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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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The King’s Diary
In a forest far far away, lives a Squirrel King with his Son, Chip. The Squirrel King, old and weary of making sure his subjects get each day their daily nuts, is preparing to step down. Chip will become the new King.
1. My first special task is to organize a big party for all the squirrels in the forest. My dad says this will show my ability to take care of everyone in the kingdom. Let’s start with cakes!

Collect 30 Eggs

Produce 30 Sacks of Wheat Flour

Produce 10 Black Forest Cakes with Gisela Cherries
2. The party needs ornaments. I know a corner of my dad’s kingdom, where wild roses grow. Perfect for a squirrel party! I just wonder if I should combine them with other flowers too. What do you think?

Harvest 40 Purple Roses

Harvest 40 Carnations
3. Oh, and food and drinks! One little squirrel doesn’t eat much, but a whole bunch of them will require a lot of food!

Harvest 10 Cashew from the Cashew Tree

Produce 50 loaves of Oat Bread
4. Hooray! Thank you so much for helping me! I am ready for my second assignment now, nothing is going to stop me! My father said I’ll need lots of money for it, better roll up my squirrel sleeves!

Sell 100 loaves of Oat Bread

Sell 10 Farmstyle Cashew Yogurt
5. Wow! My dad gave me an Ancient Ancestral Squirrel Diary! I opened it, and it says: ’I promise thee a land of nuts and honey. Take dominion over all living things. No plant shall ever wither!’ Oh my, I’d better start preparing for this journey!

Produce 10 Cashew Cereal in the Cereal Machine

Produce 100 Salmon Salad Sandwiches in the Sandwich Machine
6. Wow, this farm is great! But it seems like I’m not quite the King here. The Queen around here seems to be that friendly old lady. I shall have an audience with her and offer her something sweet as a symbol of respect and friendship!

Produce 60 Grape Ice Creams in the Ice Cream Machine

Produce 60 Love Cakes in the Cake Machine
7. Hmm, my audience with Queen Grandma Blair went rather well. She’s going to introduce me to the man that seems to be of great support to her, named Ol’MacDonald, surely her loyal advisor! I’d better show him I can be a good worker too!

Plow 20 new plots of land

Craft 5 Luxury Carpets in the Workshop
8. Advisor Ol’MacDonald has told me there are also young people on this farm, a certain Princess Felicia. She appears to be out of town now…Well, it doesn’t matter, it will give us time to prepare a welcoming gift for her when she comes back!

Produce 15 White Chocolate Cookies in the Cookie Machine

Ask 6 Cookie Boxes from neighbors
9. It turns out that Princess Felicia is not the youngest on this farm! Prince Darryl is! I’m sure I can be good friends with him, because I happen to know that all kids loooooove puddings!

Produce 10 Snowflake Puddings in the Pudding Machine

Produce 10 Rice Puddings in the Pudding Machine
10. This is going so well, all thanks to your fantastic help! But now that I’ve become friends with all the humans around here, I must start acting like a worthy squirrel King and take care of the animals too!

Harvest 100 Green Lettuce

Produce and collect 100 Alpaca Hair
11. It is written in the Diary: ’We are red, green or golden, what a treat! We fall on the heads of the quietly sleeping, help them eat! Lift your eyes and you will see, that we are hanging from a tree!’

Harvest 10 Apples

Produce 15 Apple Icecreams
12. It says in the Diary: ’Soft and sweet, oh so bad for thy teeth’.

Produce 50 cups of Mocha Coffee

Produce 15 Mocha Puddings in the Pudding Machine
13. The diary talks about an item from our ancestors; it belonged to the First Squirrel King. It’s an Egg of some kind...

Harvest 8 Ginkgo Nut

Feed Ginkgo Nut to the Dinosaur to produce 15 Dinosaur Eggs

Find Ancient Egg by producing Dinosaur Eggs
14. Oh my, I never thought becoming a King would be so tiresome! I’m sweating all over! Luckily, there is a solution for this in the diary: ’Use what keeps the bees busy, and makes the girls dizzy!’

Produce 50 bottles of Provence Honey

Produce 50 bottles of Daisy Perfume in the Perfume Machine
15. There is one last thing I need for my Squirreldom: a Scepter. But I don’t understand the instructions in the diary…: ’The more you give, the more you receive’. What does it mean?!

Help neighbors to fertilize or water 50 times on their farm

Find a Scepter when helping neighbors


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      2019-02-15 00:49:42 junior

it tales 137 dinosaur eggs to find the ancient egg

      2019-02-14 23:14:21 junior

hi how many dino eggs need to find the ancient egg please ?

      2014-06-26 18:34:14 Maria

Question: is it a squirrel habitat, or a squirrelking habitat? Because they count as two different animals for the achievement, and I already have the squirrel king.

      2014-06-02 10:47:39 Kay

You can just buy one.

      2014-05-30 10:23:21 Kayla_C

Glad I already have a squirrel! lol

      2014-05-27 22:08:06 Sophie


      2014-05-27 00:01:00 AGB

Muy pronto la tendremos!

      2014-05-26 22:39:21 mido

very long mission

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