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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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Super Beavers to the Rescue
Have you heard the news about the Three Super Beavers? They were last seen saving lives off the west coast of Canada! This is too cool to pass up...
Have you heard the news? Three Super Beavers are taking the world by storm!
Howdy Farmer! Pack your package, we are flyin’ to the west coast of Canada together! The Three Super Beavers can’t be missed!
1. Grab some lunch and pack your bags Farmer! You, me, Granny and Darryl are flyin’ to the west coast of Canada to visit some relatives! Hmm we will need some food for the journey...

Produce 30 loaves of Wheat Bread
2. I just checked our ticket and the in-flight meal is turkey sandwiches... Let’s make some nice Cranberry Sauce in advance to go with it. We all know what airline food can be like!

Produce 40 Cranberry Sauce
3. What a nice flight that was, but good thing we prepared the Cranberry sauce! Let’s head to our relative’s farm, Grandma says it has a nice seaside view.

Plant 60 Water Lilies

Harvest 60 Water Lilies
4. Darryl and a couple of his cousins have all decided to go swimming! But wait, Darryl forgot to take his wetsuit, and the water is quite cold! Can you see Darryl here?

Finding Darryl in the sea
5. Wait here comes Darryl swimming to shore, but how can he swim so fast! Is that a turtle he’s riding on? It can’t be, Turtles are too slow... Wait he’s on a beaver, it’s Chomper the Super Beaver!!!

Produce 15 Tea Tree Essential Oil in the Essential Oil Machine as a gift for the beaver

Produce 80 Beef Salami as a snack to help Darryl warm up
1. I still can’t believe my eyes! Beavers with super powers?! This is craziness! I need something to drink, I think I might be dreaming!

Produce 50 Carrot Juice in the Juice Machine
2. Poor Granny! She’s so amazed by this, I think she is in a little bit of shock. Let’s help her relax with some water and homemade cookies!

Produce 20 Awesome Acai Water in the Fountain of Youth

Produce 15 Snowflake Cookies in the Cookie Machine
3. We’ve tried giving some of the cookies to Chomper, but it looks like he would like something else. He keeps looking at the Water Lilies we harvested earlier, let’s see if he likes that!

Feed Water Lilies to Chomper and produce 90 Beaver Fur

Craft a Davy Crockett Hat in the Workshop
4. Every superhero has a mask, but only Chomper has a hat! Let’s go visit the neighbors to introduce our new super friend. Let’s bring some milk as a peace offering.

Perform 60 actions on Neighbors’ farms to seek help

Produce 100 bottles of Milk
5. One of our neighbors needs some help, it looks like her kitty got stuck in a tree. Chomper is beating his tail on the ground to call for some back up. But I still can’t see the kitty, how can we take a closer look?

Ask 12 Binoculars from Neighbors
1. Help has arrived! It’s another super beaver, Scooter! Let’s welcome Scooter to the farm and thank him with a gift for saving our neighbor’s kitty cat!

Craft 3 Spring Flower Baskets in the Workshop
2. Bummer! It’s time to fly home and we haven’t found the third Super Beaver! Bye, bye Canada! See you next time! Let’s grab some water from the fountain real quick for the onward journey.

Sell 15,000 worth of goods from Barn to buy flight tickets

Produce 30 Giddy Guarana Water in the Fountain of Youth
3. Home sweet home! Nothing like being back on the farm. Let’s make some items to freshen up the house and get back into the swing of things!

Produce 120 bottles of Rosemary Essential Oil in the Essential Oil Machine

Bake 20 Custard in the Dessert Shop
4. Oh no, after baking all those custards, smoke has started coming from the dessert shop! It’s on fire! But wait, there is the Beaver signal! Another super beaver is on his way!!!

Produce 15 Snowflake Puddings in the Pudding Machine

Produce 30 Cheerful Cherry Water in the Fountain of Youth
5. Luckily, the super beavers saved the day. This beaver is named Nibbles! Let’s give him some thank you cards and some Water Lilies to express our gratitude.

Ask 15 Super Beaver Thank You Cards from Neighbors to thank the Super Beavers

Harvest 300 Water Lilies for the Beavers


 Your name (nick)
8. x 2 =   ?

      2014-05-12 12:44:31 Doge

who tells about the story?

      2014-02-24 03:44:14 nik

I would like to add you both but I play on :(

      user 2014-02-22 22:03:26 atteya

Yuala, hi, a have added you, please confirm. I am very active in this game and so is my family. If anyone interested, you can add us: atteya mamiPetra LiamFa LiamFabiani I need active neighbours with a lot of different trees and crops.We are now in level 47, 61, 36 and 32. You can find there guarana, tea acai berry tree and much more. We return gifts daily!

      2014-02-19 11:05:21 chansmast

They unlocked the Guarana tree. I am so happy.

      user 2014-02-18 12:11:38 Yuala

If anyone needs a new, active neighbour - inv me :) Yuala

      2014-02-18 07:20:42 Carro

@chansmast - Harvest Guarana from your neighbours!

