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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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Singing in the Rain
It’s Spring time on Family Farm and we’re singing in the Rain! What a glorious feeling, we’re happy…and um, totally SOAKING WET!
1. Let Spring showers bring forth flowers and your farm will be bursting with color. Plant some Crocus and pretty soon, the rain will cause them all to bloom!

Plant 35/50 Crocus

Harvest 35/50 Crocus
2. While flowers need the rain to thrive, I’d prefer to stay warm and dry. An Umbrella Machine is all we need, that’s how we’ll stay dry indeed!

Have a completed Umbrella Machine on the farm
3. Cherry Umbrellas are the latest trend. Now you’ll never want the rain to end! Splash in puddles, twirl and spin. Let the Spring time fun begin!

Produce 8/10 Cherry Umbrellas
4. Look at the kids all playing outside, no longer needing to hide inside. Guess which kid will win this race, I’ll bet it’s the kid with the smirk on his face!

Guess which one will win the race
5. Oops! A sack race kid jumped in some muck! He’s knee-high deep and totally stuck! His friends are STARS, they’ve pulled him out! Now that’s what friendship is all about!

Produce 7/9 Star Umbrellas in the Umbrella Machine

Find 2/3 Love Bugs while harvesting Star Fruits
6. Granny’s grillin’ and humming a tune! Her delicious burgers will be ready soon! Look at her go, she just won’t quit. Eighty burgers, for our Spring Picnic!

Produce 80/100 Grandma’s Steak Burgers in Grandma’s Burger Machine
7. It doesn’t look like this rain’s going to stop! Hey, let’s make some Umbrella Cake Pops! It’s a new dessert I just thought of now, c’mon farmer I’ll show you how!

Make 4/6 Umbrella Cake Pops in the Dessert Shop

Make 5/7 Honeydew Sherbet in the Dessert Shop
8. Umbrella Bouquets are the best decor! I bet you’ve never seen these before! Show your friends, now don’t delay, collect some Pendants along the way! Happy Spring {0}!

Craft 3/4 Umbrella Flower Bouquet in the Workshop

Help on Neighboors’ farms to collect 5/8 Umbrella Pendants
LEVEL 35- / 35+
1 OR 1


 Your name (nick)
9. x 8 =   ?

      2014-04-16 20:04:50 non ya

easy but i need 13 RC(machine, honeydew, starfruit tree)

      2014-04-15 23:48:18 me

alerady have the easter egger and two other buffalo might get another egger because he takes up less room on the land lol

      2014-04-14 21:17:32 Maqbool ur Rahman

We do need some other 8RCs for the Rubber tree. Can i buy it for coinds

      manager 2014-04-05 15:32:27 mooducky

choose what you want the level 35 has nothing to do with the reward .. the level 35 is for the mission steps like where it say 5/8 umbrella pendants ..level 35 and under collect 5 .. level 35 and up need to collect 8

      2014-04-05 15:03:14 °◦●ßöŜş_Őƒ_ßŏŞĕş●◦°

Hi there. If you can ask all of the 35 level down winter bird ll up and take the bull. Or everyone choose what to take.

      2014-04-03 23:37:22 sharky

you need 4 rc to the machine only

      2014-04-03 13:40:13 _Godfather44_

how rc need for all mission?

      2014-04-03 10:44:46 froufrou04

you can get second workshop, dessert shop,beauty shop in the garden ranch!But not another warehouse,tree storage house or water well

      2014-04-03 09:41:23 MadalinaTeleman

I simply love my birdie :))

      2014-04-03 03:54:51 mrq_familyfarm

muy bien ya solo me kedan las ultimas 2 misiones

      manager 2014-04-02 21:39:58 mooducky

the bird since it can not be bought in store you can buy regular buffalo in store to get milk faster

      2014-04-02 21:36:15 bigbang

i already have both. can you advise which one to take now?

      2014-04-02 20:34:43 MadalinaTeleman

well peeps Darryl won the race ;)

      2014-04-02 20:09:08

mel...system does not allow for two warehouses. This is also true for dessert/work/beauty shops and kitchen.System will indicate that you already have them in place. You can, however, have more than one Mine, Animal & Machine House.

      2014-04-02 17:45:01 MadalinaTeleman

just great! finally come out but not in the morning damn :(

      2014-04-01 13:35:55 ez

mel: no way. just 1

      2014-04-01 06:22:04 mel

Hi.. does anyone know if we can have two warehouses in our farms? Thanks in advance!

      2014-03-31 15:18:14 AAMNA


      2014-03-30 08:58:56 Eagle

@Melinda : If you in low level " I think up to 30 " you will do 80 , else you will do the 100 , and so on

      2014-03-30 06:58:25 Melinda

Why does it say 80-100 burgers and 2-3 ladybugs???

      2014-03-27 17:10:50 koteczekxd1

każdy liczy zyski i straty ale żeby pomóc to nie ma nikogo tylko jakies slangi lecą.wyslijcie mi te 3 swieczki sw mikołaja

      2014-03-27 04:35:00 Maria

Definitely going for Easter Egger. Been hoping to see that one.

      2014-03-27 03:55:18

if they give extra chances to get these animals, the more likely it is that they can xpand what they ask for in the challenges. If (in ex.)more ppl have EasterEgger/Donkey they can add those animals requirements to missions to make game more interesting.

      2014-03-26 22:23:50 reema farmer

I hate the prizes I have them both

      user 2014-03-26 16:54:47 madalina

I hope to get this one ;))) maybe next Wednesday

      user 2014-03-26 13:08:03

thanks thats what i was thinking

      2014-03-25 19:41:09 valena

yes I will get the bird too, I have 2 african buffalos

      manager 2014-03-25 18:50:22 mooducky

They are used just like the other pond squares to but ducks and the goose on

      user 2014-03-25 18:21:59

thanks mooducky now what do the go with it cant find them on here

      2014-03-25 15:56:30 hgurihiruhgiur

deadlox kwaiatasue

      manager 2014-03-25 15:23:34 mooducky

the green squares are the leprechaun ponds

      user 2014-03-25 14:06:09

i have both of them but does anyone know what the things r after 50 crocus

      2014-03-25 10:58:17 xXx

so the easter egger will be the good choice right!! thanx @velena

      2014-03-25 08:58:40 valena

the african buffalo gives buffalo milk but faster than the other

      2014-03-25 08:41:56 xXx

does anyone know that what african buffalo gives???

      2014-03-25 02:30:35 Marie

Cool, blue eggs, wanted that for the kitchen.

      2014-03-24 23:24:58 Carro

@Marie - An Easter Egger is bird that gives blue eggs. Look under the animal section.

      2014-03-24 23:19:48 Marie

What is an Easter egger? Do you mean the Easter egg gear?

      2014-03-24 22:56:20 mido

thnx lolo

      2014-03-24 22:04:50 lolo


      2014-03-24 22:01:31 mido

final raward

      2014-03-24 19:59:48

Crocus seed is free

      2014-03-24 19:58:57

4 RC to complete the umbrella machine

      2014-03-24 19:10:50 farmer

Still not in FB? Do you know how many RC is needed?

      2014-03-24 18:24:48 send me RC

we lose RC in this mission ?

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