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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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Collect Hawaiian Ukuleles
Place a Hawaiian Log Cabin and harvest crops and trees to find Ukuleles to trade for great prizes!
You will now randomly get a surprise when harvesting crops and trees! It’s Hawaiian Ukulele! The more you harvest the more Hawaiian Ukuleles you get! You can use Hawaiian Ukulele to trade for 4 different rewards, or you can buy the 4 rewards directly with RC! You will get a Music Monkey Habitat after collecting all 4 rewards!
Remember your Hawaiian Ukulele Storage is limited and you have to upgrade to store more.



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      2017-02-03 10:36:47 merlia

wow reminds me of my lvl 10 days

      2014-08-22 10:17:31 Abhi1999

why ?

      director 2014-08-21 19:19:46 mooducky

sorry i do not add people from here

      2014-08-21 19:12:54 Abhi1999

please add me as your neighbour, mooducky.

      director 2014-08-21 15:52:27 mooducky

they already have added the days

      2014-08-21 13:43:18 Abhi1999

Are they really going to add 3 extra days to "Hawaiian ukuleles" mission ? please reply..Thanks in advanced..

      2014-08-20 18:56:15 mooducky

they are adding 3 extra days to this mission and the one on the left side

      2014-08-20 17:36:39 pia

why isnt this game working. at least my version of the game isnt working. and im going to fail in this mission bacause of this. who is going to refund the loss of the playing time and failed mission.

      director 2014-08-19 14:41:48 mooducky

before you collect then it will double as you collect

      2014-08-19 06:24:19 soso

please can you tell me quickly how can I use double token for 5 RC before collecting or after collectin

      2014-08-09 02:38:00 lin888

Unfortunately I got 2 refresh errors when doing my whole farm in pasture. I got 16 ukeleles doing it. I am sure it would have been a few more if I had not got the errors

      2014-08-08 09:50:55 lin888

I got this yesterday and wrote down what I got. My trees are in groves and on auto so I may have missed some before I could get the mission set up. Trees - 18. 44 x celery - 2. 168 x waterlily - 2. 84 x mustard - 0. 84 x spinach -1. 570 x broccoli 6. Total 29 Today I planted my whole main field with clover ( approx 950 plots) and got 12 ukeleles. I will be trying all in pasture tomorrow and will let you know how that goes

      2014-08-05 09:28:26 popcorn

I also have 400 crops, and about 80-90 trees, half of them in the groves. After 4 days I collected about 200 tokens already. All other previous advice are correct, I only want to add 1 tip: plant all of your soil of a type of crop each time (it can be 2-3 if you have to, but trust me, 1 type definitely get more), and gather all crop of the same type at one time before you move to another type. Mix gathering between types always result in 0-1 drop for me.

      2014-08-05 09:16:24

I believe the best way to get many token is trees.Place as many trees as you can.Give more than crops.And plant clover takes 15min and you will get lot of xp also

      2014-08-03 17:25:40 TE22

How can i move any item from my farm to my garden ranch? or to add items from the ware house in the garden ranch??

      2014-08-03 10:16:23 lin888

kentaxit - this mission is not on my game yet. But previously I have had lots of success with these types. Firstly 400 plots is not very many. I would be putting on as many plots as you can. I have nearly 190 on my second farm and 950 on my main farm. Plus at least 200 trees. I would be planting pasture. These are an hour crop so in the same time it takes your love fruit to grow you will get 20 times the pasture. You therefore get 20 more chances to get the item.

      2014-08-02 21:59:42 Gufo

For me Daffodil works very well. Mission complete :-)

      2014-08-02 19:43:22 kentaxit

Drop Rate is very terrible, after 2 days, I just had 30 token althought I plant all of crops Love fruit, wheat, corn, grape, hops or clover, pasture...., I have 400 plot and when I harvest only 1-2 token drop

      2014-08-02 02:16:33 lin888

pifou...mooducky is right...trees drop more. Also try to harvest all your crops together. Harvesting a few at a time drops less than doing hundreds at once

      director 2014-08-01 19:34:25 mooducky

a big part is what you plant clover and the 1 hour crops give very few .. some longer crops give more... i planted about 300 violets and got about 15 ukuleles also many are saying trees give more than crops.. i have 288 trees and get about 15 - 20 a day just from those

      user 2014-08-01 19:16:03 pifou

Drop rate is terrible. I have nearly 600 plots and drop only 1 or 0 ?!

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