebook) version? Or not

      2014-11-13 12:49:36 furious4z

or what???????

      2014-11-13 12:49:05 furious4z

is it japanesse or chinese version ????justlike arab darryl mission????

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