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Italian Spice
Buongiorno my friend and welcome to Italy! I’ve come with the family to get a taste of what this beautiful country has to offer. Away we go!
1. Ah, I really do love Italy! Cobble stone roads, historic statues, and the smell of fresh herbs in the air! Where’s that smell coming from anyways?

Plant 30/40 Thyme

Harvest 30/40 Thyme
2. Wow Granny’s got an amazing sense of smell! She lead us straight to this old Spice Mill! Just look farmer; we’re surrounded by every herb and spice you can imagine!

Have a completed Spice Mill on the farm

Harvest 40/60 Basil
3. Hehe look! Granny’s like a kid in a candy store. Let’s make her favorite spices before we have to leave. Next stop; the romantic canals of Venice!

Produce 50/70 Ground Thyme in the Spice Mill

Produce 40/60 Basil Powder in the Spice Mill
4. Touring Venice in an authentic Italian Gondola would be great! Pick the right canal and go on a tour!

Find the right waterway
5. Here we are in the capital of Italy. That’s right farmer, Rome! While Granny’s at the market, come to the Coliseum and play Gladiator with Darryl and I! If you dare...

Produce 70/80 Garlic Powder in the Spice Mill

Ask for 8/12 Roman Helmets from neighbors
6. What more can you ask for? Sitting at a cafe in Naples, eating Pasta beside Mount Vesuvius; one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world! Wait, really?! Ciao, ciao for now!

Produce 70/100 Pasta with Cheese in the Pasta Machine

Produce 70/100 Pasta with Tomato Sauce in the Pasta Machine



 Your name (nick)
6. x 2 =   ?

      2014-08-12 11:21:08

please put the Spice Mill Container on sale, please, please, please..

      2014-08-09 20:31:32

I feel that the usual cream machine looks much cuter than this soccer cream machine.

      2014-08-09 19:31:18 1pikefish

to dathor take a boar, the cream machine you can buy but not this animal

      2014-08-09 19:20:01 sug2h

@dathor : in my opinion, cream machine is more useful because cream is used to make many things, and you might need it in several missions. On the other hand, the wild boar is cuter! ;)

      2014-08-09 16:16:58 dathor

should i choose cream machine or wild boar? which one is more useful

      2014-08-05 20:55:49

please put the Spice Mill Container on sale, please..

      2014-07-25 23:54:48 mimi

which path is right waterway????

      2014-07-23 04:45:46 nemya khan

i chose cream machine and it is much useful...:)

      2014-07-22 22:06:24

Even though I dont have a cream machine, I chose the Wild Boar.He is not useful so far,but cute.

      2014-07-22 17:22:11 _Bazz07_

who is the rightway

      2014-07-19 16:26:34 dodo

is the material going to be on sale?

      2014-07-17 15:02:45 MadalinaTeleman

It is all right ;) Now I have that mill in the market and everything is clear ;)

      2014-07-17 14:29:39 mic

On the left side, click on "gear", scroll down to those starting with S, find the Spice Mill, click it, scroll down to the list of parts, there you go.

      user 2014-07-17 14:12:56 madalina

well I can`t find how to built the spice mill....anyone can help me, please?

      2014-07-16 15:44:24

Is this the last chance to get the wild boar?if so,choosing the boar seems to be better...

      2014-07-16 00:08:00

if you dont have the cream machine you should go for it.Cream is used in many things and the regular cream machine costs 22rc+free gifts from friends.As for the wild boar you can use the meat in the special salami machine

      2014-07-15 22:38:48

which one is more useful the cream machine or the wild boar??

      2014-07-15 21:17:12 Maria

@Dr_Ayad: wild boar eats bird egg and gives wild boar meat, used in the special salami machines and the smokehouse for wild boar salami and smoked boar meat, both of which are currently final products.

      director 2014-07-15 19:03:44 mooducky

yes it is a cream machine

      2014-07-15 19:00:08 Gwenllian

is that a cream machine?

      2014-07-15 16:21:59 Dr_Ayad

What do the pig eat? & give?

      2014-07-15 14:20:13 dokdok

it gives wild boar , used in fast salami

      2014-07-15 09:05:43 Blossom

What does the pig give?

      2014-07-15 08:51:33 Belle

You need to ask for 15 Spice Mill Flowers and buy 3 Spice Mill Container for 3 RC each.

      2014-07-15 08:50:45 Serialpurrs

Lhoria you need 15 Spice Mill Flowers from your neighbors, and 3 Spice Mill Containers which costs 3 RC a piece.

      2014-07-15 02:58:54 Lhoria

What is needed (gifts+RC) for Spice Mill? I cannot find it in Gear list...

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