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The Black and White Zebra
Before life as we know it, the Animal Kingdom was a place without color. Three animal friends lived in black and white; A Zebra, an Elephant, and a Giraffe.
1. The Elephant was a hungry animal! You could always find him struggling to dig up Cucumbers with his little trunk. His one wish was to be bigger; much bigger!

Harvest 30/40 Cucumbers
2. The Giraffe enjoyed the finer fruits of life. He strived to reach the highest African Cucumbers from the tallest trees, but would always come up short. His wish was to be taller!

Harvest 5/8 African Cucumbers from the African Cucumber Tree
3. And our Zebra friend? Well, he was a smart and caring animal who enjoyed taking care of his friends. Every day he helped the others prepare their food, asking nothing in return.

Produce 5/8 African Cucumber Salad in the Salad Machine
4. One day, the three friends decided to have a race. The first one to make it through the forest and across the river would be the winner! On your marks, get set, GO!

Guess who will win the race? Elephant, Giraffe or Zebra?
1. At the finish line, our three animals stood in awe. In front of them, surrounded by beautiful flowers was a Wishing Fountain! It brimmed with sparkling, crystal clear waters.

Harvest 50/60 Green Rose

Harvest 50/60 Forget-me-not
2. The Elephant approached the Fountain and placed his lucky African Mask into the water to make a wish. Suddenly the water turned bright yellow! The first color they had ever seen!

Produce 10/20 Lean Lemon Water in the Fountain of Youth

Make 1/2 African Elephant Mask in the Workshop
3. "I wish to be big and strong" said the Elephant before taking a sip! POOF! With those words he grew five times bigger, squashing the Grapes and Tomatoes as he waddled away!

Produce 60/80 Ketchup in the Sauce Machine

Produce 60/80 Champagne in the Wine Maker
4. "The Giraffe now peered over the fountain, placing his trusty Walking Stick into the water to make a wish. In an instant the water’s color transformed into a delicate pink!

Produce 10/20 Laughing Lychee Water in the Fountain of Youth

Make 1/2 African Walking Stick in the Workshop
1. "I wish to be as tall as a Tree" said the Giraffe as he leaned over and took a sip. He grew 5 times taller and grinned as he picked the ripest Cherries from the top of the Trees.

Harvest 12/20 Cherry
2. The Zebra thought long and hard before placing his favorite African Beads into the Fountain. The water instantly turned bright Cherry red.

Produce 12/20 Cheerful Cherry Water in the Fountain of Youth
3. " I wish for a World bursting with color!" said the Zebra as he took a sip. Suddenly the flowers turned pink, the sky turned blue, and the grass turned green!

Ask for 5/8 Rainbow from neighbors
4. The animals looked around in amazement at all that had changed; all except for the Zebra! The Zebra had remained black and white! He stood smiling, happier than ever!

Produce 80/100 Groovy Grape Water in the Fountain of Youth

Ask for 8/12 Colorful African Robe from Neighbors
LEVEL 40-/40+



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      2014-10-08 05:03:58 alia

plzzzzzzzz bring this back .......why i missed it??:( :( :(

      2014-07-11 12:30:28 mic

mmh right, i got a "step completed" window at some point that made no sense, guess that must have been the cherries, thanks sug2h

      2014-07-11 01:15:43 sug2h

@mic : the game starts counting the 20 cherries to harvest at some point (i do not know when) before you reach that step. You probably had all of the cherries harvested already.

      2014-07-10 22:49:08 mel

Thanks Ann =)

      2014-07-10 12:43:55 mic

My game skipped step 9, went from lychee water + walking stick right to cherry water, whats up with that?

      2014-07-10 08:31:33

Why dont we help zebra to make African Beads?

      2014-07-09 23:04:43 Ann

@mel just for decoration ;)

      2014-07-09 21:48:40 mel

does anyone know what the psychedelic zebra does? is it just a deco? thanks in advance...

      2014-07-09 03:45:06

This race game really irritates me!Im afraid I cannot complete the mission.

      2014-07-09 02:01:10 anckesunamun

Giraffe won the race

      2014-07-09 00:20:18 sug2h

My winner was the zebra, at the very first race! :) I did not get so lucky with the yoga hare, I still have not found the yoga bag... :D lol!

      2014-07-08 15:59:34

RC,RC,RC...what a costly game...everytime new mission comes,at first I have to think whether it is available for me...and I always give up...

      2014-07-08 02:06:23

this mission looks hard...plz bring much easier mission for rookies

      2014-07-07 21:06:19 mooducky

not always ... after like 6 0r 7 tries my winner was the giraffe

      2014-07-07 21:02:32

Making White Dye needs a dye bottle and it costs 2RC to unlock

      2014-07-07 20:58:59

Is always elephant the winner of the race?

      2014-07-07 19:51:52 kk

Reference for people who wanted to know the materials for the 2 items need to be crafted in the workshop: African Walking stick -1 walking stick -----1 Lumber (4 wood)| 2 White Dye ( 5 Daisies, 5 White Grapes)|5 Nails (wish list) -2 Black Dye -----10 Black Roses (unlock for 2RC)| 10 Coffee Beans -6 African Cucumber ____________________ African Elephant Mask -1 Lumber -----4 wood (Oak Tree) 5 Nails (wish list)

      2014-07-07 18:26:46 MadalinaTeleman

elephant won the race ;))

      2014-07-07 12:09:29 CutiePie-17-

yeah plzz generate rc Khan9211 m agree with u.....!

      2014-07-03 10:41:47 CutiePie-17-

They are eating pastures and they gives u stripes skin..........:) THEY ARE CUTE!!!!!

      2014-07-03 02:37:21

Are they eating pastures? what do they give us? striped skin?

      2014-07-02 22:54:38 1pikefish

oh goodies, we are becoming real carnivores. Zebra...mmmmmmmmh... what next? horses? grasshoppers? roaches? possums? :P :)

      user 2014-07-02 18:15:19 zena_khan

I like this mission IT is soooo easy

      2014-07-02 17:37:51 Journey

CutiePie -17 - The Final Reward is the Zebra Habitat, there is a Colourful Zebra Garden Statue that is rewarded after Step 4

      2014-07-02 17:08:55 CutiePie-17-

what is its rewards???

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