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Cupid Kitties
RED ALERT Farm Family! Old Macdonald just spotted some unidentified flying objects in the sky. It’s not one of my pranks, I promise! Don’t worry Detective Darryl is on the case!
1. The entire community is frazzled! Hundreds of people are gathered ’round to await the next sighting. Felicia wants to make snacks. I want to unleash my frog on the crowd. Hehe.

Produce 40 bottles of Buffalo Milk

Produce 40 Buffalo Milk Cheese
2. Granny says the people are demanding answers. What on earth is flying over our Farm? I can’t even think it’s so c-c-c-cold We need a Campfire, I’m f-f-f-freezing!

Have a completed Campfire on the farm
3. LOOK UP! It’s a bird, it’s a plane it’s a...OH NO! It’s the notorious Cupid Kitties! Is it really Valentine’s already? Yikes! The crowd is going wild!!

Harvest 5 Wood from the Oak Tree or Ash Tree

Produce 10 Beef Kebab to keep the crowd at bay
4. I’m kinda starting to freak out too! Just one Cupid Kitty arrow to my tooshy and I’ll turn into a sappy, helpless, mushy, kissy mess!. Ew! Yuck! I’m too young for this hooey!

Place 5 Iceblock Fences on the farm

Place a Iceblock Gate on the farm
5. Frantic excitement fills the air and there’s no where left to hide. The Cupid Kitties are swooping down! Oh no! They’ve just shot an arrow at Suzy-Q, a grade 3 girl from my school!

Find the right place for Darryl to hide
6. Oh oh! Suzy-Q is making eyes at me. She’s walking over here with a bouquet of love roses! I think Suzy-Q has a crush on me! Oh gross, girl cooties!

Harvest 70 Love Rose

Produce 20 Rooster Meat Kebab as a peace offering to Suzy-Q
7. Ack! Suzy-Q gave me a big sloppy, smooch on the cheek! Felicia and Granny think this is very funny! If this doesn’t end soon I’ll have no choice but to cause a distracting ruckus!

Harvest 90 Tomatoes

Produce 90 Ketchup in the Sauce Machine
8. SERENITY NOW! Suzy-Q just tried to hold my hand. Enough is enough, I have no choice farmer! Let the ruckus begin! CAKE FIGHT YAʼLL!!

Produce 100 Yule Logs in the Cake Machine
9. The Cupid Kitties are finally gone. Suzy- Q is covered in cake but she still managed to find me. Granny says some Garlic will cure Suzy-Q’s crush on me. Geesh! Now she tells me!

Produce 120 Garlic Sauce in the Sauce Machine

Produce 50 Garlic Bread in the Fruit Bread Machine
10. Suzy-Q is back to normal and ignoring me as usual! Oh the sweet refrain of silence and solitude! Now that I’ve solved the case let’s celebrate Valentine’s Family Farm style!

Craft a Fence with Roses in the Workshop

Have a completed Love Fountain on the farm


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      2014-05-04 12:53:01 Noureensajjad

Please give this mission in classic mission please i want this cupid kitties in my farm pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee

      2014-02-25 20:47:15 Ben

I find Darryl behind the swans.

      2014-02-24 20:19:16 karollina

I have love fountain but (Have a completed Love Fountain on the farm), most I buy a New.

      2014-02-23 19:50:51 karollina

I found darry behind the roses. It was really god Luck it was my first hand.

      manager 2014-02-21 23:52:45 Amy

@karollina: Darryl is always different hidden. Maybe you are lucky and you find him behind the green sheep as like me and chansmast or maybe he is behind the swans and so on. Good luck, hope you will find him soon :D - Cheers Amy

      2014-02-21 18:38:52 karollina

where can we find the right place for Darryl

      2014-02-20 10:55:24 Georgie

This is hard work but I am loving it!!!

      2014-02-20 05:45:20 chansmast

My Darryl was behind the green sheep

      2014-02-17 19:19:04 awesome

ohhhhhhhh shit i can win this missimg

      2014-02-17 11:40:36

The Real Tarkin13 finished this mission 2 days ago...Im not looking for Darryl. Silly to ask, as it is randomized.

      2014-02-16 13:21:02 Walugina

Thank god that I did keep the fountain!

      2014-02-15 22:06:47 Tarkin13

Heeey Friends!! Where did you find the right place for Darryl to hide? Thanks!

      2014-02-12 11:43:41 elinesen

why did i delete the love fountain due to lack space QAQ

      user 2014-02-12 07:21:56 Nanidoko

Melinda - Put the Love Fountain in the warehouse. Take it out. Refresh...Done! ^_^

      2014-02-12 06:21:09 lin888

Melinda, just placing your fountain on your farm, and maybe refreshing should be enough. I sold mine ages ago, so now have to build another one. Grrr

      2014-02-12 04:13:49 Melinda

If I already have a Love fountain..... Do I need a new one?

      user 2014-02-12 00:51:39 madalina

well i finished this one ;)

      2014-02-11 15:04:58 MadalinaTeleman

My Darry was behind the swans lake :)

      2014-02-11 13:53:34 MadalinaTeleman

@Amy: we usually get updates on Wednesdays but this time they released it like that because were 2 weeks without any mission :)Anyhow I am busy :))) now I am stuck with the items for the campfire :)) Is nice to have something to do :)

      manager 2014-02-11 12:25:39 Amy

@Madalina: Well, I need to wait until tomorrow or thursday, then I can say you, if we got both missions too. Normally we get an update on thursday, sometimes on tuesday or wednesday. - Cheers Amy

      2014-02-11 12:14:46 MadalinaTeleman

@Amy as I said in another post, we have got this on just today beside the one with beavers so I have a lot of work to do ;)))

      manager 2014-02-10 19:16:37 Amy

@madalina: No, I played it on Facebook. My other platform is missing this mission as well. - Cheers Amy

      user 2014-02-10 18:57:37 madalina

@Amy do you have already this mission on your platform???

      manager 2014-02-10 18:45:40 Amy

@laura: My Darryl was behind the green sheep. Good luck for your searching. - cheers Amy

      2014-02-10 17:11:37 laura

where is darrly pls help my :(

      2014-02-10 10:42:17 pik


      user 2014-02-09 02:18:28 Nanidoko

Amy - Thanks for the info. ^_^

      manager 2014-02-08 23:07:09 Amy

@Nanidoko: Thats true. You can make Cupid kitty kiss candys, Cupid kitty kiss cookies and Cupid kitty kiss lollipops :) - Cheers Amy

      user 2014-02-08 15:46:42 Nanidoko

From the picture, It seems that Cupid kitties eat Love Fruits and give Kisses (>o

      2014-02-08 15:37:32 sarah78

no one seems to know what we do with the kitty kiss it will produce and that is so weird !!

      2014-02-08 13:47:30 pik

Eventually you will built the machine , so the 8 rc isnt a loss. The 2 rc for the ice gate is a loss, but you ll get the kitty thing. if you only need the extra 10 rc for this mission i thing its ok to do it.

      2014-02-08 11:08:07 leaslater

What does this animal give? And also, it is 2 RC more for the iceblock gate (#4)

      2014-02-08 09:03:07 send me free RC

8 RC ? no i dont lose 8 RC for this mission

      2014-02-08 07:54:30 Valentina

I do not have enough rc

      2014-02-08 07:16:58 zainab khan

where is its machine

      2014-02-08 05:51:58 priyakarthi

Eagerly waiting!

      2014-02-08 05:11:22 Art


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