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Flower Vase Collection
Place and complete a Flower Shelf first and harvest it for Flower Vase.
Crafting accessories in the Beauty Shop to fill your Flower Shelf. Harvest Flower Shelf for Special Flower Vases!
Collect required Flower Vases to win the final prize!
Your Flower Shelf will get 1 point when you get 1 XP from the Beauty Shop. You can harvest the Flower Shelf once you get 150 points. You will get one Special Flower Vase everytime you harvest the Flower Shelf. Collect all the Special Flower Vases to win fabulous Marshmallow Machine FOR FREE!


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      2015-07-18 08:28:07 JonathanLion

Wow so far back is this machine gotten! @sunshine777 amazingly a year later all three machines are used

      2014-01-28 05:11:23 Moaaz Zain Safadi


      2014-01-13 09:28:34 chansmast

i am only getting spring vase. got 2 extra spring vase. refresh thing doesn't work. please help

      user 2014-01-12 16:31:27 AGB

priyakarthi- You're welcome! And thank you too for being an awesome friend!

      2014-01-12 13:17:10 priyakarthi

AGB- Very happy to have a friend like you. First I got only 3 to 4 gifts a day but now I am getting nearly 15 gifts.Thanks a lot .

      2014-01-10 14:27:34 sunshine777

really the only regret would be the 6 RC spent to complete the flower shelf, to be stored as a decoration....and i hope the marshmallow machine is used for mission...unlike the cupcake machine and mooncake machine

      user 2014-01-10 04:49:37 AGB

Finally! I finished, I don't know if I was lucky or I had a good "strategy". I only got 2 duplicates of the Autumn Vase.

      2014-01-09 16:42:03 cartman

@Lala But you need to check whether it's 24 days from the day you start the mission or 24 days from the day this mission was released. It's possible that if you wait until the last day you will only have 1 day left to complete the mission. So be warned ;)

      2014-01-09 14:12:37 Lala.

Amy: Really? Cool! Thanks :)

      master 2014-01-09 10:15:06 Amy

@Lala: If I remember me correctly, then it was 24 days to collect all vases. Cheers Amy

      2014-01-09 09:18:33 Lala.

Hi everyone, how long will this mission be online? When I buy the flower shelf, how long then?

      2014-01-09 02:16:24 priyakarthi

AGB- Thankyou very much. Let me try to everyone.

      2014-01-08 18:57:56 soso

I get 8 spring, 4 summer and 4 autumn. after that I get another one spring so it takes long time to finish especially last one that I think work very hard and no result

      2014-01-08 18:18:35 AGB

@priyakarthi- I'm glad for you! Ok here is a list of all my daily gifters so far, I hope they are able to accept you! BlueCheese, refija, ann111, llesko, mimak123, tutanchamon, tolytopy, lin888, Adinka, sanuli, kiarager, mimimimi007, WizArd1, canija, Amiravili, Vlada2911, pekling, SKYEZZZ, Uksarre, toyavi, milajuani, AiiSing, filip15928, Palamu, MilicaPekic, ccamgut, Joca86, shan6702, svele2005, Selma312, jrlavasse, catseyes8, Megan60, Pontsu, rizitos, Koloa, mafita, ssvetlana, sinisA235, nymeriaaa, silmaril80, Hoffee, bendjo, hemitha, 14091982, udbc, buster_brow, begam, shylon3004, milita2, Slimshady10, 27111964, Daneyal10, Daneyal9. They are all awesome neighbors! On the other hand, I just began this mission yesterday, I was able to get 12 vases, 8 Autumn, 2 Summer, and 2 Spring. Today so far I've gotten 2 Spring vases, I hope I can finish this mission fast enough, its so boring!

      2014-01-08 17:16:27 priyakarthi

AGB - I am very happy today ,I got rid all of my no name friends. Now I am ready to add more active neighbours.

      user 2014-01-06 20:37:43 kiarager

pontsu-I am using chrome as well,hopefully it won't stay like this for to long!!

      2014-01-06 16:40:42 pontsu

@kiarager - Unhappy for you. My browser/farm works ok at the moment, except some problems with watching videos. No problems with harvesting or sending gifts. I use chrome.

      user 2014-01-06 16:23:43 kiarager

pontsu- Hope you don't have the same problem I am having at the moment,I can send gifts if I go straight to my 2nd farm and I can only harvest crops straight after clearing browser cache because it take about 2 minutes before beauty shop appears.

      2014-01-06 16:10:18 pontsu

I upgraded my BS to the fourth level, and produced beauty items the same way kiarager described. First I got plenty of spring vases and no summer vases, no matter what I produced. At some moment situation changed I started to get summer vases too. I got may 3 "wrong" vases. Well, it was a bit boring, but not too much work in vane. But it took only a minute to produce beautiful fall candle, instead of an hour. Unfortunately I didn't have many eucalyptus leaves.

