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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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Yoga Time
Guess what time it is? That’s right, it’s YOGA time! Today I’ll be leading my very own class! I put posters up all around town so we better prepare, this place could be packed!
1. Yoga takes a lot of focus and energy! Wait, I’ve got the perfect idea! Why don’t we make a nice breakfast for everyone to enjoy after class! Hmmm…but what should we make?

Collect 30/50 Eggs

Collect 30/50 bottles of Buffalo Milk
2. That’s it, I’ve got it! Let’s build an Omelet Machine to make delicious, savory and cheesy Omlettes! Once the Machine is finished, we can get crackin’!

Produce 30/50 Buffalo Milk Cheese in the Cheese Master

Have a completed Omelet Machine on the farm
3. Look farmer! A husk of adorable Hares have just arrived on the farm but they look so sad! I wonder what’s wrong! Let’s finish the Omelets and go talk to them.

Harvest 50/70 Basil

Produce 50/70 Basil Omelet in the Omelet Machine
4. Aw! The Hares were playing hide and seek in the yoga room and accidentally left their Yoga Bag behind. We can find it for them right?

Find the Yoga Bag
5. Thanks Farmer! You made the Hares happy again and they’re all ready for class! Let’s also help Granny finish the Omelets, she wants to join the class too! Go Granny!

Produce 60/90 Beef Salami

Ask 5/8 Yoga Mats from friends
6. Now, before we begin let’s put on our Head Bands! They look fabulous and they keep the sweat out of your eyes too! Alright it’s time to begin! "Gather around everyone!"

Produce 60/90 Beef Salami Omelet in the Omelet Machine

Ask 5/8 Headbands from Neighbors
7. Take a deep breath in and extend your arms way, way up towards the Lychee Tree! Hold your breath. Now exhale slowly relaxing your arms! Ah, doesn’t that feel amazing?

Harvest 10/15 Lychee from the Lychee Tree

Find a Yoga Brick when harvesting Lychee
8. Next, close your eyes and imagine you’re on a glorious beach. The sun warming your skin, the wind tousling your hair and the cooling sensation of cucumbers resting on your eyes!

Harvest 80/100 Cucumbers
9. Now, open your eyes farmer! Our class is done. How do you feel? I feel like all my stress has melted away! One of the Hares enjoyed their time here so much that they want to move in! Time to eat! Namaste!

Produce 90/100 Oatmeal Cookies in the Cookie Machine

Find 10 Zen Peace when producing Oatmeal Cookies
LEVEL 40-/40+



 Your name (nick)
8. x 7 =   ?

      2014-07-14 11:52:25

add me my user name is disha532002

      2014-07-14 11:51:53 mona

add me my name is disha532002

      2014-07-10 10:18:16 CutiePie-17-

where u guyz found ur yoga bag plz tell me....i knw there are different from other players but may b it will help meh....: P

      2014-07-09 12:18:34 CutiePie-17-

the pleasure is all mine......:D

      2014-07-08 15:27:56

CutiePie-17-: Thank you for your good advice Im gonna report it

      2014-07-08 09:57:59 CutiePie-17-

then there will be a problem in this mission....u should report t0 the management (at fb on their page) i hope ur prblem will be solved then.......

      2014-07-08 01:52:43

@CutiePie-17-:Ive already harvested them 25 times but not appeared yet

      2014-07-07 14:46:54 CutiePie-17-

u have to harvest lychee 15 times!

      2014-07-07 03:04:29

How many times should I harvest lychee? I harvested them more than 20times but Yoga Brick was never come out

      2014-07-01 17:35:09 sug2h

@liz : the hare gives hare meat, which can be used in salami machine and BBQ machine.

      2014-07-01 08:25:06 ALMAS


      2014-06-30 03:29:16 mooducky

hare meat

      2014-06-30 00:07:31 liz

@sug2h do you know what the hare gives?

      2014-06-30 00:06:40 lola

what does the hare/bunny give?

      2014-06-28 23:55:06 jessica88

this mission seems easy. i hope the omelet ,machine is easy to build.

      2014-06-28 10:54:06 Skrbnica

They are called "gift coin" and "gift coins" (coins is more :)))

      2014-06-27 11:14:44 MadalinaTeleman

1pikefish I think I solve the "which is which" ;)) first on the list is 500 the second is 5 ;) regarding the hare :))))))))I am still laughing

      2014-06-27 07:03:47 sug2h

@1pikefish : No torture this time, the hare is doing yoga: it is sooo relllaaaaaaax when it gets butchered, lol! :)

      2014-06-26 23:29:17 Afn5

@1pikefish we have a wishing list O_O ??? where?!!

      2014-06-26 22:09:44 MadalinaTeleman

I can`t stop my laugh :))) 1pikefish you made my evening!again! love you a bunch! btw: which is which? It would be nice to know :)))let me know if you find out :))

      2014-06-26 21:28:30 1pikefish

oh joy, first we pluck now we are going "hairy" meat. what? no more animals to torture? how many hares we have? by the way, did you notice we have 2 type of gift coins $500.00 and $5.00 on the wish list? now,, which is which? :P

      2014-06-26 19:26:04 Sameyo

Can someone please tell me that every new player who has just started playing the game has a surprise gift option on the right side of the screen , but the old players do not have that option !Why this discrimination ?

      2014-06-26 17:44:28 Afn5

after u complete the first quest they give two parts for the omelet machine and u can ask for those parts from ur neighbours!!! they should have gave us the parts which need RC like the sewing machine for the workshop! stupid game u need RC for every mission!

      2014-06-26 14:20:00 donna23

Its a yoga hare you feed it carrot and it gives hare meat. :)

      2014-06-26 13:34:53 Luzputt

It looks like beef????

      2014-06-26 12:54:28 Aya Etman


      2014-06-26 10:56:50 Dorota-nk69


      2014-06-26 10:07:57 zainab

wowwwwwwwwwwwww new mission

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