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World Cup Flag Event!


Collect every teams flag and win the Fast Cake Machine!
Collect all the World Cup Flags from the Flag Tree and Win fantastic prizes! Win the Mystery Gift by owning the winning teams Flag in the World Cup! You can upgrade the Tree for faster drops and a better chance to collect them all!



 Your name (nick)
2. x 8 =   ?

      2014-07-28 03:20:26

I had the team and finished the mission WAY BEFORE the last min and still didnt get it or anything...... this is BS and I know Other people that got ripped off. Just not right...... PISSED off and I wrote to them and nothing back. This game dont care about our feeling of how we play.... they just want our money when buying RCs. I NEED MY PRIZE! Need help getting my mystery prize.....

      2014-07-18 23:39:53

got it figured out...

      director 2014-07-18 14:20:10 mooducky

are you saying that after it auto fills in for step 1 that for step 2 it will not let you type

      2014-07-18 03:04:30

I did and i cant type anything in there.

      director 2014-07-18 00:03:26 mooducky

are you able to get to the part of support where it wants your name and facebook id.... you need to click the log in using facebook icon and then a popup window comes up ..if you use a pop up blocker you will need to allow pop up on the page... then enter your facebook log in info and it will fill in step 1

      2014-07-17 23:52:17

I cant get too the support and cant type in my message to them???? THIS IS FREAKING ANNOYING I NEED MY PRIZE I WORKED HARD FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      director 2014-07-17 22:19:56 mooducky

if you still have the Germany Flag on your farm or in gift box send them a support ticket using the link in the game... help and support... then you should be able to get the mystery prize

      2014-07-17 21:22:36

They need to FIX THIS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! be a shame for me to quit a game Ive enjoyed playing for the last 250 some days.

      2014-07-17 18:32:13

NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2014-07-17 18:24:15 Melinda

Ive been clicking the tree all week and Nothing happen... was waiting for the mystery prize and nothing...... I got all flags with like 8 days to spare.... Totally agree with Sunshine.

      2014-07-17 18:21:11 Sunshine

I did too elizabeth.... Nothing happened. :-( I agree..... Stupid game. If i worked so hard getting flags for not even a mystery gift. :-( NOT HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!

      director 2014-07-17 16:32:12 mooducky

you had 48 hours to collect the mystery prize ( by clicking on the soccer ball on the right) if you did not collect the mystery prize by Tuesday reset then you can not get the mystery prize ( the football grove)

      2014-07-17 15:58:15 Wee777

When I clicked on the tree, nothing happened

      2014-07-17 04:23:19 lin888

Melinda, click on your tree then you will see the redeem button

      2014-07-17 04:10:15 Sweet girl.

I did too Melinda..... I got the flag but 2 but I have both of Final teams.

      2014-07-17 04:08:12 Melinda

ok I seriously got screwed on this game I got all the flags and 8 days to spare and I didnt get the mystery box.... UGH :-(

      2014-07-17 04:00:08 Melinda

Mic I dont have a football on the right of my screen

      2014-07-17 01:52:07 mic

Click the football on the right of your screen, there is a redeem button now on the parcel in the middle.

      2014-07-17 01:45:32 Melinda

How we get the mystery gift?

      2014-07-14 19:20:52

can I sell this useless tree?

      2014-07-14 10:29:43

the mystery gift is a football grove :O

      2014-07-14 00:22:19 kentaxit

Germany win :))

      2014-07-11 15:47:20 mooducky

you will get the mystery gift once they know who wins the world cup in real life ... the last game is played on Sunday so it should be Monday or Tuesday when the gift gets given out

      2014-07-11 15:27:50 123

When do I get mystery gift because you are nervous just to give DC OR give us The gift on the case or varna sekigo as RC is given to reduce the time for making the flag

      2014-07-11 09:37:34

Me too :(

      2014-07-11 08:03:36 Melinda

I had 1 flag left to get :(

      2014-07-09 13:03:16 Dariyasha

I can not finish in time because they stole 4-5 days. Just stupid wasting of time and RC. I am very angry.

      2014-07-01 22:09:53 Sunflower22

If we have two of the winning flag can we get two of the mystery gift? Also thanks to the designers that we now get one of every flag first.

      2014-07-01 09:14:07 Mary

I got my fast cake machine now.

      2014-06-29 16:34:27 CutiePie-17-

@kk i think soccer cream machine will b the mystery gift.......M NOT SURE!!!

      2014-06-28 19:54:00 kk

What do you guys think will be the mystery gift?

      2014-06-28 15:42:15 mooducky

you always get a new flag no more repeats

      2014-06-28 10:55:02 mic

Was something changed about duplicates the last days? Im only a few flags short by now and always getting exactly what I need, last dupe was days ago as unlikely as this is becoming.

      2014-06-23 16:00:02 mooducky

not a glitch it is part of the challenge to get them all by having multiple

      2014-06-23 11:13:53 sheila

why are there multiple flags, is it a glitch

      2014-06-23 07:20:07 sug2h

Maybe all the World Cup Events end at the same date because the game conceptors want it to coincide with the end of the Fifa cup? It is just a guess, I did not check if the date matches.

      2014-06-22 22:54:40 Mary

Yes, it is strange. agame also started almost a week later, but have the same end time as facebook. Looks very hard to get all flag if is total random which flag. It will be 8% chance if you harvest every 8 houre total random.

      2014-06-22 18:22:20 Dariyasha

Can somebody explain how long they will deceive us? On GGG it started in a few days later then on Facebook. Why now I have the same quantity of the days? What is going on? Why we lost 2 or 3 days????????? I am tired of all this tricks.

      2014-06-21 22:08:50 Paradiseisland

Well I will not get all the flags in about 18 days, I would not get there on level 2, I could get there on level 3, but with duplicates I might not. I am not spending 11 RC to get to level 4, I will just have to be happy with the flags.

      2014-06-21 13:35:52 Afi

I got 3rd Brazil flag. Repeating flags is bad. A single flag has been collected in every 8 hours please short the time or stop repeating.

      2014-06-20 21:45:36 Pudgy Pegacorns

FWIW. Just got my 3rd US flag. I still need 13 others.

      2014-06-20 15:38:39 MAHA

plz increase the time of this mission on

      2014-06-20 13:35:27 Pudgy Pegacorns

I just got my second USA flag. I have 19 out of the 32 flags. As a duplicate it is nice because i will use it as a decoration eventually but as a sign for how hard it is going to be to get all 32 it is bad. Sigh.

      2014-06-18 18:47:40 shams etman

wow great

      2014-06-18 17:25:41 _Bazz07_

the final prize is a fast cake machine

      2014-06-16 23:07:23 mooducky

if they told what the gift was then it would not be a mysterious gift .. we need to wait for the world cup to end to find out

      2014-06-16 22:52:27 ann

so whats the mysterious gift

      2014-06-14 01:12:39 eLaDa

No, it starts the same time for all...please if someone get double flag...let us know!

      2014-06-13 07:43:36

can you choose what day to start? like if you plan to be away for the weekend...can you start it Monday and not be penalized?

      director 2014-06-13 02:23:50 mooducky

no you can not use water can .... lowest harvest time you can get is 8 hours by upgrading it to level 4