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Armadillo Adventure
Hey there farmer! I was helping Granny clear out her attic when I found a mysterious treasure map! Wanna go on a Treasure Hunt with me? Great! To infinity and beyond!
1. Glad to have you aboard farmer! Oh, I forgot to tell you! We’ll also be travelling with 3 amazing Armadillos! Yep. Armadillos. We’ll pick them up along the way!

Produce 30/40 Beef Salami

Place 2/2 Amazon Green Fence on the farm
2. The key to every successful Treasure Hunt is plenty of food. Especially when travelling with ME! They don’t call me Mr. Grumpy Pants for nothin’ you know. My belly needs food!

Harvest 6/10 Nectarine from the Nectarine Tree

Produce 40/55 Raisin Cookies in the Cookie Machine
3. Ugh! This Map is so confusing! Hey, I once saw a detective on a TV shine a black light on a treasure map and these white letters popped off the page! That’s it! A Black Light!

Harvest 50/70 Kiwi

Find 3/3 Black Lights when harvesting Kiwi
4. The Black Light revealed a hidden path called the Valley of Doom! Oh d-d-dear farmer. I’m so s-s-scared! Maybe Armando can help...if we can find him in this mess of books.

Find Armando in this mess of books
5. Have no fear, Armando’s here! He will lead us to Victory...for the price of a few cookies. He’s gonna sell them at the upcoming Woodland Bake Sale back home! I say it’s a DEAL!

Produce 60/80 Heart Cookies in the Cookie Machine

Produce 10/15 Nectarine Salad in the Salad Machine

Ask 5/8 Travel Packs from Neighbors
1. Eek! The Valley of Doom sure is spooky not to mention prickly too! If we go any further we’re bound to get caught up in the Blueberry bushes. You gotta Machete Farmer?

Harvest 40/50 Blueberries

Find 3/3 Machetes when harvesting blueberries
2. Much better! Armando thinks our next clue is near the Muffin Machine. Why just search for clues when we can search AND eat at the same time? Muffins are delish!

Produce 50/60 Cheese Muffin in the Muffin Machine

Produce 8/12 Chocolate Muffins in the Muffin Machine
3. Armando says the Map is leading us North but he’s too tired to move! Looks like classic ’Armadillo burn-out’ to me. Let’s give him some good food to snap him out of it!

Feed Wheat to the Purple Bird Habitat and produce 60/80 Bird Eggs

Feed Bird Eggs to Armadillo to produce 60/80 Armadillo Armor
4. Hey, look! It’s our second armored buddy Brando the Brave! We need his climbing skills to help us find the treasure, way up there! Get your purses ready to catch the Gold Coins!

Craft 3/4 Armadillo Coin Purse in the Workshop
5. What’s this? A riddle written with Red Jelly?! "What flips things around, but doesn’t move?" You’re right {0}, a mirror! You’re a Genius! And this place is weird.

Produce 70/90 bottles of Pitaya Jam in the Jam Machine

Craft a Colorful Muffin Tree in the Workshop

Ask 5/8 Mirrors from neighbors
1. Look at that! The map in the mirror shows a path leading to a Deserted Desert! Pack your Juice Farmer, it’s going to be hot! And being hot makes me super DUPER grumpy!

Produce 50/60 Grape Juice in the Juice Machine
2. Bad news! We’re lost! The map says the treasure is due West but Armando and Brando keeping arguing about which way West is! The heat is finally getting to them. Gotta Compass?

Make 4/5 Nectarine Blueberry Crisp in the Dessert Shop

Find a Compass when harvesting Cactus
3. Look! I see our Treasure! In the middle of that island across the water! Do you see that shiny thing? Can you swim farmer? NO? Rats! Ugh. So close yet so far!

Produce 50/80 Buffalo Milk Cheese to distract the rats

Produce 12/18 Cantaloupe Milkshake in the Milkshake Cart
4. Aha! Just in the nick of time! Mandy, our third Armadillo friend saves the day. With a Snorkel she should be able to bring back the treasure. Send her with good Karma too!

Perform 50/90 actions on neighbors’ farms

Find 3/3 Snorkels when helping on neighbors’ farms
5. Mandy’s swam back with our Treasure! Wow! A Pirate Ship in a Bottle, I’ve always wanted one of these! They’re worth a fortune! Queue the Fireworks farmer, our job here is done!

Ask 5/8 Fireworks from Neighbors

Make 5/7 Summer Berry Cake in the Dessert Shop
LEVEL 40-/40+


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