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Muffin Among Friends
It’s Random Act of Kindness day at Darryl’s school and Darryl’s doing something nice for his entire class! The farm family whole heartedly supports his generous good deed!
1. Darryl’s inviting all of his classmates to the farm for a full day of fun, food and farming! He wants everyone to feel super special the moment they arrive!

Harvest 20/50 Purple Rose to welcome Darryl’s classmates

Produce 20/50 Milk for the Kids
2. When Old Macdaonld and I heard about Darryl’s Random Act of Kindness, we felt inspired! We decided to surprise all the kids with a super duper Muffin Machine!

Have a completed Muffin Machine on the farm
3. The boys and girls ooh’d and aah’d at our marvelous Muffin Machine! They couldn’t wait to have a taste! We took a vote and Cherry Muffins were by far the fan favorite!

Produce 10/20 Cherry Muffins in the Muffin Machine to feed the hungry kids
4. After gobbling up the Cherry Muffins, the kids were off to Granny’s for a special painting activity. \"Don’t forget your Wooden Rulers\" Granny shouted. I wonder what she’s up to?

Craft 3/5 Wooden Rulers in the Workshop for Granny’s special activity

Harvest 12/18 Lychee to make pigment
5. Granny’s having a contest to see who can paint the tallest palm tree! Winner gets Chocolate Muffins! She’s trying to predict the winner. Who do YOU think it’ll be?

Guess which kid will paint the tallest palm tree
6. The winner of the tallest palm tree contest is none other than Darryl’s frenemy Suzy-Q! We must’ve inspired her because she’s shared all her Muffins with us and made much more!

Produce 12/15 Chocolate Muffins in the Muffin Machine

Produce 60/80 Cantaloupe Muffins in the Muffin Machine
7. Darryl’s usually quite the brat but deep down...and I mean REALLY deep down, he’s not so bad afterall! Let’s craft a Colorful Muffin Tree to help remember this remarkable day!

Craft a Colorful Muffin Tree in the Workshop

Produce 15/20 Apple Juice in the Juice Machine for the kids for behaving so well on the farm
LEVEL 25- / 25+


 Your name (nick)
10. x 9 =   ?

      2014-03-31 00:37:12 virgo4rmga

you should only need 10RC if you have one sewing machine in your gifts but if not then you need 15RC.

      2014-03-30 12:21:53 _Godfather44_

how RC need to copmplete workshop?

      2014-03-29 13:13:42 Carro

@_Godfther44_ - Muffin holder is a gift item from your neighbours.

      2014-03-29 12:59:59 _Godfather44_

When can i find muffin holder or how can i produce that? Please help me? Please answer me?

      2014-03-29 12:58:07 _Godfather44_

how RC need to complete this mission???

      2014-03-22 21:13:00 nagwamohmed

i want2rc

      2014-03-20 14:22:40 king

i do not like this mission but i like family barn game

      2014-03-19 04:59:33 obi1

also i nailed step 5 on the first try with the girl in the middle.

      2014-03-19 04:58:04 obi1

on plinga it recognized the machine with out having to clear cache or reload on the page.

      2014-03-17 15:22:42 Farmy

On the chat they are saying this dog produces white truffles.

      2014-03-17 11:13:50 Charlotte

It worked :) Thanks Lin888 :)

      2014-03-17 11:08:48 lin888

Charlotte, put the muffin machine in your warehouse, reload page, then take it back out. It should recognise it then. If not, reload again, and if still having problems you have to report it.

      2014-03-17 11:06:32 CHarotte

I built the muffin machine before I started the mission. Do I have to built another one now? Why wont it accept the one that I already have?

      user 2014-03-17 05:35:01 eshalfatima

u r right @ jessica i like the reward many of us dont have truffle hog i want this dog for white truffle

      2014-03-16 22:36:47 jessica88

stop complaining guys, who knows maybe the dog will be part of the farm club.

      2014-03-15 21:23:40

the children change each time you guess and no one will have the same child. the results on the 3 child jump are different for everyone (it is varied) so that we cannot reveal it to each other.

