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Happy Easter
1. Butterflies and blossoms! Puddles and galloshes! What’s NOT to love about Easter time? Starting with some festive flowers, let’s decorate the farm!

Plant 30/50 Daffodils

Harvest 30/50 Daffodils
2. When old Macdonald saw me in pain from hand-weaving all these Easter Baskets he walked twenty miles into town. That sweet old man bought me an Easter Egg Basket Machine. Aw!

Have a completed Easter Basket Machine on the farm
3. This Easter Basket Machine makes weaving baskets a dream. Watch how fast it can pump out some Chicken Egg Baskets. Thanks to Old Macdonald my arthritic hands can take a rest!

Collect 50/80 Eggs

Produce 8/10 Easter Chicken Egg Baskets
4. Every year, the Easter Bunny sneaks onto our farm in the middle of the night and hides a gift. Felicia saw him hide a Golden Egg at 3am but can’t remember where. Do you see it?

Find where the Golden Easter Egg is hiding
5. William’s flying home early for our Easter Eggstravaganza! He’s probably just coming to win the relay race AGAIN! Well not this time buddy! I’ve been training all year for this.

Harvest 60/80 Easter Lilies

Collect 5/7 Spoons when harvesting Easter Lilies for the Easter Egg Relay Race
6. Prepare the baskets and collect the Whistles! Our Relay Race begins in 20 minutes! Limber up farmer, last person to cross the finish line is a rotten egg!

Produce 10/15 Easter Dinosaur Egg Baskets for the Easter Egg Relay Race

Ask 8/12 Whistles from neighboors to announce the start of the race
7. And the winner of the Relay Race is…WILLIAM! ARG! Every year! Alright, I’ll be a good sport! Bring out the desserts. Let’s celebrate Easter and William’s victory...I guess.

Make 5/7 Bunny Butt Cakes in the Dessert Shop

Make 8/10 Chick on a Stick in the Dessert Shop
8. Hehe! Darryl got egg all over his face! We are all having a good laugh now. This is what Easter is all about! Laughter, family, eggs and fun! Happy Easter {0}!

Produce 12/15 Easter Bird Egg Basket in the Easter Basket Machine

Produce 20/25 bottles of Apple Wine in the Fruit Wine Machine
LEVEL 40- / 40+


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      2014-05-14 02:35:03 shay

I mean, all the produce from the easter egg tree. sorry unclear

      2014-05-14 02:34:30 shay

does anyone have a way to tell me a list of the gifts the easter egg gives in total?? thanks

      2014-05-07 23:34:19 mimi

ugh once again it does not give me the end prize for finishing mission i set the wine machine and it kept resetting the numbers phoey missed this tree because of it

      2014-05-06 03:06:48 dgsdgsg

i feel bad for whoever didnt do this mission. the tree turned out to be like the magic tree! hahahahaha

      user 2014-05-02 03:54:42 sleepyjess

If you have none of the machines or anything

      2014-05-01 20:38:41 r_gamer

No sleepyjess, mic was answering my question about the Dinosaur Habitat (and thank you!) - in other words, 8 RC is the lowest price to get it. How much RC you have to spend on this mission depends on which of the machines/habitats/etc. you already own.

      2014-04-30 13:30:48 chan

whats use of this reward

      user 2014-04-28 23:34:03 sleepyjess

Is 8 RC all that is needed for this one?

      2014-04-27 15:58:18 mic

Nope, 8rc is the best you can do I think. If that means waiting for the next weekly free rc, start planting Ginko now, that stuff grows sooo slooowly.

      2014-04-27 08:39:07 r_gamer

Is there any way to get a free Dinosaur Habitat?!?

      2014-04-25 06:46:39 Ankit

this Ester Egg Tree us same as the Magic gives u many items but in 12 hours....i have got it.

      2014-04-23 22:06:22 MadalinaTeleman

@AGB: I am ok BUT I did one....I bought the bunny from the farm club and the same bunny will be the reward for April calendar...sometimes I have nothing in my head :))of course I haven`t enough points for the dragon!I hope they will make some more updates :)))

      2014-04-22 12:49:46 AGB

@MadalinaTeleman I missed you too! I hope you are doing well! I was also going crazy with all the new stuff they added jaja!

