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Snowmeo & Hooliet
Once up on a time there was a handsome young Owl named Snowmeo. After graduating from University he left home to travel the world. One day......
1. One day, when flying across the Arctic Snowmeo spotted the most beautiful Snowy Owl he had ever seen!

Plant 40 Love Fruit

Harvest 40 Love Fruit
2. Suddenly, Snowmeo felt sick. LOVE SICK that is! Snowmeo decided he wanted to start a family of his own but he was hungry and had no place to live.

Have a Completed Mole Habitat on the farm

Produce 50 Mole Meat for the Owl
3. Snowmeo searched far and wide for the perfect new home but it was slim pickin’s! Finally he found a cozy little habitat on Family Farm!

Harvest 3 Tree Barks from the Arbutus Tree
4. Snomeo decorated his new habitat. He even built a Whimsical Bird Bath made of Arbutus Tree Bark! At last it was perfect!

Craft a Whimsical Bird Bath with Tree Barks in the Workshop
1. Now that Snomeo’s habitat was perfectly adorned he made some Love Cakes and set off into the night to find his true love.

Produce 80 Love Cakes for Snowmeo’s true love
2. A friendly sparrow that lived nearby told Snowmeo that the beautiful Owl he’s looking for is named Hooliet and she’s hiding in a Willow tree. He can’t find her, can you?

Finding Hooliet in one of the Willow Trees
3. When Snowmeo saw Hooliet she was even more beautiful than he remembered. His tummy filled with butterflies as he asked for her talon in marriage.

Feed Mole Meat to Snowmeo and collect 80 Owl Feather(Finish Part I first to win Snowmeo)

Craft a Feather Engagement Ring Box in the Workshop
4. Hooliet said yes to Snowmeo’s proposal! She had secretly been admiring him from her Willow Tree and had already fallen madly in love with him.

Produce 15 glasses of Love Cocktail in the Cocktail Machine

Produce 100 bottles of Wine in the Wine Maker
1. Snowmeo and Hooliet returned to Family Farm to be married. To celebrate, Granny made a stellar meal for everyone. Felicia and I organized a reception. It was a hoot!

Produce 90 Grandma’s Steak Burgers in Grandma’s Burger Machine
2. The two love birds were simply adorable. Felicia and I joked that it would only be a matter of time before Snowy Owl junior appeared on the scene.

Craft a Owl Clock in the Workshop
3. Sure enough the next day Snowmeo and Hooliet had an announcement to make. They invited us to their habitat to share the news.

Produce 15 glasses of Apple Cocktail in the Cocktail Machine
4. Yep! Felicia and I were right. It wouldn’t be long before Snowy Owl junior was on the scene. We just didn’t expect it would be THIS soon! Allow me to introduce you to Pufflet!

Craft 3 White Cushions in the Workshop for Pufflet


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      2021-01-03 13:10:46 Troy

Visit your neighbor in the search put lime and search. it will show you a lime tree harvest that one tree. and just the same as amy said. if you do the search it wil single out the one tree

      2014-01-29 13:36:03 fioii

@Amy RThanks I will give it a try

      master 2014-01-29 13:22:12 Amy

@fioii: Visit your neighbor, harvest that one tree, back to your farm, return to the neighbor and harvest that one tree, back to your farm etc. etc. and if you are lucky, then you get your lime. - Cheers Amy

      2014-01-29 10:46:04 fioii

Anyone any idea how to sufficiently harvest trees I want from neighbors? How do I get lime from a neighbor when is only one lime tree? Thanks

      2014-01-19 17:14:01 Mariukos

You simply buy it for 10000 coins. In workshop.

      2014-01-19 15:59:26 costa

where do you get the hammer in order to make the Owl Clock and the Whimsical Bird Bath? Thanks.

      2014-01-19 09:08:10

Please SALE on Arbutus Tree

      2014-01-18 15:21:27 MadalinaTeleman

done! :)) My owls are cute and nice :))

      user 2014-01-18 09:12:51 madalina

@Mariukos:yes! :) Take a look! GretusPetus Girl , 17 Friend request sent well I don`t understand what is going on and how I have sent to your both account a friend invitation when I met you here on this site??? ;)) it`s odd :)) anyhow go to your notifications and find my request over there!! all my best :)

      2014-01-17 22:00:09 Mariukos

@MadalinaTeleman thanks for the advice. Actually the problem appeared in my other account. I fixed the problem in other way: I stopped the automation on love cake machine and then I turned it back on. Then BAM! Problem fixed.:) Medelina, would you like to have my other account GretusPetus in friends list? :)

      user 2014-01-17 21:49:00 madalina

@Mariukos try one of two - or both - logout, clear your cache and cookies and after that login again. You may refresh first and see what is going on. If nothing happens try what I previously wrote. Good luck!

      2014-01-17 21:41:21 Mariukos

Its not fair! I have made 46 love cakes and it says that I made 0 cakes... What should I do?

      2014-01-17 11:25:16 MadalinaTeleman

@sug2h :)))) yes it may be! In fact I hope to have it sooner or later on my farm ;)))

      2014-01-17 09:47:04 mum-1

Lots of ranch cash needed for this one. I have started similar missions to this (Golden Boa, Parrot)done what I can without spending RC then waited until it expires and purchased the habitat for about 30RC, much less than I would have spent completing it.

