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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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Apple Thieves
It’s 10pm on the farm right now and I know what you’re thinking. I’m up way past my bed time. I can’t sleep farmer. I’m about to crack the biggest mystery of the year!
1. Yep, another case for Detective Darryl and Private Eye {0}! We’re both on night watch! Get some snacks but stay alert! The Apple thieves could strike at any moment.

Harvest 30/50 Blueberries

Produce 30/50 jars of Blueberry Jam in the Jam Machine
2. I see something! Right beside the Spooky Crystal Tree. Pitter patter let’s get atter! Come on’ {0} catch that creature!

Harvest 8/10 Spooky Crystals from the Spooky Crystal Tree to find that creature
3. We’re gaining on him! Get your Net ready farmer! What do you mean I never told you to bring a Net? Oopsies, my bad. Don’t worry, I’m sure your friends have some to spare!

Find 5/8 Nets when helping on your neighbors’ farm
4. What did the creature look like {0}? WHAT!? Like a WALKING CACTUS!? offense but you must’ve been dreaming. Think you can spot the culprit in this picture?

Find the hiding "Cactus" in the shades
5. Alright, we’ve got enough Nets and we’re back to where we started. EEEK!! You were right. It IS a walking Cactus! Wing some Turnips at that haunted plant and RUN for cover!

Craft a Picket Fence in the Workshop

Harvest 90/120 Turnips to wing at the haunted plant
6. Whoa! Hold up Private Eye! That’s no walking Cactus, that’s a Hedgehog!! Aw! He’s so cute! Surely he’s not a thief, he’s probably just homeless and hungry. Let’s take him home!

Produce 70/100 Oatmeal Cookies in the Cookie Machine

Craft 5/10 Silk Handkerchiefs in the Workshop to keep the Hedeghog warm
1. The Hedgehog’s name is Roly Poly. He has a cousin named Quilly but she’s still lost in the woods. Okay {0}, meet me at 11pm and we’ll set back out to find her.

Harvest 8/12 Apples

Harvest 40/60 Kiwis
2. Quilly might get freaked out if she sees two dark shadows coming towards her. Bring a peace offering to showcase your friendliness.

Produce 10/15 Kiwi Fruit Cups in the Fruit Cup Machine
3. Is Roly Poly safe and well-fed? Great! Time to set off into the night to find Quilly. Hey look, I think I see her. WAIT! That’s not Quilly, that’s a BEAR! Run for your life!

Feed Apple to the Hedgehog and produce 10/15 Hedgehog Quills(Finish Part 1 can get one Hedgehog)

Make a Witch Hand Lamp in the Workshop
4. Jeesh! That bear could sure run! We narrowly escaped with out lives {0}. Dare we go back again to find Quilly? I say sure but this time you go first. I’m a chicken.

Craft 2/3 Medicine Wheels using Hedgehog Quills in the Workshop in case we get hurt

Ask 10/12 Courage Symbols from Neighbors
5. I see some wee beady eyes up ahead. Tip toe closer, to get a better look! I think it’s Quilly but she seems so shy. Look busy and harvest some Lychees to see if she’ll come out!

Harvest 10/15 Lychees

Produce 12/18 Lychee Fruit Cups in the Fruit Cup Machine
6. Yay! Quilly came out but boy is she hungry! Let’s take her home. Thanks to you these hedgehogs cousins can now live hunger-free forever! Watch them jump for joy!

Produce 15/20 Black Forest Cakes with Giesla Cherries to give hedgehogs a big Treat


 Your name (nick)
8. x 6 =   ?

      2014-06-01 11:18:38 Maha

4rm where u guyzz get the hiding cactus....i knw that its different 4 everyone but i can get hint....:P

      2014-05-21 12:15:25 almas

thank u carro

      2014-05-20 23:12:27 Carro

@almas - Under Tree in the store. 10 RC.

      2014-05-20 21:21:47 almas

where can we find Spooky Crystal Tree

      user 2014-05-18 21:13:22

you go to friends farms to get them

      user 2014-05-18 17:02:03 mall520

How do you get the nets? I got the free gift 1s from friends but they dont seem to be the right 1s

      2014-05-14 18:13:39

done with this one

      user 2014-05-13 01:12:29 sug2h

@sunshine12 : where do you play?

