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Father’s Day Hike
There’s only one Father’s Day a year and I want this one to be extra special for Old MacDonald! Today we’re going on a Father’s Day hike, and guess what? I’ll be the guide!
1. Hiking rule number one: Never leave on an empty stomach! I’m going to surprise Old MacDonald with a delicious Father’s Day breakfast. I just hope he’s still sleeping!

Produce 40/50 Pork Sausage in the Salami Machine

Produce 40/50 glasses of Carrot Juice in the Juice Machine
2. Oh shucks, he beat us to it! He’s already awake and making his own breakfast! Come on, let’s lend a helping hand before we set out on our adventure!

Produce 10/10 glasses of Mandarin Juice in the Juice Machine

Produce 60/60 Buffalo Milk Cheese in the Cheese Master
3. I know from experience that the key to a happy hike is snacks, snacks, and more snacks! Rule number 2: A good guide will never leave her hikers hungry!

Produce 60/70 Lavender Cookies in the Cookie Machine

Produce 60/70 Heart Cookies in the Cookie Machine
4. Alright everyone, we’re off!! Don’t forget your Bug Repellent and Sun Hat! Hehe! Old Macdonald is so excited about our wilderness hike, he’s gone ahead without us!

Produce 5/6 bottles of Mandarin Essential Oil in the Essential Oil Machine to use Bug Repellent

Ask 5/6 Sun Hats from neighbors
5. Nice work everyone, we’re halfway there! I think we should give Old Macdonald the first part of his gift! He’ll love these scents, they’ll remind him of when he was a young boy!

Craft 1/2 Citrus Sensation Candle in the Beauty Shop

Craft 1/2 Fragrant Fruit Wreath in the Beauty Shop
6. Old MacDonald loved the hike, I just know it! He said I was a great guide and I say he is a great guy! "Here’s the other part of your gift Old Macdonald! Happy Father’s Day!"

Ask 5/8 Father’s Day Tie from neighbors



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      2017-06-17 22:23:53 Moo

Vicki ... your looking in the wrong section you need to look in the classic missions section for this version of the mission... this here is what the steps were when it was new not classic

      2017-06-17 20:41:33 vicki

fish n chip mach needs a 8rc part.. the rest 3x10 ask parts

      2017-06-17 20:26:11 vicki

      2017-06-17 20:23:35 vicki

1)plant 30 wheat plant 30 lettuce... hmmm fail! the mission has changed!!

      2014-06-20 08:29:41 soofy

discount on bee box we want

      2014-06-19 14:40:02 duiy

discount on bee box

      2014-06-18 20:04:52 tomy

give us discount on bee box please please .......

      2014-06-17 15:35:04 emmoo

plz give us discount on bee box it is used in makin ivory candles which is used in making Citrus Sensation Candle

      2014-06-16 20:30:27 mooducky

pigs give pork

      2014-06-16 20:10:01 MAha

how we can get pork??????????????

      2014-06-16 14:27:40 remo


      2014-06-15 19:32:42 zainab

it is an easy mission and the gift is very good i like this miision

      2014-06-15 10:21:35 almas


      2014-06-15 10:20:41 almas

how do we use bee wax box please tell PLEASE GIVE US DISCOUNT

      user 2014-06-14 21:59:16 madalina

:))) even you are lazy I remain the stupid one :)) anyhow we ae friends and this means we complete each other very good :))

      2014-06-14 11:49:14 1pikefish

magalina I am not smarter I am lazy :P :D

      user 2014-06-14 11:39:27 madalina

1pikefish you were always smarter than me ;))) But I am so stupid and I insist to make them all....I don`t have words to explain :)))

      2014-06-14 01:21:43 1pikefish

madalina I am not doing trader orders or market orders, or stupid global/personal events. just lost time. :(

      user 2014-06-13 22:15:46 madalina

I am just one step to "pluck" my hair ;))) tasks+missions+trade house+market order= insanity :))) I am about to stop this game but you made me laugh as I didn`t for a long time :) thanks 1pikefish! you are a great number! :))hugs!

      2014-06-13 20:57:29 1pikefish

more feathers...who do we pluck next? :P :D

      2014-06-13 20:45:33 Rebel5665

I have to get this, very easy mission seems like just gonna take a few days for me, Lol ;)

      2014-06-13 20:28:24 Mohamed Eissa

you will need Mandarin Tree 12RC

      2014-06-13 19:19:52 tiger


      2014-06-13 19:14:44 MadalinaTeleman

welcome on ;)

      2014-06-13 10:30:53 jonatanlion

When will it be released in facebook?

      2014-06-13 04:59:55 Vy Bụng Phệ

No RC ...... so beautifull ....

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