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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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Captain Darryl Hook
Yar! Ahoy matey! My name is Captain Darryl Hook and I be the greatest Pirate in all the 7 ponds! Join me and set sail on a dangerous voyage to discover new land, and new food!
1. Grab ye stuff Captain {0}, this trip is not for the faint of heart! Have ye ever run out of food lost at sea? Lucky, It’s how I lost me baby tooth!

Harvest 60 Potatoes

Produce 12 Olive Oil in the Oil Press
2. Are you telling the truth Sailor? A Machine that turns pond dwellers into delicious Fish and Chips! Why didn’t you say so? This is more precious than treasure!

Have a completed Fish and Chips Machine on the farm
3. Raise the mast! Lift the anchor! And, uhh, Swab the Deck! We’re heading North to Fish Haven and the Carps are bitin’! Have ye got yer Sea Legs yet Captain?

Produce 10 Carp Fish and Chips in the Fish and Chips Machine

Produce 100 Beef Hotdogs in the Hotdog Machine
4. Do ye think these fish are Herring me jokes? Hehe yikes Sailor! We’ve been on the water for days and I’m starving! Drop a line, we head East to search for land and great riches!

Produce 15 Herring Fish and Chips in the Fish and Chips Machine

Produce 25 Pears Pie in the Pie Machine
5. Land Ho! Wait a minute...Shiver me timbers, It’s Moby Catfish! Captain, load the cannons and get ready! This cat is a scurvy dog. Fire in the Hole!

Produce 20 Catfish Fish and Chips in the Fish and Chips Machine

Produce 80 Strawberry Butter in the Butter Machine

Ask 12 Cannon Balls from Neighbors
6. We’ve done it Captain! Back on land, and just in time - for dinner! Oh no! Granny says not one bite until we clean up and help make the salad! Life is tough when you’re a pirate!

Produce 20 Avocado Salad in the Salad Machine

Make 3 Sweet Retreat Body Scrub in the Beauty Shop
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      2014-06-05 08:23:48 rian

mau donk

      2014-05-31 02:11:37 sug2h

@r_gamer : I agree with Carro, you should delete your non-giving friends and add new ones. For example, you could check who fertilizes your friends crops, they could be regular players. If you ask for neighbors on this forum, please specify where you play (,, facebook, etc.) Good luck! :)

      2014-05-30 17:39:08 Carro

@r_gamer - If your on plinga I suggest that you delete all your neighbours that do not gift and search in the search bar above (on this page) for "daily gifters" there are big lists with people you should invite. I worked for me.

      2014-05-30 11:04:53 r_gamer

Sameyo, this site is not run by the Family Barn people. You will have to contact them via their Help tab at the top (which is not visible in Full Screen mode), or their Comments page. I only know how to get to that by starting a note to them via Help, and then clicking on a "possibly related" link that they bring up (so by trial-and-error with this method). It took me a long time to build my Cream Machine, so I know how you feel. Good luck. : )

      2014-05-30 10:56:48 r_gamer

I agree with mic, 1pikefish (although I would want to get a prize from an earlier mission that I never got instead), and HL. : ) mooducky, my guess is people are saying it is hard because it requires so many different machines. I for one would have to get the Fish and Chips Machine; Pie Machine; Butter Machine; and a Salad Machine. Getting a couple of these might have been okay when I first started back in September, but no chance of that now - especially since I am one of the people affected by the way they changed how the Neighbors work. I used to get something like 12 gifts a day, and now I am lucky if I get 4 a day. Plus, I have no more room on my ranch, and I can not ask for gifts to upgrade my Warehouse and for missions at the same time.

      2014-05-28 17:51:53 Sameyo

Can u please keep the sale for cream machine till 5 days ?

      2014-05-28 14:26:13 Sameyo

The cream machine costs so much RCs ! :(

      2014-05-25 16:32:07 MadalinaTeleman

i had the same situation and I picked up the snake ;)kittens are faster than the snake so I took the slower to have 2 ;))

      2014-05-25 14:31:07

I already have both prizes from previous missions.I finished the mission but dont know what to pick.Would you help me please?

      2014-05-22 14:45:43 MadalinaTeleman

we just got this one today on strange...we usually had the new entrance on Wednesday. Now we have on Monday and..Thursday....I am dizzy

      director 2014-05-20 20:25:24 mooducky

why are people saying this is hard ... only thing stopping me is that I send out all my request so I need to wait to request cannon balls tomorrow on step 5

      2014-05-20 19:14:35 MadalinaTeleman

1pikefish I agree with you ;) What a pity that Plinga bring back again and again the same stuff. ok everybody wants them and we don`t start the game in the same time but why don`t they put after the mission ends all those machines/animals/trees/parts in the shop.Will be easier and everyone could buy no matter when his/her game took start.just saying :)

      2014-05-20 18:46:12 HL

fortunately I have both rewards, because this mission is hard

      2014-05-20 16:14:02 1pikefish

to bad we cannot exchange duplicates for something like gas :( :P :D

      2014-05-20 13:35:29 mic

Peter, leave useless/duplicate rewards in the gift box, takes no space there.

      2014-05-20 11:24:02 CoolGil

I have both rewards allready, and the machine is 80.000 coins and 8 RC to complete.

      2014-05-20 09:24:17 donna23

How 38 RC? Fish and chip machine is only 8RC the other bits you can ask for!

      2014-05-19 23:52:39 Peter

An extremely difficult mission, and a prize of stuff that clogs up our warehouse...

      2014-05-19 19:32:43 Nguyễn Khánh Vy

38 RC bad

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