      2014-03-15 21:20:36

Yes, the Spaniel eats beef to make the white truffle

      2014-03-15 20:36:46 Racheal

Tutanchamon, does it eat get the white truffle? I asked in the forum but nobody seems to know anything about this dog!

      2014-03-13 19:52:35 tutanchamon

This dog dives white truffle :) I already have it.

      2014-03-13 16:42:09 tutanchamon

in my case of course :)

      2014-03-13 16:41:40 tutanchamon

Step 5 won kid on the right side

      2014-03-12 18:17:09 MadalinaTeleman

I have done it! In spite of the falling server :(

      user 2014-03-12 17:50:56 Taylor

no good missions these days :(

      2014-03-12 13:23:28 MadalinaTeleman

at step 5 for me the girl was the winner ;) good luck!

      2014-03-10 11:11:55 Ben

Sorry guys,I just refresh the page and mission Humbug disappear, SORRY again

      2014-03-10 11:05:46 Ben

what is happening with a game,I just finished reverse the curse and in the book i find new mission Bah Humbug(which I finished before) and it tells me that I am on the 4 task wtf????

      2014-03-10 08:55:14 Ben

oh,well i hope that its gonna be white

      2014-03-10 01:27:51 rana

change the final prize plllllllllllllllllllz

      2014-03-09 21:02:11 Marie

Look under Limousin Cattle, and you will see that ALL dogs produce regular truffles NOT white ones, the cocker spaniel is listed there. The seeds that produce white truffle are the sweet potatoes that the pigs eat. Unless the developers decide to change this..:)

      2014-03-09 20:49:10 Marie

Its not "black truffles" its just the regular truffle dogs that produce with beef. Most of us have many of these dogs, boring!

      2014-03-09 06:04:03 Paula

I would like to see a Super Beehive. That is something that can always be used.

      manager 2014-03-08 14:46:59 mooducky

If you look at the info under animal section it says it gives the black truffles

      2014-03-08 13:07:09 Ben

finally white truffle,thanks

      2014-03-08 09:32:15

But, yes... new animals, like hummingbirds?(FarmMaiden inspired,gotta give cred) or rare animals would be preferred. I have 5 dogs already.

      2014-03-08 09:29:53

Im happy for new muffin machine:) Hope the trophy comes soon.

      2014-03-07 18:00:25 MadalinaTeleman

a dog again :)))and again white truffle :))) as I previously said: Lack od inspiration :)) I will do it just for the groove. Well..all these just if comes on :)))))

      2014-03-07 17:32:08 mido

guess which kid paint any help

      manager 2014-03-07 14:24:13 mooducky

We have no control over the prizes , thise that run this site are regular players

      2014-03-07 13:46:56 Marie

Too many dogs, and pigs that produce white truffles, what a waste! Not doing this mission. Also, in the description under animals the dog shows regular truffles that are brown, but this one shows white? Give us new animals or trees as rewards like the rc ones!!

      2014-03-07 13:32:49 tinc

love it! :)

      2014-03-07 12:16:03 Sweety

Looks like the dog will give us White truffles

      2014-03-07 11:12:04 pamela

Agree with trisha. We need rewards like trees which need RC, like lime, pomegranate tree etc or rare animals like goose, bison, camel which gives hair, snake etc

      2014-03-07 09:40:21 pik

A cocker Spaniel Dog is the final reward.

      user 2014-03-07 08:23:44 seemaniaz

plzzzzzzzzz mr.manager mooducky change the prize we have already dogs plzzz plzzzz

      2014-03-07 04:17:51 elviska

@xxxxx: Please write to Plingii in this case.

      2014-03-07 03:50:06 xxxxx

(: i have three dogs dont need another change the final prize

      2014-03-07 03:02:39 Marita

For the MUFFIN MACHINE you need 10 gears, 10 screws and 10 RCs

      2014-03-07 02:38:33 leaslater


      2014-03-07 00:32:11 trisha

already have a dog that gives truffles! come on & let the final reward be something that is hard to get! grrr

      manager 2014-03-06 21:45:26 mooducky

Final reward is a dog that gives truffles... Muffin machine will cost 10 rc

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