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A Splendid Mother’s Day
It’s nearly Mother’s Day and I can’t wait to show Granny her Mother’s Day surprise! Her sister, Grandma Reese is moving to Family Farm to start her Knitting business!
1. The farm could use a little sprucing up for Mother’s Day. We should also make a good impression on Grandma Reese. Let’s start with some Carnations and a matching Fence to boot!

Harvest 35/50 Carnations

Place a Azalea Pink Fence on the farm
2. The farm looks fantastic and just in time too! Grandma Reese is finally here. Let’s set up her Knitting Machine and give her some Wool to see what she can do!

Have a completed Granny Knitter on the farm

Feed Wheat to the Sheep and produce 40/70 Wool
3. I asked Grandma Reese what her secret to happiness is and she said "It’s no secret deary. It’s the warm fuzzy feeling you get from putting on a fresh pair of Bunny Slippers." Aw.

Collect 80/120 Angora Hair

Produce 80/120 Bunny Slippers with Angora Hair in Granny Knitter
4. Oh oh! Grandma Reese lost her Knitting Needles in a Haystack. I told her not to worry ’cause you had excellent eye sight and could find it in a jiffy! Right?

Help Grandma Reeves find her Sewing Needle
5. Granny came out of her house and cried tears of joy when she saw her sister! Make these two lovely ladies some matching Scarves to complete this splendid Mother’s Day!

Produce 12/20 Fine Silk Scarf in the Granny Knitter
6. What a joyous day! Time to make some heart-felt Cards and yummy Cake to celebrate Mothers around the world. Happy Mother’s Day to all you Moms. We sure do appreciate you!

Ask 10/15 Happy Mother’s Day Cards from Neighbors

Produce 100/150 Love Cakes in the Cake Machine
LEVEL 30- / 30+


 Your name (nick)
8. x 8 =   ?

      2014-05-25 23:40:21 Melinda

@yarden you need a silkworm tree for the silk....

      2014-05-25 06:48:24

"Produce Fine Silk Scarf in the Granny Knitter"

      2014-05-25 04:46:47 yarden

Where can I FIND the silk scarf? What animal makes it?

      user 2014-05-17 23:22:57 sleepyjess

@ayesha it is different for everyone

      2014-05-17 12:49:26 ayesha

where is needle

      2014-05-16 16:14:29 took8hrs :o)

@aku- Yes

      2014-05-16 05:52:59 aku

i need to complete cake machine also for this mission

      2014-05-15 21:01:47 took8hrs :o)

Took me 8 hours :o)

      2014-05-14 22:53:29 Sunshine3-21-82

Good to have a easy Mission once in a while..... LOVED IT!!!!!!

      2014-05-14 22:52:19 Sunshine3-21-82

Me too Emma.... SUPER easy!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2014-05-14 22:35:24 Emma

Sorry not 8hrs but 6 hrs

      2014-05-14 22:28:54 Emma

I agree sunshine3-21-82...... :) atleast some kind or reward like 5 RC If u can get it done in like 2 days or a day. I got this one done in 8 hrs and I didnt skip one thing on here. I even found the needle on first try.

      2014-05-14 20:19:23 Sunshine3-21-82

They should have special points for getting the mission done fast. and No RC used unless its parts for a machine trees or habitat.

      2014-05-13 19:43:37 pik

Deh , the reward isnt for water pond, just place it in land

      2014-05-13 19:10:57 Deh

I cant place the reward in the pond water!!

      2014-05-08 12:32:57 Zainab.A.Khan

yes u can take silkworm by harvesting it from neighbours

      2014-05-05 17:41:41 MadalinaTeleman

peeps I find the needle on the top of the left haystack as you face the screen.I know is randomly but...who knows??

      2014-05-05 13:18:01

this one is on

      2014-05-05 10:54:48 MadalinaTeleman

welcome on ;))

      2014-05-04 08:44:39

please put the Granny Knitter on sale, please

      2014-05-03 19:08:10

please put the Granny Knitter on sale

      user 2014-05-02 12:26:17 zuzubno

hi I accidentally erased all friends You can someone please add me as a friend thank you nick - zuzubno

      2014-05-02 11:39:07 r_gamer

Is there any way to get a free Silk Bush??

      2014-05-01 14:20:39 mido

where can i find this sewing needle shtttttt

      2014-04-30 14:50:06 mewmew

What materials we need to ask for granny knitter?

      2014-04-30 14:49:31 Sunshine

The reward is the Shelduck Habitat, and it gives you a Shelduck feather.

      2014-04-30 13:09:36 chan

whats the reward

      2014-04-30 10:44:37 N.

Mess: Granny Knitter cost 9 RC.

      2014-04-30 10:23:45 MadalinaTeleman

sorry I made a mistake ;)) we have got the one with the daffodils dweller ;))

      2014-04-30 10:21:57 MadalinaTeleman

I already have the answer... I just opened my game and this one is there ;) good luck and happy farming peeps!

      2014-04-30 10:18:47 MadalinaTeleman

I wonder which one will come next?

      2014-04-30 09:25:25 Mess

how much RC for the Granny Knitter?

      2014-04-30 09:05:48 Tinc

aww...cute! :)

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