      2014-02-18 06:05:25 chansmast

i dont have Guarana tree and it says it will unlock on level 52. i am on level 44. this is required in part 3. what do i do please help? i play on

      2014-02-15 05:45:02 sidewiky

valeu. ao retornar ao jogo o terceiro castor estava la....grata

      2014-02-15 05:40:51 sidewiky

conclui a missão do castor e não recebi o terceiro castor. recebi um materials hide1 e diz que devo construir um habitat do supercastor...não entendi nada.

      user 2014-02-14 05:25:32 mohamedeissa75

@fiona : you have to finish part 1 first to get chopper and feed thes

      2014-02-14 05:16:54 Fiona

Part 2 says to feed chopper some lillies. Where does cbopper come from? Does Part 1 have to be finished first?

      user 2014-02-13 21:42:53 madalina

@fioii: I am happy for you!! :)) Is nice to be helpful :)

      2014-02-13 09:40:41 fioii

@MadalinaTeleman: I also found my Darryl on the first row, the one from the middle, I also know is random but it worked for me in the first try, so thanks for that and others can try :)

      2014-02-12 18:27:44 MadalinaTeleman

meh :( now I have to wait AGAIN for one day to finish this mission

      2014-02-12 10:05:22 gourisarkar999

thank you very much AGB for your help.

      user 2014-02-12 09:47:28 AGB

You can get the Tea Tree in the farm club for 12RC its the house with the chickens next to the water truck and the harvester

      2014-02-12 08:21:02 gourisarkar999

we need tea tree(12rc) to make essential oil in first step of this mission but there is no tea tree in our tree list even in new or special item .it will cost 6rc to skip the step . if we can spend 6rc + 6rc = 12rc we will have a tea tree for please tell me from where we can get the tea tree or add this tree in the special item list so that we can buy it direct from there .i am playing in and in face book version .

      2014-02-11 18:57:32 MadalinaTeleman

hu it takes too long ;) now I have to wait till tomorrow for the next step :(

      2014-02-11 18:05:22 shannyshan001

Finally this is on GamesGames YEAH!!! BTW - still looking for good neighbors that gift - I do daily

      2014-02-11 14:53:56 MadalinaTeleman

I found my Darryl on the first row, the one from the middle. first I clicked on the one with the starfish on the shoulder but wasn`t :)). I know is randomly but...who knows? Good luck peeps!

      2014-02-11 11:56:08 zainab khan

it is so hard mission but i like it

      user 2014-02-11 11:49:51 madalina

is on too ;)) lets see how it goes on! :)) happy farming peeps! @Amy I thing you are happy too! ;)

      2014-02-11 09:08:57 priyakarthi

We got missions, happy now.

      2014-02-10 20:41:39 shannyshan001

Still not on GAMESGAMES. Please roll it over to games games, it looks like a rally cool mission and I have nothing to do but plant seeds

      2014-02-08 12:28:19

Thanks @AGB

      user 2014-02-08 01:54:51 AGB

Yes it costs 4RC to unlock forever and ever and ever...

      2014-02-07 18:38:00

Is waterlily an RC needing crop?

      2014-02-06 14:24:37 shannyshan001

I really hope this comes to games games soon!!!! BTW - if anyone needs a daily gifter please feel free to add me as a neighbor

      2014-02-05 20:25:28 aniutka

Witam po raz pierwszy na forum miłośników WZ

      2014-02-05 06:47:18 ankit

when this mission will be available on

      manager 2014-02-05 05:19:56 mooducky

I think you need to do all parts or you will lose it all once time is up

      manager 2014-02-05 05:17:00 mooducky

The picture is just a generic picture showing the item.. The number after is what you get

      2014-02-05 05:09:27 Cat

doesnt give you 20x5 bionic water can as reward in level you only 5! you guys should be more accurate about these things..:)

      2014-02-04 23:05:26 answer please

if i finish just part 1 they will give me Just 1 chonper but if i got 1 chomper and the mission is finish wath s happen

      2014-02-04 15:06:39 shannyshan001

Does anyone know if this is ever coming to games games?

      master 2014-02-03 13:28:49 Amy

@mimi: finish part 1 and you get your first animal. Cheers Amy

      2014-02-02 16:21:59 SOso

      2014-02-02 15:25:10 mimi

how can I find Chomper in mission 3 of part 2?? plz help me~~~~

      manager 2014-02-01 16:01:24 mooducky

just go to the machine info on the site and it should tell you how much RC needed for the machines

      2014-02-01 14:03:40 FaintZ

Could you guys add more details about how much RC we need to complete all the mission ??????????? We want the info like how much rc its takes to complete the machine, not how much rc to skip this step :)

      master 2014-01-31 09:30:20 Amy

@Violet: We all have to wait until next week. Now we have time to save RCs :D - Cheers Amy

      2014-01-31 09:14:14 Violet

No new mission appeared on agame this week... :(

      2014-01-31 01:02:02 Wendy

Does anyone know if we are getting this on ?

      2014-01-28 14:39:29 sanu786

i cant find this mission in in57 lvl pls help me out

      2014-01-28 12:53:25 anne

Game on facebook.. =/

      2014-01-28 04:14:19 mel

@madalina, thanks for the info =)

      2014-01-28 00:36:34 lin888

anne, this mission is only on facebook at the moment. If you play on facebook and it has not appeared, then you need to report it. If you play elsewhere you just need patience

      2014-01-27 20:53:22 anne

level 29 and not appeared this mission...

      2014-01-26 22:18:59 magie

hey guys if any one play in and send gift plz add me i cant finish any mission without gifts so plzzz add me i send gifts if you send to mee

      user 2014-01-26 20:59:10 AGB

You get an unfinished beaver habitat when you accept this mission. There are 3 parts to this mission you get a beaver as a reward for each of the 3 parts. 3 parts, 3 beavers. Hope this helps!

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