      2014-01-05 18:36:03 kiarager

I have just finished the FLOWER VASE COLLECTION,I didn't reload the game,I just made everything that I could make,what I did do is the item's I made,I made sure they added up to 150 and not over and in the hole mission I only got two repeats hope this helps!!

      2014-01-05 11:13:41 MadalinaTeleman

well someone said that left overnight the beauty shop to work...I did the same but made just one candle of each type even being on auto mode :(( right now I need to make 8 vases:3 spring and 5 summer :)) happy farming peeps! I thought to upgrade it to more than 2-as I have right now - but neaahh :)) this will end soon! :)))

      2014-01-05 10:43:15 lin888

Oh, and just in case it has to do with what we are making - I am using vanilla, whatever the mud pigs give, lavender, love fruit, white hibiscus, black rose, purple rose and love roses. Anything I can make with those items I am making

      2014-01-05 10:40:42 lin888

I must be lucky. I have 3 spring, 3 summer and 4 autumn. Not reloading the page before getting them, thought I would leave that til I was desperate for something. Bloody boring though. Really sorry I started this one

      2014-01-04 22:59:23 mido

very tough and stressing

      2014-01-04 22:22:07

Spring completed first here, summer close behind, but only one autumn so far... at least this time it seems properly random, not one version most common for everyone.

      2014-01-04 20:49:48 MadalinaTeleman

geeeez it takes an eternity to make them :))) as far I have got all 8 autumn, 4 spring and one summer :)) and that with reloading before harvesting the stand really works ;))

      2014-01-04 18:51:37 carolina

i have all summer and autumn vases but dont have a single spring vase :/

      2014-01-04 18:48:34 aaa

no spring vase yet :( whyyy????

      2014-01-04 14:38:44 shireen62

when will this mission come on agame in family barn

      2014-01-03 20:43:08 tutanchamon

Lerura - waw, great tip, thanks a lot. I'll try.

      2014-01-03 19:50:05 Lerura

@tutanchamon: When your Flower Shelf is ready to harvest, reload the game before harvesting it, then your will get one of the vases that you still need, whereas if you harvest it right away you might get vases you have already have enough of. At least it was the way it worked with the Cupcake collection.

      2014-01-03 18:48:14 tutanchamon

I have all summer vases and one from spring, this will be long ...

      2014-01-03 18:47:12 tutanchamon

r_gamer - thats right. you have to have beauty shop for it.

      2014-01-03 18:41:42 tutanchamon

pik - totaly random

      2014-01-03 11:23:59 pik

Hmmm, changing into rose water, i am interested if its completely random or it has to do with the kind of beauty products. (Candles - autumn, rose water - spring etc). Just a test :)

      2014-01-03 11:02:45 Carro

@pik - I produce dffrent things as my beauty shop is updgraded to make four things at the same time. Always Rose water and Organic lotion, but also Willow hoop, Ivory candles, Beautyfull fall candle, Renew your night cream and some that take longer time when I'm away from the computer.

      2014-01-03 10:26:43 r_gamer

I'm assuming there's no point in starting this mission if you don't have a Beauty Shop?

      2014-01-03 09:30:17 pik

Carro & cartman . What are you producing? I get too many autumn vases and allmost no spring vase !!! (i am producing ivory candles)

      2014-01-02 22:27:44 cartman

I get way too many spring vases -.-

      2014-01-02 20:00:03 mbkkm5

this one on now

      2014-01-02 16:57:47 Carro

Gahhh!! My fifth Spring Vase and no other so far. This mission is going to take some time and probably raise my blood pressure as well

      master 2014-01-02 14:55:10 Amy

@MeadowCrossing: For this mission.

      2014-01-02 11:28:42 Mariukos

I think I'm going to skip this mission because I would need to spend 6 RC, the machine will be unusable like the cupcake machine and my beauty shop is only level 1.

      2014-01-02 04:36:49 mbkkm5

o ok thanks

      user 2014-01-02 04:30:21 AGB

mbkkm5- I think this only has been out for Facebook players only. Us at plinga/silvergames did not get anything this week either. Probably due to the New Year's celebrations.

      2014-01-02 04:19:32 mbkkm5

when did this mission come out for u all ggg did not get a missions this week

      manager 2014-01-02 04:15:09 mooducky

It's unknown as to how much do is needed since you can get more than 8 of the vases before you get all of each type

      user 2014-01-02 04:14:27 AGB

nan- You are Welcome! lamia- It varies from person to person. You will need to make many things though.

      2014-01-02 03:56:12 lamia

How much XP needed to completed flower vase mission?

      2014-01-02 03:35:47 nan

yay!!! i just got my first this mission.thank you for your speedy response.

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