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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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Bubble Dream
Look up farmer! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a...GIANT BUBBLE?! Holy moley it’s so big it could gobble me up. Let’s see if we can catch it!
1. Oh no, that Bubble is headed straight for the Blue Cornflower! It’s going to…POP!! Dang it! That Bubble is a goner! Wait a minute, something fell out of it!

Plant 30/40 Blue Cornflower

Harvest 30/40 Blue Cornflower
2. Feast your eyes on this farmer! That gigantic Bubble left behind the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! A Bubble Tree! I can’t believe my eyes! It’s every kid’s dream come true!

Have a Bubble Tree on your farm

Harvest 5/8 Bubbles from the Bubble Tree
3. Wow, look at that! It’s growing tiny Bubbles! Hooray! I can finally make a cute Farm made of Bubbles! Help me place the right Bubble animals in the right place. It’s going to look great!

Place the right Bubble animals in the right place
4. Felicia is going to LOVE this Bubble Tree. I’ll bet if we collect some wool to make her a bubble blouse, she’ll want to thank us with delicious treats! Mmmm...Slurp!

Use automation to collect 60/80 Wool

Harvest 10/15 Apples
5. It’s a Bubble Bonanza Farmer! Get your bubble on and have some fun! We can make Bubble Shoes, Bubble Toys…Bubble everything! This is gonna be the best summer ever!

Harvest 8/10 Bubbles

Feed corn to the chicken to produce 50/70 Eggs
6. I’ll bet Granny would love some Bubble Cakes! Hey look! A swarm of bees just landed on our Bubble Tree. Maybe they’ll make some sweet Bubble Honey for us! Yummo-rama!

Produce 8/12 Bubble Cakes in the Cake Machine

Ask 6/10 Bubble Bees from Neighbors
LEVEL 40-/40+



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      2016-06-13 22:54:14 Dean

PLz are any mission now where l can get bubble beehive it is to expensive :(

      2014-08-30 06:02:34

sale on bubble tree,plz

      2014-08-28 12:55:08 barbie

thanks valena i passed the mission thanks a lot

      2014-08-27 09:21:15 valena

you have to put the right animal in the right bubble... I have them in the same order that appears in the photo up.

      2014-08-27 08:31:49 barbie

i dont understand i put bubble bee in the first bubble and that was wrong

      2014-08-24 07:52:47 CutiePie-17-

u guyzz are always welcome............:D

      2014-08-24 05:38:13 Wee777

@CutiePie-17-, Thank you so much for the tips.

      2014-08-18 16:12:06 eLaDa

@anckesunamun: the sale was a day ago...

      2014-08-18 11:40:55 anckesunamun

Please, sale bubble tree!

      2014-08-15 13:18:13 tavia

Thank you too CutiePie-17.

      2014-08-15 04:13:43 desi

Wow, thanks for sharing that tip on #3, CutiePie-17-. Worked perfectly!

      2014-08-13 23:45:12 artsy101

You can put bubble bee honey in your pancake machine

      2014-08-12 19:52:30 CutiePie-17-

The pleasure is all mine....:)

      2014-08-12 19:22:50 sug2h

Thanks cutiepie-17!! :) With your help, I got it quickly!!

      2014-08-12 09:48:17 CutiePie-17-

My Pleasure........:)

      2014-08-11 22:15:58 MadalinaTeleman

thanks I did it!

      2014-08-11 19:12:29 CutiePie-17-

@Madalina first bubble bee second bubble penguin third bubble frog fourth bubble near fence is giraffe....hope you all got that...;)

      2014-08-11 18:15:51 MadalinaTeleman

this will take an eternity :( I tried several possibilities and all wrong :(( one question:from where I must start?I mean which one is the first bubble I must fill up?The one from the fence or the one from where is Darryl`s hand up?

      2014-08-11 10:06:03 CutiePie-17-

here you go to put the right animals in the right bubble where you see darryl hand up the number one bubble then keep going down 4 bubble is near the fence. this is how you do it drag the animals to the right bubbleA penguin bubble 2B giraffe bubble 4C frog bubble 3D bee bubble 1

      director 2014-08-10 00:18:45 mooducky

keep trying a different animal in the top stop each time ... once you get the correct animal it will stay

      2014-08-09 16:15:45 SoulReaper

How to finish the 3rd mission? (the "place the right bubble animals in the right place" mission) I tried many possibilities...but none of them worked... Any suggestions? :D

      2014-08-09 09:32:52 linora

bubble honey is use for selling

      2014-08-07 15:41:01 CutiePie-17-

myu comments are not posting......>_

      2014-08-07 03:31:50 Lhoria

What is bubble honey used for?

      director 2014-08-06 22:21:30 mooducky

it only pollinates the bubble tree

      2014-08-06 17:26:37 almas

does it harvest only bubble tree

      2014-08-06 05:51:52

I want this beehive.....Please please put bubble tree on sale.

      2014-08-05 22:55:53 MaCoPi

Can the Bubble Beehive be put in the beehouse?

      director 2014-08-05 19:56:06 mooducky

it might go on sale in a week or so .. it seems they have been doing that with mission after they start a new mission parts go on sale after about a week ... not sure if it will but i have noticed this with other recent missions

      2014-08-05 19:08:24

Bubble Tree cost 9 RC.... Can we put that on sale please?

      2014-08-05 18:44:24

I would love to get this cute beehive and save RCs unless I know how much bubble tree costs.

      director 2014-08-05 15:17:53 mooducky

keep in mind with this mission you have 29 days before you even need to start it .. so you can save up some RC if you need to .. so in 28 days you could start it and still have the 15 days to finish it

      director 2014-08-05 15:10:51 mooducky

they give bubble honey by polinating the bubble tree

      2014-08-05 15:10:35 MaCoPi

this beehive gives bubble honey (9 coins)

      2014-08-05 12:38:01 zahir238

what doew the bubble beehive give?

      2014-08-05 11:37:01 alexandra

the reward is bubble bee hive :D

      2014-08-05 11:30:49 nemya

super beehive or simple?

      2014-08-05 11:19:17 T.Nghia

Reward: Bubble Beehive

      2014-08-05 10:39:46 nemya

what is the reward of the mission?

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