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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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The Spirit of Easter
Hi, I’m Mama Hen! Did you know that Easter Spirit is so low this year that its in grave danger of being cancelled? Yep, true story. C’mon, help me save it!
While we’re waiting for my three lil’ chicks to get here, I thought we could kick things off by doing the Bunny Hop!
1. While we’re waiting for my three lil’ chicks to get here, I thought we could kick things off by doing the Bunny Hop! Go ’head farmer, grab some friends and get your Hop on!

Place a Bunny Hop Sign on your farm
2. Nice work! Your Bunny Hoppin’ made the Easter Spirit Meter jump nine points! By the way, my chicks built that Ferris Wheel all by themselves. Cool huh? Hey, you got any Mangos?

Harvest 10/12 Mango from the Mango Tree to satisfy Mama Hen’s Mango sudden craving
3. All this Easter stuff is giving me giddy goose-bumps! Wait…would I get GOOSE-bumps or HEN-bumps? Meh, either way, I’m one happy Mama. Hey, can you make juice with those Mangos?

Produce 7/9 glasses of Mango Juice to appease Mama Hen

Produce 7/9 Mango Icecream in the Icecream Machine
4. Wait! I hear a beautiful singing voice! That must be my little Chicklet, the star performer of the flock! Can you see her hopping down Bunny Lane?

Spot the singing Chick hopping down Bunny Lane
5. Chicklet’s writing an Easter song to help lift Easter Spirits even higher! She’s also gonna make some glorious Egg Shells while riding in the Ferris Wheel! So talented!

Craft 4/6 Pencils in the Workshop for Chicklet to finish writing her song

Make 6/8 Orange Souffle in the Dessert Shop
1. Chicklet says "Peep peep! Lovely Farm {0} but I noticed you don’t have any Easter Lilies yet. Peep! Nothing says Easter like fresh cut Lilies you know. Peep Peep!"

Plant 40/70 Easter Lilies

Harvest 40/70 Easter Lilies
2. Drats! Chicklet said her sister Popper was reading and walking again and took several wrong turns down Bunny Lane. Now she’s totally lost. Can you help pave the way for her?

Collect 24/48 Stone from the Stone Mine

Craft 5/7 Pink Egg Pavers in the Workshop
3. While we wait for Popper, Chicklet says she’s ready to get crackin’ on those Egg Shells! Feed her Corn, watch her spin and see what happens! "Hold on tight Chicklet!"

Harvest 60/90 Corn

Feed Corn to the Easter Chicklets and produce 60/90 Egg Shell
4. Tis true what they say farmer, "April Showers DO bring May flowers". I see ten rain clouds overhead. Could you kindly craft my chicks some Mini Egg Umbrellas to keep ’em dry?

Craft 4/5 Mini Egg Umbrellas in the Workshop
5. PHEW! I can finally see Popper! She must be tired from getting lost. I’m sure she’d love to read a good book amongst the Easter Lilies when she gets here!

Craft 4/6 Easter Lily Baskets in the Worshop

Ask 8/10 Easter Banners from friends
1. Popper says "Peep! Thanks for the Lilies farmer! My sister Doodle is on her way too but Bunny Lane is getting dark. Could you help light the way for her so Mama doesn’t worry?"

Craft 3/4 Egg Lanterns in the workshop to light the way for Doodle
2. Oh {0}, I’m so worried. I hear my little Doodle will be travelling down Bunny Lane at night and all alone! Could you spare a walking stick for her safety and protection?

Craft 3/4 Walking Sticks in the Workshop
3. Hen-tacular news farmer! The Easter Spirit Meter is bouncing like a rubber ball! Hmmm...but I still feel like we’re still missing something. Aha! Easter Eggs of course!!

Produce 80/100 Easter Eggs in the Easter Egg Machine

Produce 80/100 Easter Bird Eggs in the Easter Egg Machine
4. Doodle should be here any minute. She’s the athlete of the flock! Her favorite Easter treat after a long baseball tournament? Fresh-baked Hot Cross Buns, a classic Easter treat!

Make 3/4 Hot Cross Buns in the Dessert Shop

Produce 80/120 bottles of Wine in Winemaker
5. Doodle’s in the distance and the Easter Spirit meter is going WILD!! You did it Farmer! You saved Easter 2014! May your name be forever engraved in the Bunny Lane Hall of Fame!

