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Samurai Darryl and Lobster
Good morning farmer, I bring you exciting news! Yesterday I was Darryl, simple farm-boy! Today I am Darryl, super Samurai! Join me on my quest and you too can become a Samurai!
1. I’ve been training to be a Samurai for YEARS! Well, more like 3 days but still, that’s a long time when you’re 8! First lesson? How to eat like a Samurai!

Plant 40/60 Rice

Harvest 40/60 Rice
2. Aha! But in order to eat like a TRUE Samurai we must catch food like one! Are you ready? Your first test is to catch 10 Lobsters in the Lobster Pond using only your bare hands!

Have a completed Lobster Pond on the farm

Catch 10 Lobster from the Lobster Pond
3. Ah yes, very good young Samurai and not a scratch on you! For this next test you must chop these Watermelons mid-air! If you succeed you shall earn your first Samurai Sword!

Harvest 60/80 Watermelon

Ask for 5/8 Samurai Sword
4. Wow! Nice work! Hey, do you have a watch farmer? Great! A true Samurai can make Sushi Rolls in record time! Pass this next test and you will be well on your way to greatness!

Produce 60/90 Egg Sushi in the Sushi Machine

Produce 40/60 Lobster Sushi in the Sushi Machine
5. At last, this final test will combine all your skills! Collect some Sakura while blindfolded and you will officially earn the right to be called Samurai {0}!

Harvest 20/25 Sakura from the Sakura Tree

Ask for 8/12 Blind Fold
6. Yippy, you did it! You officially made Samurai status! This calls for a celebration! Until next time farmer! Too-da-loo!

Produce 80/120 Salmon Sushi in the Sushi Machine

Produce 80/120 Camel Cheese in the Cheese Master
Level 70-/70+


Level 70-4.160 + 60 → 60
60 → 60
Level 70+4.190 + 90 → 90
90 → 90
Level 70-4.240 + 40 → 40
Level 70+4.260 + 60 → 60
Level 70-6.1 80 + 80 → 80
80 → 80
Level 70+6.1 120 + 120 → 120
120 → 120
Level 70-6.2 80 → 80 → 80
Level 70+6.2 120 → 120 → 120
Level 70-40601808080
Level 70+6090270120120


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      2016-08-02 18:00:28

for some time now there is also a classic mission that gives kangaroo kick boxing the "oktoberfest

      2016-08-02 03:11:07

you were right, Frou... Boxing Kangaroo about to be offered now... 2016!

      user 2014-10-16 15:39:21 froufrou04

I really cant answer your question...You see I got heron from previous mission and I used it to get sunflowers in farm club.I still keep the kick-boxing kangaroo in my yellow goftbox...I only know that Plinga repeats rewards...this is the 1st time for kangaroo kick-boxing so probably they are gonna give it in another mission

      2014-10-15 19:13:29 r_gamer

Thank you froufrou04! I never did get the Heron from the earlier mission, and I do have a Firefly Bush. Are you suggesting to get the Heron instead if you do not have it, or should I just go for the Kangaroo?

      user 2014-10-15 18:14:07 froufrou04

the kick boxing kangaroo eats apples and gives meat, if you have the heron then go for it

      user 2014-10-15 18:08:37 froufrou04

I know for sure that a bear habitat doesnt need rc to complete it or level it up.For start you will need 15 tiles+15 pebbles :)

      2014-10-15 07:56:24 r_gamer

Could someone please tell me how many Tiles and Pebbles are needed for each level of the Bear Habitat, including how many are needed to build it in the first place? And does anyone have an opinion on whether it is better to get the Heron (if you do not have it), or the Kick Boxing Kangaroo?

      2014-10-08 04:41:42 furious4z

i also got a tangy orange tree .....did anyone win balloon???whats the use of balloon ???plzzzz tell me must

      2014-09-02 15:38:20 kangaroolover

i got a tangy orange tree instead of the i missing something? what does the balloon give? is it just a decoration?

      2014-08-31 18:21:34 farmerkimba

Thank you for the table. You saved me from doing math on a Sunday morning! ;-)

      2014-08-31 07:28:43 jana

Im got 1 RC

      2014-08-30 23:55:44 Sunflower22

What sort of prizes have people been getting for popping the balloon. If it is RC how much? Thanks in advance.

      2014-08-30 05:11:33

I mean much cheaper than other trees that require RC

      2014-08-30 05:09:41 Paradiseisland

The fireflies tree is only 2 RC, much cheaper than any other tree

      2014-08-29 19:08:39 froufrou04

@afn5: you just said it yourself...if you dont have fireflies then take the kangaroo...eats only apples ;)

      user 2014-08-29 16:41:33 Afn5

Guys which one should i pick?! i do not have both! and i do not have the fireflies tree :D to feed the bird so which one is more valuable? :D

      2014-08-28 16:49:45 froufrou04

after 2nd step we get as an in-mission reward a tangy orange tree!!!!YEAH THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!

      user 2014-08-28 01:08:49 majestic

Sweet, thank you.

      director 2014-08-28 00:13:59 mooducky

nothing it works like the salt pond or vinegar stand ... you collect 10 lobster every 4 hours

      user 2014-08-27 23:59:18 majestic

what does the lobster need to make the meat?

      user 2014-08-27 20:37:56 majestic

Yeah I kind of got that after I posted it and I could not find a way to delete the post and I am having a heck of a time posting another one so... my bad.

      2014-08-27 17:08:12 Carro

@majestic - That is the Woodpecker Gold Rush mission you talk about. It is not a heron but a woodpecker that gives white treebark.

      user 2014-08-27 16:33:20 majestic

the one in this mission is different, the heron here eats fireflies and gives feathers the one in sweet dreams, eats acci berries and gives white bark.

      2014-08-25 17:27:36 apoore

does anyone know what the old mc Donald gives as the harvestable decoration. I missed a day and debating on spending RC to get it.

      2014-08-25 12:18:20 CutiePie-17-

what kind of table is this The top of my head is confused.........O_o

      2014-08-25 11:41:04 tavia

You need 90 corn and 270 rice. Please correct your page. At Level 70 4.2 is 60 rice + 60 lobster to make 60 lobster sushi. Not 60 eggs. You need rice to make sushi.

      2014-08-24 05:39:23 Saddy

what is the blue balloon?decoration?or what?

      director 2014-08-23 21:26:23 Amy

@apoore: No, this is different, because you get meat. - Cheers Amy

      2014-08-23 20:56:38 apoore

is the kangaroo the same one that can be purchased for 2,000 in the game?

      2014-08-23 09:42:36

you can have the heron from the "sweet floral dreams" still running.

      2014-08-22 23:09:11 apoore

which animal would be better to choose

      2014-08-22 21:18:47 Jinx

10 RC to complete the Lobster Pond

      2014-08-22 20:41:39 sammi

would it cost RC to complete lobster pond..? :(

      2014-08-22 14:14:17 Kaaha

yes you can place the pond on the first farm

      2014-08-22 13:38:20

I dont have the second farm, but can I place the Lobster Pond?

      2014-08-22 13:15:00 froufrou04

looks like a nice and easy mission...even though we dont see the reward at the moment

      2014-08-22 11:29:48 ino

reward heron or boxing kengarro gives meat

      2014-08-22 11:29:33 Ada

Heron or kick boxing kangaroo

      2014-08-22 11:20:04 kentaxit

What is thw reward?????

      2014-08-22 11:07:37 TintuTuntu

What is the reward???????????

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