      2014-04-22 10:06:25 husnain0

why they stop earn rcs with videos

      2014-04-22 04:20:47 Nova

The ending be hard for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2014-04-21 15:55:26 MadalinaTeleman

@AGB:I missed you! :) Happy Easter! Thanks a lot for info :)I got dizzy with so many updates today:farm club, new mission, new and the last eggs :))I am pretty tired :)

      2014-04-21 13:58:46 AGB

@MadalinaTeleman Plinga will be giving updates on Mondays and Thursdays from now and on!

      2014-04-21 13:38:24 MadalinaTeleman

I find the Golden Easter egg behind the vase :) good luck!

      2014-04-21 12:41:19 MadalinaTeleman

strange but today is Monday and we got this mission on ;)) Happy Easter peeps!

      2014-04-20 20:21:34 lily

Can I get something from this Easter Egg Tree?

      2014-04-18 18:43:31 Dieter

A chance

      2014-04-18 13:26:16 Mohamed Eissa

@almas yes , this is easter eggstravaganza mission ( this is it is name in Facebook )

      2014-04-18 11:59:06 almas

is this the easter eggstravaganza mission plzzzzzzzzzzzzz reply or otherwise whats easter eggstravaganza mission

      2014-04-18 11:18:43 zahir238

When are they giving us the new mission on!

      2014-04-18 08:28:52 Mohamed Eissa you need one stick for every chick on stick ( 10 cherry tomato+10 bufflo milk cheese + one stic ( ask friends) Bunny butt needs 3 orange jam+3 crate egg+10 rye flour

      user 2014-04-18 05:43:27

o and what we need to make bunny butt cake

      user 2014-04-18 05:42:27

does anyone know the number of Sticks we need its not on Dessert Shop yet

      2014-04-18 04:40:11 Marie

I see nothing wrong with it called a bunny butt cake, what is wrong with some of these party pooper people I think its so cute going butt last in the

      manager 2014-04-18 02:10:29 mooducky

Yes it gives eggs and tree fruit every 12 hours

      2014-04-18 00:10:23 Emma

so is the tree like the New year house? Gives a gift every 24hrs kind of thing?

      2014-04-17 15:48:46 sharky

i like this bunny on the cake top, looks nice, hope it is real, i like rabbit meat hhhhhhh, they got our RCs for decoy

      2014-04-17 15:10:29 anckesunamun

Easter egg tree is an decoration?

      2014-04-17 12:35:00 almas

is this the easter eggstravaganza mission

      2014-04-17 12:30:57 almas

is this the easter eggstravaganza

      2014-04-16 20:07:23 non ya

oh you get something from it, never mind

      2014-04-16 20:06:35 non ya

i dont think this mission is all that either.

      manager 2014-04-16 18:47:21 mooducky

the bunny cake to me is not nearly as bad as the chicken head with a stick through its head

      2014-04-16 17:37:16 PSP

It is not a tree decoration. Every 12 hours it gives something from 2 categories.

      manager 2014-04-16 15:00:49 mooducky

i think kids would laugh at the bunny butt cake and enjoy it .. whats wrong with a bunny butt cake

      2014-04-16 14:24:49 mido

giant bamboo tree good

      2014-04-16 13:19:59 drg

easter basket machine needs 8 RC to complete

      2014-04-16 09:20:06 R

bunny butt cake? kids play this game!

      2014-04-16 00:46:26 ilikeiloveit

will the daffodils need RC to unlock

      2014-04-15 21:51:24 no RC

all this just for decoration ?!!

      2014-04-15 19:48:11 valena

how many Rc?

      2014-04-15 19:47:51 swarczy

its a realy decoration ???? just decoration????

      2014-04-15 19:11:17 Tinc

bunny butt cake..hahaha :D cool! :D

      2014-04-15 17:48:16 no RC

what is the reward and What do after you get them?

      2014-04-15 17:33:41 Nguyễn Khánh Vy

wow ...... nice :D

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