      2014-05-12 21:16:17 Sunshine13

I need friends to exchange gifts everyday, please add me!!!

      2014-05-12 11:26:10 desi

Thank you! It says 8 hours! :)

      2014-05-12 10:16:02

Hold your mouse over the locked mission parts and the game will tell you, desi. Rounding meaningfully isnt the games strong point, so 1 day can mean something like 1d23h.

      2014-05-12 09:50:10 desi

When does the second part of this mission open? I have finished first 6 steps, but the second part is still locked for me.

      2014-05-10 09:58:25 MadalinaTeleman

to my dear 1pikefish:I played Farmville and Mafia on Zynga when I had a FB account.2and a half years ago I deleted my FB acc and I started to play on G+ but last year in June they stopped.well I find this one here and I play.I dislike too market order.I hope they come with smth new :) hugs my dear friend!

      2014-05-09 19:36:46 1pikefish

to Madalina: Hi, I hate the Market order. Spent to much coins, materials and time and in return I get very little. All prizes were either in already played missions and cheaper, or when skipped the mission rewards are available for some RC. And if you are bored waiting for a new mission try Casleville on If you need any help just let me know.:):D

      2014-05-09 16:19:00 MadalinaTeleman

sug2h: yes I have them too in the workshop but was a mission before and we didn`t get even the items were listed ....I hope to come :) we will see on Monday :)

      user 2014-05-09 14:34:10

in plots lol day two now hope monday its been in

      user 2014-05-09 14:32:41

when is this going to come out i have all the things it wants u to Harvest lol

      2014-05-09 00:46:19 werety

try refreshing

      2014-05-08 20:24:12 zuzubno

hi I accidentally erased all friends You can someone please add me as a friend thank you nick - zuzubno

      user 2014-05-08 18:32:19 sug2h

@Madalina: on, we have the medicine wheel in the workshop, so i guess we will have the hedgehogs?

      2014-05-08 18:32:05 eagle

I did not get my 2nd hedgehog.

      2014-05-08 17:42:05 MadalinaTeleman

well again we have in advance courage symbols and I am not sure anymore that we`ll get this mission on :((((

      2014-05-08 00:38:59 MadalinaTeleman

thanks mooducky ;) what I will do without you?? meh is a long way till next week, but I am sure I`ll get this one! ;))

      director 2014-05-07 18:49:00 mooducky

you will get one hedgehog for the habitat once you complete step 6 of the first tier of the mission.. step 1-1 you get water cans .... tier 2-2 you get gas , and then 2-3 is 150 op

      2014-05-07 17:38:39 MadalinaTeleman

1pikefish: a big hug my dear friend! you never ask for help on your market order! ;)))

      2014-05-07 17:36:01 MadalinaTeleman

well mooducky first thanks a lot and my next question, if you please, is: after what step we get the habitat? partially of course. 3rd one??? thanks in advance I am sorry for being a pain in .... but I can`t see the images

      director 2014-05-07 14:29:28 mooducky

reward is getting to keep the hedgehog haitat

      2014-05-07 12:24:47 1pikefish

good question :)

      2014-05-07 11:13:55 MadalinaTeleman

well I think this one will come on ;) today or next Monday ;)) but what is the reward??

      2014-05-06 20:28:35 zahir238

we want this on agame!!!

      2014-05-06 19:28:11 Aya

wanna finish it 2day :)

      2014-05-06 15:32:54 Kaaha

ohhh they are so cute!

      2014-05-06 12:50:02 chansmast

very easy

      2014-05-06 08:53:55 T.Nghia

150 OP and Hedgehog Habitat

      2014-05-06 03:47:40 Tom

Step 3 is OP, Step 6 is Hedgehog Habitat

      2014-05-06 03:04:27 jessica

its not showing for me either, can you say what the prize is?

      2014-05-05 21:35:48 fab3plusme

After Step 3 and Step 6, what are the pics supposed to be? Not showing up for me. Thanks!

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