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Collect Sand Dollars
Get Sand Dollars by harvesting Water Crops! Remember your Sand Dollar Storage is limited and you have to upgrade to store more.
You will now randomly get a surprise when harvesting Water Crops! It’s Sand Dollar! The more you harvest the more Sand Dollars you get! You can use Sand Dollar to trade for 4 different rewards, or you can buy the 4 rewards directly with RC! You will get a Halloween Werewolf after collecting all 4 rewards!



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      2014-11-17 06:49:02 Wee777

@rgamer: cost 60 Rc at

      2014-11-14 20:08:08 r_gamer

Does anyone know how much the Werewolf will cost if you do not get all 4 rewards?

      2014-11-07 22:44:06 Paradiseisland

Just got my werewolf, have 150 plots, dry house with 150 fire,only 20 sprinklers, thus not enough to make a difference. grew crops that took between 4 and 8 hours.

      2014-11-07 06:21:57 Carro

The mission can be done. I got my werewolf some days ago. I have 204 plots with sprinklers (200) and mostly planted 8-hours plants, lotus and water chestnut (as they fit my working/sleeping time).

      2014-11-06 21:02:06 mic

Without any pay at last stage? That wont work, you can store only 100 and try to collect 170, buy one expansion and be really fast now.

      2014-11-06 20:28:50 Tarkin13

Im at last stage, but have planted without any pay at all. Is there something amiss in Line of Code after a certain date or something? That once Halloween items are out of store, then Sand Dollars evaporate? I know...just venting...

      2014-11-06 20:26:10 Tarkin13

YEAH!?! Where Are the Sanddollars?!?!?! I have planted wide arrays of differing plants, huge amounts of same and come up diddly squat. Is this just an RC Ploy? We...especially Sharky are all big farm daily players. Not cool Plinga.

      2014-11-04 18:14:35 sharky

it looks like the mission imposible, I have my work and dont realy have that time to keep plant and harvest every 2 hours, they want us to pay for RCs, hhhhhhhhhh forget and forgive, i got the bird and give up, thanx Dariyasha for the advice

      2014-11-04 11:37:39 Dariyasha

It is unreal. From 2 harvests I got 1 sand dollar. About what are they thinking? How it is possible to finish? What we must do? Leave our work and sitting near computer collecting every our SD.

      2014-11-02 12:08:23 Mehboob

harvest 2 hour crop than you are able to complete this-----Sharky

      2014-10-30 11:18:07 sharky

Did anyone have a tip for this miss, cant collect the requiered number I do accept and add you Madalina 2 days ago (if i am not appeared on your list please send me another one)

      2014-10-28 11:39:03 Madalina

This is why I said it was a lucky day for me :)) I have sent you a request ages ago and as I wrote I can`t send again :( so please send me one when you will read this :) thanks in advance Sharky :)

      2014-10-27 20:30:42 sharky

hi madalina, so so sorry for this, i rarely go outside the game, i am on agame and gamesgames, happy to add you if you like this and can help you in many ways

      2014-10-27 10:00:36 Madalina

no Tavia :) I play on ;) I don`t have a fb account

      2014-10-27 04:05:17 Paradiseisland

The fourth one is fertilizer for your water ranch, thus not a decoration. However it is annoying, as I now have 150 plots, but fire of only 120, thus trying to keep up is annoying, as it leaves 30, which you got come back and dry or trade. Might do an up grade, which will cost RC. As for collecting I am doing alright, I will soon have enough for the bird. However I do have a lot happening, thus will not be able to do as many harvests.

      2014-10-26 22:08:14 tavia

Madalina are you playing on Facebook?

