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Woodpecker Gold Rush
I know what you’re thinking farmer! What in the world is a young whippersnapper Woodpecker like myself doing on your farm! Well, let me tell you a little story!
1. Just a few weeks ago I lived in a quiet peaceful forest! Pecking holes in the trees by day and sleeping by night. One day, lumberjacks came and cut down my tree!

Harvest 35/45 Rye

Produce 35/45 Rye Flour in the Dutch Mill
2. The only thing I had left was this Waffle Machine, and good thing too! Without it I would have been left all alone to peck my sorrows away.

Place and complete building a Waffle Machine on your farm
3. Other woodpeckers weren’t so lucky though. One day a sweet little Woodpecker named Pika came to me, cold and hungry. She had lost her home too and hadn’t eaten for days!

Harvest 45/60 Kiwi

Use automation to produce 45/60 Kiwi Waffle in the Waffle Machine
4. I’ll tell you, there’s nothing like warm Maple Syrup to soothe the soul! Lucky for me to, Pika ended up being the Woodpecker of my dreams. We fell in love!

Harvest 10/15 Maple Syrup from the Maple Tree

Produce 10/20 Maple Syrup Waffle in the Waffle Machine
5. One day as we we’re pecking at the Gisela Tree, we heard a message in the air. "GOLD RUSH IN THE WILD WEST!" This was our chance farmer, a chance to start our new life!

Harvest 10/15 Gisela Cherries

Find 3/4 Woodchips when picking Gisela Cherries
6. We flew many miles until finally my beloved Pika could fly no more. I found her a cozy Birdhouse right here on your farm to rest in and wait for me. I was a bird on a mission!

Ask 6/8 Birdhouses from neighbors
1. I would do anything to take care of my Pika, anything! I took off from your field of flowers and headed West! I flew into the clouds until my wings burned and my eyes watered!

Plant 40/50 Violet

Harvest 40/50 Violet
2. That’s when I saw them! Two other birds, all heading West for a chance to strike it rich with gold in the Wild West. This was a race I didn’t want to lose!

Guess who will win the race? Woodpecker, Puffin or White Parrot?
3. I made it at last but, where was the gold? The ground was empty, the dirt dug up; no animals in site and no gold to be found! Sad and hungry, I began to peck in anger!

Harvest 12/20 Acai Berries

Produce 12/20 White Tree Bark by feeding Acai Berries to the Woodpecker
4. PECK, PECK, PECK, TING - What was that? TING, TING... GOLD. I had hit gold Farmer! It wasn’t in the ground after all! I took my baskets out and got straight to work.

Craft 3/5 White Tree Bark Baskets in the workshop
5. I pecked and pecked till my beak was aching in pain and gold in color! Then I headed back here as soon as I could, to get my dear Pika! Thank you Farmer for offering me food!

Produce 60/90 Heart Cookies with Heart Chocolate in the Cookie Machine

Make 3/5 Flower Bubbles in the Workshop for Pika
6. Truth be told, Pika loved life on the farm with you. TING, almost as much as she loved this Golden Nugget! Do you mind if we stay here with you Farmer? Really? Thank you!

Produce 70/100 Honeydew Waffle in the Waffle Machine

Ask 8/10 Golden Nuggets from neighbors
LEVEL 45-/45+



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      2014-09-10 17:58:18

please bring the material-Waffle Top on sale, please, please, please.....

      2014-09-09 09:07:09

please bring the material-Waffle Top on sale, please.....we need sale or more FREE RC, please.....

      2014-09-03 12:53:48

please put the Waffle Machine-Waffle Top on sale, please.....

      2014-08-26 22:36:44 Shoegal

when you finish part one you get one woodpecker I am almost done the mission...will let you know what happens.

      2014-08-26 22:34:55 Shoegal

Acai Berry feeds the woodpeckers

      2014-08-24 22:12:39 laal

how to feed woodacker

      2014-08-24 19:10:29 zelay

Do you need to complete both parts for the habitat to work, or do you need to finish both parts? Thanks!

      2014-08-24 06:38:04 Tieu Mi

what will happen if i just done part 1?

      2014-08-24 06:17:45 Saddy

when waffle machine on sale?

      2014-08-24 06:02:07 ayumi

i deleted woodpecker.can i play this mission?any1 help me?how can i get woodpecker back?plz

      2014-08-22 14:14:53 Sunflower22

ajitpoore, if you need the wood you can buy an oak tree, the products are the same. Yes only on FF do ash trees give oak wood. Otherwise the ash tree was a prize for a clickfest awhile ago so I do not think it is regularly available.

      user 2014-08-22 06:32:36 ajitpoore

does anyone know how to get the ash tree?

      2014-08-21 01:26:20 wolverine

i meant coming BACK since the game was messed up

      2014-08-21 01:23:58 wolverine

is this mission coming to i hope so... was looking forward to do it

      2014-08-20 20:47:50 Sunshine13

Hi, I need more friends to expand my ranch, please add me!!! I promise to exchange gifts everyday!!! Thanks!!! :)

      director 2014-08-19 12:44:08 Amy

@apoore: Choose every time the same bird. I won the 2nd race with woodspecker. - Cheers Amy

      user 2014-08-19 12:23:14 momos

is this mission coming to other sites

      2014-08-19 06:40:44 apoore

which bird to pick for race?

      2014-08-17 13:08:56 CutiePie-17-

wlcm Zahir :)

      2014-08-17 11:41:04 zahir238

@ CutiePie-17-Thank you!!

      2014-08-17 11:31:06 CutiePie-17-

@zahir238 it will give u white tree bark!!

      2014-08-17 01:30:23

@zahir238 Really, how hard is it to go to the animal section of this site and look up the woodpecker habitat in the column on the left side of that page?!? That list is in alfabetical order, so if you start at the bottom of the list you wil see it immediatly...

      2014-08-16 11:54:12 zahir238

What does the woodpecker give?

      2014-08-15 23:36:34

I have to unlock the Honeydew seed with 3RC :(

      2014-08-15 23:32:05

What do we get as the reward after finishing the second part?

      2014-08-14 21:29:26

@Pari You will get one of the woodpecker after you finish the first part. The step you mentioned is in the 2nd part which will give you all the remaining woodpecker. :)

      2014-08-14 19:31:53 Pari

Produce 12/20 White Tree Bark by feeding Acai Berries to the Woodpecker??? How can I perform this action without having woodpecker habitat..??

      2014-08-14 11:01:13 CutiePie-17-

k thnks frnds.......:)

      2014-08-14 04:47:05 Dariyasha

you also need to have the bubble tree 9RC)

      2014-08-13 22:08:39 mall

You need 22 Waffle Containers from friends and Waffle Top 6RC not too bad considering the price of some other machines lol

      2014-08-13 14:56:30 MissS7

Friends pls add me,,need more neighbors,,MissS7

      2014-08-13 13:42:52 Crube

1 waffle top for 6 RC and 22 waffle containers from friends

      2014-08-13 08:24:58 CutiePie-17-

what items are used for making waffle machine??

      2014-08-13 07:27:48 1pikefish

pluck, pluck, PLUCK

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