Ask 8/10 Easter Surprise Crackers from Neighbors to celebrate our success

Make 5/8 Bunny Bait in the Dessert Shop to help summon the Easter Bunny


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      2014-05-02 00:22:35 snowbell88

I will not be able to finish this but i got the first chick. Will i get to keep/will it still work, once mission is expired? Thx

      2014-04-13 23:14:27

@FarmGirl...Currently the eggshells are used in Workshop to make Egg Shell Umbrella (part of this challenge). most likely we will have other uses in future

      2014-04-12 19:48:52 FarmGirl

what can you do with the eggshells?

      2014-04-10 12:39:41 yss5

How muck RC is needed for this mission?

      user 2014-04-10 03:34:40

j4hi it gives u shells

      2014-04-10 01:03:14 J4hi

What do the little chicks do after you get them?

      2014-04-09 17:03:59 DoubleTrouble2

If you already have the machine that the mission wants you to build, put it on your farm and then reload the game. The mission should recognize it but sometimes does not give the reward for completing the machine. It has worked for me before.

      2014-04-09 12:29:01 lll

what they do?

      2014-04-09 10:35:54 MadalinaTeleman

well my chick was behind the chocolate bunny :))

      2014-04-09 09:17:41 Afn5

guys is a mission or a quest that gives mango tree for free??

      2014-04-09 00:11:12 MadalinaTeleman

thanks mooducky ;)

      manager 2014-04-08 20:39:01 mooducky

You are given them.. Finish the first 5 steps to get one

      2014-04-08 19:41:23 MadalinaTeleman

and where are those Easer chicks?? we buy them or are given??

      2014-04-08 16:42:27 rethama

i am not getting free gifts . how to complete the pencil and walking stick tasks.......

      2014-04-08 08:40:15 Emma

this mission is a RC hog.... if you dont have the stuff.... :(

      2014-04-07 12:30:20 almas

what is final award

      2014-04-07 10:21:30 z

i Frachise think the one you have will be fine as well

      2014-04-07 04:19:32 Franchise

Safe to assume we have to build another Easter Egg Machine, even if we have one from last Easter?

      2014-04-06 10:10:52 Carro

@boo - Feed the easter chicklets corn and they give you egg shells.

      2014-04-06 09:17:26 boom

What to do the easter chicklets ?

      2014-04-05 23:19:31 adwely

esse premio é o que da os ovos de países?

      2014-04-05 19:03:54 tralala

the pics???

      2014-04-05 15:43:35 .."mou"

mas blepoun..

      2014-04-05 15:42:29 kouradi

xontreloooooo....... mou... thelw sokolataki.....

      2014-04-05 15:41:21 .."mou"

ti thes?

      2014-04-05 15:40:00 kouradi

ei xontrelooooo.......

      2014-04-05 13:44:07 Tinc

i mean 8 souffle but still..

      2014-04-05 13:43:25 Tinc

gaad! i hate 8 hours for making a souffle!! seriously??

      2014-04-05 13:23:31 chansmast

Feed corn it gives egg shells

      2014-04-05 12:17:49 almas

does the final reward gives easter eggs

      2014-04-05 11:31:16 almas

does it final reward gets easter eggs

      2014-04-05 09:39:54 Hannetjie

Can you please give us the amount of things to do for the market order.

      2014-04-05 07:21:10 mah

the reward is easter chicklets

      2014-04-05 04:19:34

what is the reward after this much task?

      2014-04-05 01:53:33 nina

w cant all see them not only u :D

      2014-04-05 01:20:37 nick

is it just me or nobody can see the pics???

      2014-04-04 19:35:57 i need RC

what is the reward plz

      2014-04-04 19:21:44 Bablu


      2014-04-04 18:43:35 me

another mission I can not finish.

      2014-04-04 18:42:29 mido

48 stone mine means no stop 24 hours

      2014-04-04 16:04:55 Carro

@mido - Yeah, 48 stones from the stone will take forever. I think I will need a second mine.

      2014-04-04 15:59:43 mido

very tough

      2014-04-04 15:41:33

nice! A totally new was about time

      2014-04-04 14:20:44 TINC

yay !

      2014-04-04 13:40:45 Mary

in english please.

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