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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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A Rockin’ New Year
Hiddey-ho farmer! It’s almost New Years eve, my favorite night of the year! "Woot woot!! Wait, that IS what all the young kids are saying nowadays right? "Woot woot?"
1. Can you help me round up the Farm Family? I’ve got an exciting announcement to make! Where is everyone? Hmmm...perhaps some refreshements will get ’em here in a jiffy!

Produce 30 Beef Salami

Harvest 30 Chardonnay Grapes
2. First, some Champagne and Cocktails to get us in a ’totally chill’ mood! Har har! I’m making a New Year’s resolution to be more young and hip in 2014. Aren’t you ’digging it’?

Produce 40 bottles of Champagne in the Wine Maker

Have a completed Cocktail Machine on the farm
3. Guess what? I just won first place in this year’s Savvy-Seniors Pickle Ball Tournament! Hip hip hooray for me but wait, there’s more...

Produce 10 glasses of Lime Juice(Win a free Lime Tree in Classic Mission: Little Blue Farming Hood)

Produce 10 glasses of Very Cherry Cocktail with Cherry in the Cocktail Machine
4. I also won tickets to the...AHEM! Nice try Darryl but Champagne and Cocktails are not for children! How ’bout we get you a nice glass of apple juice instead.

Produce 10 glasses of Apple Juice in the Juice Machine
5. We are leaving for the airport in 30 minutes but where is the luggage?

Find the Weekend Luggage
6. Thanks for finding my luaggage. Granny’s so afraid to travel. Last time she got a major case of travellers diarre...

Produce 10 glasses of Resolution Cocktail to help Granny relax
7. We’ve also been invited to a New Years eve potluck dinner before the party. Let’s see if Felicia can help us out with some appetizers.

Produce 70 Oatmeal cookies in the Cookie Machine
8. What a cozy little plane! I hope I packed my dancing loafers and sunglasses…I mean my ’dancing kicks’ and ’cool shades’. Rockin’ New Years eve party, here we come!

Produce 20 Black Forest Cakes for Felicia to distract Darryl from pulling any pranks on the plane
9. We’re here at last! I hope y’all are ready to ’get jiggy wit it’! Get your party clothes on and meet me in Town Square. Wait till you see my spiffy suit!

Ask 15 New Years Suit Ties from Neighbors
10. Can you hear that farmer? That’s the DJ ’dropping the beat’. Aren’t I so good at being young? It’s countdown time! 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1. Happy New Year everyone!

Produce 15 glasses of Passion Cocktail with Passion Fruit in the Cocktail Machine
1 OR 1


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      2015-05-04 22:25:53 yoloy

Bring it back please :)

      2014-01-20 16:56:32 kiarager

priyakarthi-yeah I finished it a while ago,you need to level up your beauty shop,I had mine at level 5 and I just made anything I had ingredients to make weather it took 10 mins or one hour and I only got 2 duplicate,hope this helps.

      2014-01-20 16:25:42 priyakarthi

kiarager- Hi thankyou for your daily gifts. Have you finished your flowervase collection . I am having many false vases dont know what to do.

      user 2014-01-20 16:09:46 kiarager

priyakarthi-Hi I just got your gift and sent you one!!!

      2014-01-20 14:05:09 priyakarthi

tinalowe36- Have you got your gift. I am not getting my gift I dont know what to do. Anybody help me.

      2014-01-12 18:24:10 shori

guys do not be sad because if you can not buy passion tree and lime tree you can harvest them in your nieghbour farm !!! i know you shocked it is tricky?

      master 2014-01-11 22:53:30 Amy

@FarmMaiden: On the table :D - cheers Amy

      2014-01-11 18:12:30 Farm Maiden

HEY!! Guys!!! I just wanted to know where you guys found the Weekend Luggage! Please help me! Thanks everyone, I

      2014-01-09 10:25:00

@nan: It's your choice. Let me explain, what I think. The blue merino sheep, I think will never be come back. Cheese maker 2, you can produce chees from reindeer, horse, panda etc, but it will be easier to buy this one, as to get the blue merino sheep. I like to have colorful or decoratet animals on my farm :D So I picked the sheep :D - Cheers Amy

      2014-01-09 01:44:15 nan

what cheeses does this fast cheese maker make? which is the best one to select

      2014-01-08 17:06:55 priyakarthi

Thanks Amy....

      master 2014-01-08 16:58:37 Amy

@priyakarthi: Meat as like the other merino does. - Cheers Amy

      2014-01-08 12:35:16 priyakarthi

what does the blue merino produce?

      2014-01-08 10:42:56 roro

Thank you so much I've got it

      2014-01-08 09:54:49 roro

I hope to help I finished the job and did not get the gift i want Happy New Year Merino Sheep

      2014-01-08 05:17:34 mbkkm5

we had farming hood on

      2014-01-08 00:12:34 MadalinaTeleman

well I have my blue merino :)) I am happy!:)

      2014-01-07 23:07:59

@reallydarkblue: I think "little blue farming hood" is a classic mission only for facebook...I'm afraid you have to buy lime tree for 12rc from the store :-(

      2014-01-07 22:43:11 MadalinaTeleman

@reallydarkblue here you are: you will find it in "Missions descriptions"

      2014-01-07 22:18:43 reallydarkblue

Hello, I am trying to find the "Little Blue Farming Hood" Mission. I have looked in the Classic Mission but it is not there. Where is it? Please let me know. Thank you.