      2014-10-26 21:46:22 Madalina

pff I forgot to write down my user name :) MadalinaTeleman

      2014-10-26 21:45:10 Madalina

Sharky is a lucky day that you post here :) are you kind enough to look up in your notifications? :) I have sent you some ages ago a request and still no answer..I also wrote you on the common wall and again nothing...unfortunately the game doesn`t allow me to send any invite for you :)

      2014-10-26 20:44:30 sharky

I am playing this for almost 3 years now, realy it is the most annoying collection contest ever, the water ranch is new and limited with the dryer, no trees to collect and realy think without doupt that the new company trying to force the players to pay for RCs, too bad - no one can complete this mission fairly, i got the bird and stoped trying more, the other items are decoration

      2014-10-18 21:13:45 Paradiseisland

Not sure on the first two prizes, but the bird gives some type of feather, as shown above. I have now increased to 120 plots, and the fire is 120, might leave it at that. I have 20 with reed, but I do not think that will help much.

      2014-10-18 14:48:28 Sunflower22

Of course now I am limited by the drying house. I have done a couple of upgrades but really do not want to spend more RC. It would have been better to just have a simple mission to introduce the water ranch with a prize rather than this. I think the arch and the cabin are just decorations. But you will have to get them to get the werewolf.

      2014-10-18 08:26:21 r_gamer

Yeah, I have never had much luck with collection missions… Does anyone know yet what the first 3 "prizes" are (and what they do, if anything)? I am currently only on the first expansion of the Water Ranch; I mainly got it for the Duck! ;) (And at least I was able to put a couple of my Warehouse items there too… :)) I am not really motivated to expand or otherwise work on the Water Ranch, and have not even gotten the Water Buffalo for that task yet… I really, really want the Halloween Werewolf, but this is gonna be hard!!!!! :(

      2014-10-18 05:25:19 kentaxit

I have 105 water plots and I plant water spinach (4h) and when harvest I collected 8 token, I think this crop is good choice.

      2014-10-18 03:04:45 Paradiseisland

Yes I did think of that Sunflower, and I still might move some animals that I have on the water to my other ranches that have empty pond squares. However not everyone has the maximum expansion, I only just this morning increased to 13X13 I need another 7000 greenery to get the next one. And my drying house has a limit of 150 crops and fire of 120, unless I spend RC on an up grade.

      2014-10-18 01:49:54 Sunflower22

You can put pond squares somewhere, maybe the garden part of your water ranch. Then move all of the water ranch animals,machines, decorations, and aqua house there. It will let you have more water crop squares. The only items that have to stay on the water crop squares are the submarine???? and the drying house. With that and the maximum expansion of the water ranch I think you can have 244 squares of water crop squares. Of course then the drying house is the limit.

      2014-10-17 23:22:35 froufrou04

I like the prizes especially the super water fertilize.But with so few water-plots,without greenhouses or trees,its gonna be a tough mission indeed

      2014-10-17 22:40:44 Paradiseisland

Besides there is also no trees to collect from...

      2014-10-17 22:39:21 Paradiseisland

I am not sure that I would get them all it depends on the drop rate, if it is the same for other collection ones, then I will not get there. Since it is only water ranch, and that is new, I would think people do not have that many plots. I just increase to 80 plots, may go to 100. It is not like I will have over 300 to 400 plots, Which is minimum for other collections.

      2014-10-17 22:16:04 tarkin13

ok..I see..I panned down a bit too soon to look at the prizes& missed the game Collection mission! nice:) we get to win em all:)

      user 2014-10-17 22:12:25 tarkin13

ooohhh...Hard choice...have to choose the the bird is not a seasonal item. May have to wait another year for the wolf. As it is, we have not been offered the Halloween Pumpkin Head Steer, Halloween Pumpkin Head Pig, or Halloween Sheep(witch hat) since original offering. Bird will most likely be offered again and appear in farm club.

      2014-10-17 16:00:29 Madalina

and we will milk this one instead? :)))

      2014-10-17 14:05:15 1pikefish

oooooooooooooooops I thought it is a cat but it is possible is a wolf (werewolf) ? :)

      2014-10-17 12:54:40 Madalina

Pikefisk are you talking about a catfish ?? :))))))))))

      2014-10-17 12:20:39 blossom

Whats the hut? A shop?

      2014-10-17 12:15:36 1pikefish

milking the cat?:)

      2014-10-17 09:29:57 mido


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