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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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Family Farm Cup
The grass is cut, the sun is shining, Soccer spirit’s in the air! In celebration of this years World Cup, I thought we could have our own Soccer Championship! You in farmer?
1. Old Macdonald is hoppin’ with excitement. He used to play pro soccer in College. Um, is anyone gonna tell him that his College shorts are far too small for him now? Aye yai yai!

Harvest 30/50 Hops

Harvest 30/50 Wheat
2. Finally, things are underway! We’re attracting quite the crowd too! That reminds me, what’s a Soccer Game without some good old fashioned Beer? This crowd looks thirsty for it!

Have a Completed Speciality Beer Machine on the farm
3. Good grief! Who put Syrup in the Beer Machine? It was probably that little prankster, Darryl! Grrr, why I oughta…TOTALLY thank him! This beer’s surprisingly delicious!

Harvest 6/12 Maple Syrup

Produce 10/15 Maple Lager in the Speciality Beer Machine
4. The crowd’s pouring in, the pressure’s building! Who will win the Family Farm Cup? Time to find out! Hey, those ducks took off with my whistle! Give it back ducks!

Find the Whistle
5. Tweet! Alright folks, the game’s begun. The crowd is going WILD! They’re calling for more beer and chanting "GO FAMILY FARM! GO FAMILY FARM"! Things are definitely heating up!

Produce 10/18 Double Chocolate Stout in the Speciality Beer Machine

Ask 5/8 Spray Bottles from friends
6. Hooray! The game’s over and we won, 1-0! The crowd is roaring! The team’s highfiving! The children are dancing in the stands! Huh? Children? Yikes, they can’t drink beer!

Produce 10/20 glasses of Children Punch in the Hot Drink Machine

Ask 6/12 Mini Footballs from Neighbors for the children to play with
7. What a great game Farmer! Perhaps Old Macdonald’s too-small shorts were a good thing after all. According to the other game officials he was quite the distraction! Hehehe!

Perform 50/100 Action on Neighbors’ Farms


 Your name (nick)
7. x 7 =   ?

      2014-06-19 22:43:04 moo

cause some countries they call soccer football

      2014-06-19 20:13:03 help

What is a mini football? That is a soccer I think. Someone help me?

      2014-06-13 13:08:46 mic

I got an iris yesterday, these never were available for planting here

      2014-06-13 12:11:09 drg

MY chicken gave my first a clover and then a plum

      2014-06-13 10:49:32 jonatanlion

Ok I get that the chicken gives something but WHAT? It gave me walnut

      2014-06-12 16:57:55 Carro

@garione - In the gift box.

      2014-06-12 16:47:38 garione

were is my chicken i have complete speciality beer machine

      2014-06-03 19:49:06 Eowynn86

The dog is a cheer-leading poodle, that gives you pom poms, that you use in the workshop.

      2014-06-03 15:12:43 MadalinaTeleman

welcome to ;)) seems that plinga changed days and hours lately ;)

      2014-06-03 06:29:46 Kandra

I just got this mission done in 2 in a half hours. SUPER EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2014-06-02 18:11:54 wellina

come faccio a registrami su questo sito

      2014-06-02 14:39:01 Luzputt

Will this mission be available on to??

      2014-06-01 20:26:00 Melinda

all u do is place it on your farm just like the gmone, chineese house, easter tree, ( i dont know what level you guys are on or what you have on your farm)

      2014-06-01 20:23:13 Melinda

@Tana and Annie the chicken gives you a reward every 24 hrs.

      2014-06-01 18:46:55 Tana

@ kirti, the final reward is dog but after the 2nd task it gives a what chicken is it and what does the chicken do???

      2014-06-01 16:49:27 kirti

xcuseme itsssssss aaaaaaaaaa dog and now dont eat my mind

      2014-06-01 13:12:34 annie

what is the chicken used for?

      2014-05-31 07:23:18 ted

Speciality beer parts will be on sale?

      2014-05-30 11:31:29 donna23

Last night there was a multicoloured star on the right of the screen under the red book, I found out in was piñata, when you bought RC coins you got free piñata and inside them was prizes, but it only lasted for 12 hours.

      2014-05-30 11:14:50 r_gamer

Maria, mooducky, and donna23; what are you talking about??

      2014-05-29 20:02:58 donna23

What are the multicoloured stars for? They are on offer when you buy RC coins

      director 2014-05-29 16:01:51 mooducky

I think 45 and up is the higher amount

      2014-05-29 15:40:52 Maria

What level do the numbers change at?

      2014-05-29 14:38:42 Dodieinsc

What does the Chicken do?

      2014-05-29 11:44:54 leaslater

10 RC for the specialty beer machine, the parts that are given in #1 are the ones you can ask for :( Reward is a Cheerleading Poodle, feed it beef & get pom-poms.

      2014-05-29 09:04:57 Natalie

When will it start??

      2014-05-29 07:29:58

what is the final reward? another dog? it is a poodle? Looks so cute...what is for?

      2014-05-29 04:20:38 Kayla_Christin

When is this mission going to start?

      2014-05-29 03:27:07 1pikefish

Guess what? :P

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