      2014-01-07 20:29:11 kiarager to hear I am not the only with this problem it also was the willow hoop that I had on auto it showed -4 -4,I also sent mail and I am still waiting for reply.I done everything to try sort it myself and this morning I once again cleared browser and it worked,thank you for replying and I am glad to hear you got it sorted to.

      2014-01-07 19:50:58 daiana

que hermosos premios ja me voy a elegir la maquina de queso.

      2014-01-07 18:41:16 minimimi98

22 RC for trees (passion+lime), not really RC free mission, really.

      user 2014-01-07 18:19:33

kiarager...had the same problem 1/5-1/6 with my beauty shop. Had the willow hoop on auto and it showed -5 -5. The first 1-2 seconds would save each time I refreshed so I was able to quickly hit OP and get my weaver bird on auto. After refreshing repeatedly, my willow hoop finally was back to 0 instead of negative and the farm started working again. emailed help on agame and still have not heard back from them. Good thing I figured it out b/c flower shelf mission would have been sitting losing time.

      2014-01-07 16:57:51 mbkkm5

we got this one on doing it on 2 farms and did not find the luggage on both 12 more hours

      2014-01-07 13:14:07 Andrea19771225

Thank you friend!

      2014-01-07 12:30:16 petro

dont need rc for this mission

      2014-01-07 11:56:02 IpMan007

How many RC need? Answer me>

      2014-01-07 11:54:38 MadalinaTeleman

weiiii the mission is here :))) I will get the merino :)))

      2014-01-06 19:07:01 Carebear32

ok Thank you Amy :-)

      2014-01-06 14:37:32 kiarager

Hi,anyone else having any problems with their beauty shop I have mine on auto I was trying to get a trophy and now I can't take it off auto and when I reload it restarts making the same thing from the start and I harvest my crops and plant more,when I reload the game the old crops are still there,I have cleared the browser cache loads of times,CAN ANYONE HELP!!!!

      master 2014-01-06 12:20:18 Amy

@Carebear32: Always 3 or 4 weeks, after ending the mission, the itmes can be changed in OP. Don't worry about your bells :D

      2014-01-06 03:03:28 mbkkm5

sometime the game will let u change them into op

      2014-01-06 00:37:29 Carebear32

What do we do with the Jingle bells sitting in my gift box?

      user 2014-01-05 11:15:59 madalina

Sunday :)) will be on on Wednesday? :)) I wish to have that merino as I already got both cheese makers :))

      2014-01-05 09:25:08 Ramona

where did you find the Weekend Luggage? i know it can be anywhere but maybe some of the hiding places are more common than the others

      2014-01-05 03:18:40 gharib

merino sheep

      2014-01-03 08:58:07 tinalowe36

I completed this mission but did not receive my reward and it's not in my gift box....can anyone tell me how to get it?

      2014-01-02 15:50:33 sunshine777

i have no use for the merino sheep...the one i already have is lying idle in my warehouse...but fast cheese, yes please!

      user 2014-01-02 13:55:20 madalina

I hope this mission will be avalaible on too because I wish to have that merino sheep :))

      2014-01-02 13:04:05 Marcsi Farm Vargáné

I was ready for the task, and I did not get anything. Why?

      2014-01-02 12:44:44 Marcsi Farm Istv


      2014-01-01 08:21:03 Doris

I recommend getting the sheep too. The cheese maker is less rc to buy (only 15 rc). Animals always cost much more.

      2014-01-01 05:18:29 Sunshine

I love this machine with no RC....

      2014-01-01 03:59:39 mbkkm5

hope this one come out tonight so i have something to do

      2013-12-31 21:58:12 Maria

@Mariukos: you'll need 50 each of grapes, vanilla, and cranberry to build it. hopefully they have more machines like that.... @popcorn: recommending the sheep. you won't find a merino sheep in any of the classic missions. (trust me, I've looked). you can buy the machine for 12 RC from the store, if you catch it on sale. do hate it when they make you choose between two really good prizes like this, though.

      2013-12-31 19:31:10 aplepie

I have both, but I'm going to get a second fast cheese maker, because they seem to use it more in missions,it makes the special cheeses like donkey and panda,horse and reindeer cheeses,the sheep is good for the kitchen for mutton dish,mine just sits in the storage unit, but it is cute!

      2013-12-31 16:35:03 cartman

It's difficult to tell if you need both. On one hand you can buy the cheesemaker but you can't the sheep. On the other hand, the merino sheeps is not really important and with the super cheese maker you can do many more stuff.

      2013-12-31 16:26:04 mbkkm5

if i was u i get the merino sheep u can always buy the fast cheese machine in the store but u cant buy that sheep

      2013-12-31 16:18:50 popcorn

Guys can I ask: if i dont have both the merino sheep and the fast cheese machine, which should i choose?

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