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Pirate Popsicle Collection
On a far away tropical island there lives a Pirate Puffin couple. Together, they share the same dream; to find the best popsicle of the world! For this dream to come true, they will need your help! Help the Pirate Puffin couple find the best popsicles and they will stay on your Farm forever!
Place and complete a Pirate Ship to start the Pirate Popsicle Collection.
Your Pirate Ship will get 1 point when you get 1 XP from the Dessert Shop. You can collect the Pirate Ship once you get 120 points. You will get one Pirate Popsicle everytime you harvest the Pirate Ship. Collect every Pirate Popsicle from any group to get the lovely Puffins FOR FREE!


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      director 2014-08-06 01:41:08 mooducky

it can not be set to auto

      2014-08-06 00:00:02 mall

Can you not set the pirate ship to automatically collect the popsicle or do you have to collect it yourself like the easter egg tree etc?

      2014-07-30 06:57:13 almas

i got the reward before completing the mission

      2014-07-29 00:53:14 Paradiseisland

I now have 5 of three sets and two of the other, this is now getting annoying, I still have ten days,

      2014-07-26 18:08:58 mic

I dont know what the time limit is, but Im very sure that there is no point waiting. If (or rather when, if you continue procrastinating) you need to buy popsicles for rc instead of getting them from xp, the first few are cheap, the more you have already the more the next one costs... you dont get rc, you pay them if you run out of time.

      2014-07-26 17:52:13 r_gamer

Thank you so much sug2h! Does anyone know what the actual time limit for this mission is? And what does TREE mean by "As you get more popsicles, the Ranch Cash increases"? You do not actually get to earn Ranch Cash by getting popsicles, do you?!?

      2014-07-24 14:13:51 sug2h

@r_gamer : the gifts you need to build the pirate ship are rope and pirate sail. I really dont know the answer to your other question about time limit, sorry! ;)

      2014-07-24 07:55:45 r_gamer

Does anyone know if there is a time limit to starting the mission? And what are the exact names of the items that you can get as gifts to build the Pirate Ship? Someone please answer so I know if the countdown in the shop is just how long you have to place the Ship, or if it is completely over at that time; and so I can start asking for the parts as Gifts!!

      2014-07-23 15:37:11 nemya khan

i donot have enough rc to upgrade dessert shop....:(

      2014-07-23 00:37:25 Fioii

I found Honeydew Sherbet quite good for this in combination with buttermilk

      2014-07-22 18:25:52

now I make lots of Buttermilk Cakes and Summer Berry Cakes everyday :)

      2014-07-22 08:04:24 Blossom

Lol give us a mission to use these buttermilks. :-)

      2014-07-20 11:05:12 TREE

As you get more popsicles,the Ranch Cash increases

      2014-07-19 11:06:33

Ive got 24 popsicles...but not accomplished yet :(

      2014-07-19 07:56:33 r_gamer

Thank you also to mooducky for answering my earlier post. : ) And also to everyone who has chimed in to let us know that the popsicles received are random, but you only need to fill in one row. : )

      2014-07-19 07:54:07 r_gamer

Thanks for clarifying that you get 20 days to complete the mission. Does anyone know if there is a time limit to starting the mission? And what are the exact names of the items that you can get as gifts to build the Pirate Ship?

      2014-07-18 12:49:42 lin888

Still there on miniclip. Have you tried searching for them?

      2014-07-18 09:35:09

why arent available anymore pirate sails and rope in free gifts.The mission is still on so how can anyone complete the ship without them?THIS IS SO UNFAIR

      2014-07-18 09:33:05 kentaxit

Only complete one row, I had finished this Quest:))

      2014-07-18 08:26:26 zahir238

If you finish one row you get the gift! They made it easier...

      2014-07-17 19:53:19 Happy

How long will this last for?

      2014-07-17 06:23:29 Blossom

Good use of dessert shop. phew!! there is a lot to do still.

      2014-07-17 06:10:22 lin888

I am still going. Have 1 of one set; 5 of 2 sets; and 6 of the last set. Boring me senseless!

      2014-07-16 16:40:49 Afi

I had finished one row and got the final prize. Hurrah I was too easy to complete it.

      2014-07-15 07:06:55 AGB

@Mohamed Eissa No problem, I just wanted to clarify it for all, glad I could help!

      2014-07-15 00:05:39 Mohamed Eissa

@AGB , Sorry for the mistake , I thought it is as Vase collection mission , I did not finish any raw yet so as you have finished you know better for all , sorry for my mistake

      2014-07-14 21:00:21 AGB

No you dont, you only need to finish one row, I know this because I just finished it.

      2014-07-14 20:00:57 Mohamed Eissa

@dokdok yes you have to collect the 4 rows

      2014-07-14 19:58:50 Mohamed Eissa

@madalina ,, you are welcomed @dokdok ,, yes it is time limited , 20 days

      user 2014-07-14 19:20:45 madalina

thanks Mohamed :) 1pikefish:yes I got my camel ;))Is a mss on my farm and of course in my head :)) I will take it...randomly :))) I wish you all a great week! Mine started and is to be continued as bad as possible, but I don`t give a hack! ;))

      2014-07-14 17:18:29 dokdok

do we have to collect the 4 rows?

      2014-07-14 12:43:38 mum-1

is there a time limit on this

      2014-07-14 05:48:21 Blossom

Please give sale on baker for dessert shop.

      director 2014-07-13 02:54:46 mooducky

1pikefish , that question can not be answered as there are 90 different items you can make to earn points towards getting a Popsicle .. some items give 25 xp so for those items you would need to make 5 .. other items only give 3 xp meaning you would need to make 40 of that item to get a Popsicle

      2014-07-13 01:46:00

What ingredients do you need for ANT dessert?

      2014-07-12 21:36:05 1pikefish

what ingredients and how many are needed to make 1 popsicle?

      2014-07-12 20:46:41 mooducky

you only need to spend the 3 RC to build the ship .. once you build the ship start making items in the dessert shop once you earn 120 xp points by making ANY dessert you then click on the pirate ship to collect a Popsicle .. it is random as to which one you get.. so there is not a list to post

      2014-07-12 20:39:54 r_gamer

justysia, please include a list of the items needed to complete each collection. Thnx in advance. : )

      2014-07-12 19:34:57 almas

what is true will some one say

      2014-07-12 18:20:41 kentaxit

@Blossom no, we need 246 RC if you want complete this Quest by RCs :))

      2014-07-12 16:32:42 Blossom

Do we need to spend 18 RCs???

      2014-07-12 16:31:08 Blossom

This is going to be the toughest one.

      2014-07-12 15:48:42 mooducky

note you DO NOT need to collect every one .. you just need to fill ONE row of 8

      2014-07-12 14:33:42 1pikefish

Madalina did you get your new camel (aka camel-cow-platypus look a like) and if you did be prepared to pluck (again) now baked? popsicles :P :D :P

      2014-07-12 13:48:56 Mohamed Eissa

@madalina it is a new collection mission, it has started in Facebook on 11/07/2014 , you will need to by an item for 3 RC , and ask friends for 10 other items them=n once you have completed the item every time you got XP from dessert shop you will got XP in it , you will need to collect 32 item , each item for 120 XP , when you finish you will got the reward , it is as Vas collection mission months ago , you will need to turn Automation fro dessert shop on, hope this help

      user 2014-07-12 10:47:36 madalina

what is this ? ;) no images nor steps to follow....

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