      2014-01-17 00:46:12 sug2h

@MadalinaTeleman: one "moooew" day, hehehe! The new skinny cow probably came to mess up your message! ;)

      2014-01-16 18:02:19 MadalinaTeleman

*have *more :) sorry

      2014-01-16 18:01:24 MadalinaTeleman

this takes a looong time :)) I habe to wait one moew day for the 3rd step :(

      2014-01-15 20:14:04 Mariukos

You need Arbutus tree (7RC), cake machine (7RC), oak tree(6RC), silkworm bush (8RC), bamboo tree (4RC), swan lake (6RC), dye bottle in workshop needed for feather engagment box (3RC). Also if you want that your mole habitat produce faster you can spend extra 3 or 6 RC. :)

      2014-01-15 13:48:18 IpMan007

How many RC i need to complete this mission??? and can you tell me where i must spend RC to buy a machine or a habitat i dont know, Can you help me>?????

      2014-01-15 11:25:05 MadalinaTeleman

@ANKIT the mission just arrived on ;)) Good luck! :)

      2014-01-15 05:44:47 ANKIT

please tell me...i am waiting for this mission...

      2014-01-15 05:27:26 ANKIT


      2014-01-14 21:01:05 jojo

please sale on swan lake and arbutus tree

      2014-01-14 20:43:14 Jhoony

Please SALE on Arbutus Tree..

      2014-01-14 18:17:25 Shannyshan001

Hi, does anyone know if this will be coming to GamesGames? I would love to play this one

      user 2014-01-13 19:21:58 madalina

well I have all stuff set up and I am waiting for this mission to come :))) On Wednesday, isn`t it @cartman? Right @Amy? :)) hugs peeps!

      2014-01-12 03:56:26 Leng Panda

My snowy owls family disappear !!! How can i get it?

      master 2014-01-11 13:31:21 Amy

@swan: That's really a good question :) I remember me on the panda habitat. Some user didn't finish the panda mission and moved them into the warehouse. Then they need pandamilk, put them out and got the message to finish the habitat for 30 or 35 RC. The best way is to finish the mission imho :) - Cheers Amy

      2014-01-11 10:56:05 swan

if we completed only the first part , will we be able to keep the habitat?

      master 2014-01-11 10:03:48 Amy

@Kaaha: :D that can happans with all the machines, animals and missions, we got the last few month :D You're very welcome - Cheers Amy

      2014-01-11 04:45:59 Kaaha

@Amy - I just found the raccoon habitat in my inventory and completely forgot about the recent Penguin reward! I am so silly.. Thanks :)

      2014-01-10 10:01:48

please sale the Swan Lake Habitats materials-Red Aquatic and Arbutus Tree.

      2014-01-09 21:30:07 MadalinaTeleman

@cartman thanks a bunch! :))) I am happy with you and Amy beside!! No stress detected :))))

      2014-01-09 18:55:42 cartman

@MadalinaTeleman I'll make you a cup of tea, that relieves stress :P

      master 2014-01-09 10:28:05 Amy

@MadalinaTeleman: Yes please, borrow as much as you need :D You're very welcome. Cheers Amy

      master 2014-01-09 10:19:41 Amy

@Kaaha: Racoon, you got from this mission: --- Penguin, you got from this mission: - Cheers Amy

      2014-01-09 04:09:19 Kaaha

They added raccoon fur and penguin feather to the toy machine. Are we expecting any new animals or did I miss something?

      2014-01-09 00:28:18 juniormints74

@nan Since you have a completed mole habitat on your farm, refresh your game & it should show that you have one completed.

      2014-01-08 21:32:36 mido

where can i find the hooliet plz

      2014-01-08 21:05:58 MadalinaTeleman

@Amy thanks a lot for the info!! May I borrow some patience from you and cartman :))) if you please :)) I wish you a great day/evening!

      2014-01-08 18:25:57 nan

i have a mole habitat that is complete. i started it when the new mission came out. however, it does not show that i have one on the mission. i placed it in the warehouse and took it out but still not showing up as complete. is there some other way to get the one to work or will i have to start another one?

      master 2014-01-08 18:01:06 Amy

@MadalinaTeleman: I think we will get the owl, because all habitats we got on my german platform. Later as Facebook does, but we get it. So please be patient :D - Cheers Amy

      user 2014-01-08 16:11:07 dinorex20

Yes, I also play Family barn in but if mission not in agame I don't have to bay RC spend real money and family barn owner not profit from my purse. :) yes I have offence because new tasks and new classic misions passes but they are losing. I love Family barn and enjoy it but I not love Facebook.

      2014-01-07 22:16:43 MadalinaTeleman

@cartman please note that one huge warm hug is coming right now from me to you! as I said: you and Amy have a nice way to cheer me up :)) thanks again! I simply don`t like to ...walk alone :))

      2014-01-07 22:01:33 Kaaha

It's a bit more difficult than other recent missions but I love the owls!

      2014-01-07 21:45:26 MadalinaTeleman

@cartman:thanks a lot! you and Amy are always kind and helpful :) @tom: yes I know about Wednesdays new missions ;) ughhh I am never patient :)))

      user 2014-01-07 21:23:53 Nanidoko

oooo ^o^ I like it! Spilgame staffs, I APPROVED! ^_^

      2014-01-07 21:17:21 tom

MadalinaTeleman this mission most likely will come to either next week or in 2 weeks. Usually new missions come out on wednesday on Agame just be patient

      2014-01-07 17:31:27 pik

In step 2 it says "Have a Completed Mole Habitat on the farm". You dont need the habitat complete. You can pass this step with just one mole in the habitat (no RC).

      2014-01-07 12:28:26 Petya

thanks,now i can see the images - the owl eats mole meat and produces feathers

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