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Collect Lucky Clovers
Get Lucky Clovers by harvesting crops and trees! A good beginning for the new year! Remember your Lucky Clover Storage is limited and you have to upgrade to store more.
You will now randomly get a surprise when harvesting crops and trees! It’s Lucky Clover! The more you harvest the more Lucky Clovers you get! You can use Lucky Clover to trade for 4 different rewards, or you can buy the 4 rewards directly with RC! You will get a Wolf after collecting all 4 rewards!
Remember your Lucky Clover Storage is limited and you have to upgrade to store more.


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      2014-02-17 19:25:07 shireen62

Amy you are right but we expand RC also , and above their was some loading problem so thats why i m very up set , and now i was purchase but they are not in my BOX so please help us :(

      manager 2014-02-17 15:18:35 Amy

@shireen62: Thats possible. Let me explain. The gameserver are in Peking. The time different between me (Germany) and Peking are 7 hours. Peking are 7 hours ahead from me. So if we get a new mission, the time code can be different then in Peking. I tell always the people, dont wait until the last minute to accept or finish a mission. Maybe its the same with you. - Cheers Amy

      2014-02-17 12:00:47 shireen62

thats no fair missionhad finished before time..... now What Can WE All Do How can we Get The Reward ? please help us please please pleaseeeeeeeeeee

      manager 2014-02-13 21:21:01 mooducky

looks like maybe 25 RC according to the info on the animal section here

      2014-02-13 20:05:45 r_gamer

Can anyone tell me how much the Wolf is going to cost if this ends before you get all the rewards?

      2014-02-04 03:46:53 soso

please why the mission finished before 6 hours because I have enouf of clover to get final prize

      2014-02-04 03:07:49 Melinda

froufrou04: oh ok..... Im up too 86 I now im not gonna get too 240 in a few hrs lol

      2014-02-01 12:49:25 froufrou04

@Melinda:Yes!You will still keep getting clovers and I think you should trade them to get gallons of gas cause are much more useful than few op.You see 1clover trade for 1 op but with 240 clovers you get 100 gas that cost 50rc in the store

      2014-01-31 03:12:07 Melinda

After I got all the cloves will I get more cloves for OP later?

      2014-01-30 04:46:46 Sunshine

@Sug2h: I was curious. lol but it dont do nothing. just the rainbow over the shrooms. its pretty though lol

      2014-01-29 17:36:38 sug2h

@sunshine : thank you to share the information. I feel bad for the ones who spent 5RC on it...

      2014-01-29 03:39:03 Sunshine

the upgrading to get rainbow is too just finish it off and make it look pretty. you just get the rainbow over the shrooms

      2014-01-27 05:31:56 Melinda

Lin888 Thank you.

      2014-01-27 04:31:29 lin888

Melinda, no, no need to upgrade any further. You only need 240 clovers for the fuel, so you don;t need to store more

      2014-01-27 02:35:19 Melinda

ok..... So, I figured doing Pasture to get all of my lucky clovers and now im working on getting the gas. so Do I need to upgrade to the Rainbow one as well? ill have all the clovers for all 4 of my items....

      2014-01-26 22:20:06 magie

hey guys if any one play in and send gift plz add me i cant finish any mission without gifts so plzzz add me i send gifts ifyou send to mee

      user 2014-01-26 18:45:59 madalina

well I have done this one too ;) Now I will collect just fuel and I will be lazy for a while :)))

      2014-01-24 01:59:12 lin888

Tutanchamon, if you upgrade let us know what it means. If we get a lucky rainbow I will buy it.

      2014-01-24 01:57:22 lin888

Snowbell, in previous ones like this the crop type makes no difference. By planting pasture I achieved the entire thing within days. On the last one, once I received all items, I then bells to get the oak wood trees. I got 24 of them by the end! lol

      2014-01-23 19:04:36 tutanchamon

Is there any advantage when I upgrade Lucky Mushroom to 600? Does rainbow over it some meaning? Thx.

      2014-01-23 13:23:06 Snowbell88

Am i better off growing lots of quick crop like pasture, pineapple, cucumber or longer growing crops like corn, love fruit or even rice??? Basically does the length of growing time factor in to the probability of getting a clover??

      2014-01-23 09:41:28 shori

i have the first reward ha ma ga sha aaaa shzhin laxmibai jhansi bji

      user 2014-01-22 10:28:59 madalina

weiiii happy happy joy joy :)) mission is on too :)))

      2014-01-22 01:43:32 Sunshine

Mine does too Emma.... What is a Fashing elf? LOL

      2014-01-20 22:34:14 Emma

Mine says Fashing Elf?

      2014-01-20 15:56:28 mbkkm5

lol sorry i just got out of bed lol

      2014-01-20 15:55:19 mbkkm5

i think we will get this this week on

      2014-01-18 22:48:45 Jeremy0151

I am so glad they come with the gasoline. I hope they continue to do that... one each decoration, machine, and animal, then something like gas or fertilizer, or watering cans

      2014-01-14 20:24:13 Tarkin13

nanidoko: Why did you create an account? You are such a weirdo with no friends! Joking! LOL

      2014-01-14 08:25:50 pik

froufrou04 : time to collect gallons of gasoline :)

      2014-01-14 06:38:58 froufrou04

no trees in this collection???? what are we gonna do extra clovers? How many hall of fame salami machine can we use???Or this lady goat?

      2014-01-12 17:10:05 gomezpirry

Upgrade to 200 Lucky Clovers cost 2 RC, Upgrade to 300 lucky Clovers cost 3 RC

      user 2014-01-12 02:19:41 Nanidoko

Excellent Spilgame! I like! ^_^

      2014-01-11 15:31:27 Scarry De Vill

Skating Elf? More like Fishing Elf (didn't see him skating lol).

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