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Fountain of Youth
Happy New Year farmer! As I was puttinʼ away all my Christmas decorations I found a peculiar Treasure Chest in the attic. Well Iʼll be darned, after all these years, Iʼve never even noticed it!!
1. I wonder what’s inside? Wait! I see a note. It says: Open this chest in 2014 to discover something that’s never been seen. I’m too nervous to open it, you do it farmer!

Produce 40 bottles of Milk to replenish Granny from her walk
2. Inside the treasure chest was an old map of the farm. There was an eerie inscription on it. It said, A magical spring hides underground, a Fountain of Youth awaits to be found.

Have a completed Fountain of Youth on your farm
3. My great grandmother Ruth once told me about these magical mineral waters. It’s youthful spring waters are only activated every 100 years. I guess 2014 is it’s time to shine!

Produce 15 Laughing Lychee Water with Lychee

Produce 80 Groovy Grape Water with Grapes
4. On the other side of the map it said Purity Crystals are all you need for the Fountain to run forever indeed. I don’t see any Purity Crystals, do you?

Help find the Purity Crystal
5. Yeehaw! This Fountain of Youth water is so rejuvenating I feel like I could run a marathon! Speaking of marathons I think I should run one of them. Come on! Train with me farmer!

Harvest 120 Rye - it’s good for cardio training

Harvest Bamboo Tree 10 times - a great weight training exercise
6. The Family Farm Marathon Committee has caught wind of our Fountain of Youth. They’ve asked if we can be the official bottled water sponsor of this year’s marathon! What an honor!

Produce 20 Cheerful Cherry Water with Gisela Cherry

Produce 15 Awesome Acai Water with Acai Berry
7. Guess what farmer? Thanks to the Fountain of Youth and your support, I won 1st place in this year’s Farmily Farm Marathon! Woot woot! This Granny’s on fire!

Produce 30 glasses of Orange Juice to celebrate

Produce 200 Beef Salami


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      2014-03-15 12:20:53 creep63

i need this mission, i missed it wile it was on, any ideas how to get it?

      2014-03-09 04:12:08 lin888

Tiscancali, report it via the help button on the game

      2014-03-08 15:18:45 tiscancali

Hello my skim milk com did not appear after the mission how do i get it back please help

      2014-03-08 15:13:23 tiscancali


      2014-02-27 18:11:00 melani


      2014-02-04 10:26:25 SHORI


      2014-02-04 02:59:12 Oi ohh

wait, is that skim milk or?? what is this?

      2014-02-03 15:29:14

please sale the Fountain of Youth materials-Bamboo Bowl and Bamboo Pipe, please please please..

      2014-01-28 15:31:31 SHORI

it is so easy

      2014-01-28 11:39:54 rubi

nice gift

      2014-01-28 06:19:18

please sale the Fountain of Youth materials we need more FREE RC, please

      2014-01-27 20:42:55

Please sale the Fountain of Youth materials-Bamboo Bowl and Bamboo Pipe,please

      user 2014-01-27 16:47:54 eshalfatima

only 8 RC for fountain of youth @ vicky

      2014-01-26 17:16:23 vicky

how many RC it needed i thick 12 RC m i right

      2014-01-23 00:23:46 mido sivo

hi i have problem all frinds name( no neame ) i cant send or resive eny gift Making it difficult to finish tasks and loss im play pling family barn

      2014-01-22 23:48:08 mbkkm5

done to on to farms

      user 2014-01-22 21:37:26 madalina

done :)))

      2014-01-22 17:53:10 pik

LadyMyst : It cost 800 to buy and 8 RC to complete it

      2014-01-22 17:28:45

we need more free RC, please

      user 2014-01-22 17:23:13 LadyMyst

The fountain of youth GEAR is 800 Coins here at Games Dot Co Dot UK, not 8RC

      2014-01-22 17:02:28 froufrou04

seems like an easy mission to do...but the fantain is a bit pricey! 8rc too much I think

      2014-01-22 14:08:57 MadalinaTeleman

I know is randomly but I must say I find the crystal behind the chest

      2014-01-22 10:52:53 priyakarthi

AGB- Happy got both missions. Started clover collection.

      user 2014-01-22 10:30:27 madalina

@AGB: Good morning! I am sooooo happy because you were right a couple of days ago! Is Wednesday and we got this and the clover one! :)))

      user 2014-01-18 14:49:47 madalina

@geebee: maybe there where you are playing. On isn`t...yet...or never ...who knows?

      2014-01-18 14:12:17 geebee

Acai berry is in shop in Specials and New :-)

      user 2014-01-18 12:18:48 madalina

I don`t have Acai berry tree in my shop :((

      2014-01-18 11:59:29 geebee

I found the crystal behind the map. It´s really different for everyone :-(

      2014-01-18 09:29:41 Mari_M

I found the crystal behind the hot-air balloon. It may be different for everyone else.

      2014-01-15 21:09:02 mido

very easy mission and very cute cow

      2014-01-15 13:56:19 mido

where can i find the purity crystal plz

      user 2014-01-15 09:43:44 eshalfatima

thank god it means only 8 rc needed 4 this mission n thanks a lot @wini_vini

      2014-01-15 05:09:47 wini_vini

@eshalfatima : acai berry comes from acai berry tree it costs 3000 coins :)

      user 2014-01-15 05:04:05 eshalfatima

what is acai berry???

      user 2014-01-14 23:16:08 AGB

@Madalina: You are welcome! :)

      user 2014-01-14 22:52:33 madalina

thanks a lot @AGB :) you are very kind :P

      2014-01-14 22:24:31 mido

where can i find this mission

      2014-01-14 22:04:54 AGB

madalina- You will need a Bamboo Bowl(4RC), a Bamboo Pipe(4RC) and 12 Yellow Rocks(Wishes).

      user 2014-01-14 21:45:22 madalina

anyone knows what do we need for that fountain? to built, I mean :) thanks in advance

      2014-01-14 21:40:51

@Maria: Can be used in the Dessert Shop :) - Cheers Amy

      2014-01-14 20:24:15 Maria

@elviska: thanks. any idea what you do with skim milk?

      2014-01-14 17:22:50 elviska

@Maria: Reward: workout cow. produce: skim milk

      2014-01-14 17:15:01 Maria

Anyone know what the final prize is yet?

      2014-01-14 17:07:50 AGB

Yes! New Mission!

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