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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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Sweet Floral Dreams
Ever since Granny was a little girl she dreamed of becoming a Floral Artist! She thinks it’s too late but it’s NEVER too late! Let’s make Granny’s dream come true!
1. Hammers n’ nails, laughter n’ tears! The farm family worked ALL night to build the most amazing Floral Art Shop for Granny. BUT, before we unveil it, we need LOTS of Flowers!

Plant 50 Iris

Harvest 50 Iris
2. Prepare to be amazed farmer. Drum roll please! Pa-rum-pum-pum-pum, TA-DA! With just a few finishing touches, this Shop will be perfectly perfect!

Have a completed Floral Art Shop on your Farm
3. Swish swish swish! Oh no! I hear foot steps! It’s Granny! Quick everyone, finish the Hedges! Darryl and I will try and stall Granny with some corny jokes!

Harvest 60 Cactus

Craft 2 Botanical Hedge in the Floral Art Shop
4. Alright Farmer, Granny’s here. Her eyes are closed for now but I don’t know how long she can take the suspense! Are you almost finished those decorations? Hey! No peeking Granny!

Produce 80 Goose Feather by feeding Rotala to Goose

Craft 2 Heart-shaped Floral Arch in the Floral Art Shop
5. Ready Granny? Open your eyes! SURPRISE!! WOWEE! I haven’t seen Granny run that fast since…well, EVER! Look at her go, already making her very own creations!

Craft 5 Umbrella Flower Bouquets in the Workshop to decorate the Floral Arch

Ask 10 Watering Pots from neighbors
6. Granny’s gonna teach us how to make some beautiful Botanical Arc Hedges! These floral masterpieces are a sight for sore eyes!

Craft 2 Botanical Arc Hedge(side) in the Floral Art Shop

Craft 2 Botanical Arc Hedge(top) in the Floral Art Shop
7. You see Granny! It’s NEVER too late to fulfill your dreams! This calls for an official Grand Opening Ceremony! Cake anyone?

Produce 25 Coconut Cakes in the Cake Machine

Find 5 Nutrient Solutions when helping on neighbors’ farms



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      2014-08-25 19:59:11 gourisarkar999@gmail

i could not open this mission due to net problem and this mission expired. can i reopen this mission by spending some rc cash?

      2014-08-07 14:12:12 Afi

Too easy... completed with in 24 hours.

      2014-07-29 12:13:58 Anna(

@looooo Bo pewnie jej jeszcze nie wprowadzili tam gdzie grasz. Np na jej jeszcze nie ma.

      2014-07-29 09:11:25 looooo

Mam 32 lvl i nie widze tej misji, dlaczego?!

      2014-07-27 16:54:17 anckesunamun

Please, sale rubber tree!

      2014-07-25 04:03:58 reta

guys help some one opened my fb account and sold many gears nw i cant find it how can i bring it back ????

      user 2014-07-24 22:27:22 madalina

thanks ez ;)

      2014-07-24 17:24:10 Gina

Is there a mission give persimmon tree as a reward?

      2014-07-24 17:23:14 ez

it will need 2x10 gifts from friends and 3 more items that cost 5rc each (15rc)

      user 2014-07-24 13:22:38 madalina

I can`t access the section where I can see what is required to built the floral art shop. Can anyone tell me here, please? thanks in advance :)

      2014-07-24 12:35:44 CutiePie-17-

it will give u heron feathers....:)

      2014-07-24 11:47:56 ayumi

what can it do?

      2014-07-24 07:45:09

RC hog

      2014-07-24 04:15:51 mel

does anyone know if this shop will work like the kitchen or like the dessert shop (time needed to produce items)? this 15 RC will be to produce one item per time? thanks in advance =)

      2014-07-24 02:02:43

Gross! lots of fireflies in the basket....

      2014-07-24 00:20:49 mic

The heron doesnt look like a pond animal to me, all its water is surrounded by green.

      director 2014-07-24 00:07:30 mooducky

it is 9 summer pond squares not sure if they are needed for the heron or not

      2014-07-23 23:32:51 froufrou04

what do we get as a gift after completing the floral art shop(2nd step) ? Is it a pond for the heron?

      2014-07-23 22:58:50 smher yo

not so bad put 15rc jam do not gess

      2014-07-23 19:09:02 1010stefan2

15 RC for the shop.

      2014-07-23 18:32:38 reka

please help some one opened my fb account and sold many gears nw i cant find it how can i bring it back ????? please help

      2014-07-23 18:29:40 Sunshine

Reward is the heron habitat; feed it fireflies, get heron feather.

      2014-07-23 17:59:02 nemya khan

what is the reward?? :)

      2014-07-23 17:58:05 nemya khan

how much rc do we need???

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