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Dalmatian Beauty Collection
A lonely Dalmatian Puppy, covered in spots sees another group of puppies playing and wants to join, but she is shy and hesitant to introduce herself. She finally gains the courage to approach them, but the other puppies spot her and laugh because she is different! She is a Dalmatian, covered in Black spots - something other dogs don’t have. Upset, she walks away, looking for help to hide her spots and be normal like the other dogs. Can you help her look beautiful?!
Crafting accessories in the Beauty Shop will give you 1 Beauty Point for every 1 XP you earn. Once you get 200 Beauty Points, you can collect a Dalmatian Beauty Product from the Dressing Table.
Collect all the Dalmatian Beauty Products from any 1 single row to get the lovely Dalmatians reward. If you get all 32 Dalmatian Beauty Products, you will win an extra reward!



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      2014-09-15 09:58:36 r_gamer

First off, that is stupid that you lose "overflow" points. Secondly, does anyone know yet how much it will cost to get the Lovely Dalmatians reward if you do not complete a full row? I am debating about buying out a row of products vs. just waiting for it to time out…

      director 2014-09-06 19:33:20 mooducky

yes that is how it work if you go over the 200 you lose the points .. and it is random as to what product you get

      2014-09-06 16:51:17 farmer56

OK, maybe those who already completed this challenge or are more advanced can explain this to me... I just started it and see couple of grey areas. 1. I had 193 points, collected another item for 12 bringing total to 205, after I collected the beauty product it was zeroed out (basically I lost 5 points) 2. when it came to collecting a product was randomly assigned, I could not choose the row, that means I might need to collect 29 beauty products to get Dalmatian habitat. Is that how this challenge works?

      2014-09-06 14:44:48 Blossom

The golden beauty shop is not a great reward. we have to harvest it in 24 hours to get only 20 coins and it takes up space on the farm. better if they give us tree, grove, animal or some machine in the future. or might be a gallon of gasoline.

      director 2014-09-05 10:28:05 Amy

@Alone-Girl: Shorten to 100 and it will be costs all together 8 RC

      2014-09-05 10:07:54 -Alone-Girl-


      2014-09-04 19:19:58 -Alone-Girl-

how much we can shorten ??? and what will be its cost plz tell........

      2014-09-02 02:27:39

I dont like this type of mission,it is tough

      2014-09-01 16:41:10 1pikefish

as soon as you buy the dressing table from the store you can start the puppy mission :)

      2014-09-01 12:31:15 Paradiseisland

Just keep trying as it has been on Gamesgames for a few days not opening, however it is working now, just started

      2014-09-01 08:15:20 bazz

how can i open this?

      2014-09-01 03:53:55 MSEBC


      2014-09-01 03:52:05 M.S

Golden beautyshop reward 20 coins. It takes 24 hrs to harvest. Great reward.

      2014-09-01 02:12:35 Sunflower22

I just got the golden beauty shop. I had to collect 4x8 or 32 beauty products. There were no useless excess beauty prizes in any of the rows. I will let you know what the golden beautyshop gives tomorrow night as a reward.

      2014-08-30 23:29:09 Paradiseisland

I a not just going to do candles, you can make stuff that will take longer and come back later. Not sure that I will go for the full 32 anyway. But I am preparing while the icon is there but can not be opened.

      2014-08-30 16:36:30 mic

That would take what, 1088 ivory candles for the full 32? Whoa, better start preparing some stuff.

      user 2014-08-28 15:41:54 Afn5

Just like @mooducky said u will need a browser that runs flash player and for android u can get Dolphin Browser, i used to play the game using this browser

      director 2014-08-28 15:33:27 mooducky

you can play this game on a phone but it is really hard to move around on the phone .... You need to get a browser app that will run flash player ... I got one for my iphone puffin web browser ... there is a free version but you can only use the free version between 8 am - 4pm... so I am not sure what app they have for android

      2014-08-28 14:25:59 shannyshan001

I have the icon to start this challenge but it will not open. Is it because the monkey mission is still running?

      2014-08-28 13:50:57 Blossom

what does the golden beauty shop do?

      2014-08-28 13:31:26 bazz

what are this

      2014-08-28 07:55:05 Saddy

how can i play this game on facebook with my phone?android 4.3 can run this game?ty

      2014-08-28 05:10:34 Sunflower22

To be clearer, I understand that once we get one full row we get the dalmatians. To get the golden beauty shop do we just need to collect 32 times or will it be more than that because some of the rows fill up and then additional beauty items for that row do not move us forward?

      2014-08-28 05:07:36 Sunflower22

You can craft the same accessory over and over. I have a great deal of rose water at this point. Does anyone know if we just need to collect 32 times i.e. 4 times 8 or are we going to need to make more because some of the rows fill up and then additional beauty items for that row do not move us forward?

      user 2014-08-28 02:59:01 Afn5

Do i have to craft different accessories???, Can i just craft one accessory and keep crafting it on and on?

      director 2014-08-28 00:17:39 mooducky

not sure what the golden beauty shop gives.. i just know it is collectable .. so not sure if it gives coins, fruit, or something else

      2014-08-27 20:32:17 Sunflower22

I would like a jewelry shop and more Pegasus making jewels. The dragon is pretty cute although not that profitable and they could do more with dragons, perhaps dragon scales? They could also do a lumber mill and more types of wood producing trees. Any word about what the golden beauty shop yields?

      2014-08-27 20:05:19 1pikefish

Madalina it seems game creators running out of ideas. So, the next mission will be probably named "PET SEMATARY". Can they come up with different reward? :( :(

      2014-08-27 19:36:40 imma giving pioneer

looks like you get the dalmations one line and the golden beauty shop if you get them all

      2014-08-27 17:35:22 MadalinaTeleman

Pikefish are you sad???

      2014-08-27 17:34:26 MadalinaTeleman

in my opinion that golden beauty shop may be the extra reward and if is so sure will work as a beauty shop :))Mooducky what can you tell us about this mission and its rewards? ;)

      2014-08-27 17:00:32 AyumiY

What does that Golden Beauty Shop do?

      2014-08-27 13:11:40 1pikefish

Madalina Next will be probably a taxidermy shop or something :(

      2014-08-27 12:07:06 MadalinaTeleman

1pikefish can you see what we are going to do next? we all be Cruella Deville :)) we will peel out skins from the poor dalmatians :))

      2014-08-26 22:41:58

the extra reward will be probably a grove or something like thet

      2014-08-26 22:40:15 froufrou04

as I can see the reward is a dalmatian puppy habitat that gives darmatian skin!At least is a new prize

      user 2014-08-26 18:50:38 JenLK

Do we get to keep the dressing table or will it go when we get the puppies?

      2014-08-26 18:27:49 pik

what is the extra reward ?

      2014-08-26 18:11:16 pik

you next shorten to 145 with 3 rc and then to 100 with 4 rc . So you need 9 rc to shorten all the way to 100

      2014-08-26 17:40:51 Sameyo

This is tough !

      2014-08-26 15:06:01

↓not puppys house, the Dressing Table

      2014-08-26 15:03:14

I guess that we are gonna need maybe 3RC to place the puppys house.Participation fee for this mission.

      2014-08-26 14:03:55 Sunflower22

If you already have the beauty shop I do not think this requires RC. One upgrade to performance is 10,000 coins and then the next upgrade is 2RC. But you do not have to get the second upgrade.

      2014-08-26 12:45:22 sammi

does this mission require any RC...?

      2014-08-26 11:46:19 1pikefish

what puppy give?

      2014-08-26 11:33:58 CutiePie-17-


      2014-08-26 10:21:08 mido

it will be a tough one

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